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    Default **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    About me:
    -Online 6-max cash game specialist
    -Continuous and steady winner at all limits over my entire career
    -Excellent winrate in my primary games (1/2 to 10/20 NL)
    -NL Instructor at Drag The Bar
    -Former NL Instructor at StoxPoker
    -Published article in WPT Magazine

    -Bio posted at Drag The Bar
    Stosh McConnell became interested in poker after seeing it on ESPN in late 2003. In college at the time, with little money at his dispense, he poured himself into studying the game to satisfy his poker cravings. After a solid year of reading up on the game, he was finally able to start playing online in the summer of 2004 when he saw an ad for a free $50 offer on Party Poker. Stosh grew that initial small amount slowly, moving up the cash game ranks without ever having to deposit a single cent of his own money. Since then, poker has been his sole source of income, and become a passion he truly enjoys.

    He has been a solid winner at all limits starting with the microstakes NL cash games, all the way up to $5/$10 No-Limit, where he can often be found today. Stosh says his favorite limit has been $2/$4 NL 6-max, where he boasts an outstanding winrate of almost 4ptbb/100 over a large sample of hands. His unique style has always relied heavily on interpreting his opponents statistics. He excels at using this information, manipulating his own table image, and turning it into continued profit.

    In 2009, his game really reached a new pinnacle after being personally tutored for months by online poker legend Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt. Today, Stosh continues the slow climb through the online poker ranks with no end in sight. He is looked upon as a model of consistency in a world where long-term success is somewhat rare.

    *Addendum/Update to DTB bio (10/7/11)*
    Since the DTB biography was written, I continued to enjoy success in online poker. I had grown to become a regular in the highest stakes 6-max NL game on Full Tilt Poker, the 25/50 and 40/80. Of course, thanks in large part to "Black Friday", that game does not run any longer. Some hands from those games were featured in my "High Stakes Hand Discussion" video on Drag The Bar. Since "Black Friday", I have kept a vigilant eye of the trends in the online game. Although, as an American without many poker options, my play online has been less than usual. I have stayed sharp playing a lot of poker in the east coast casino scene.

    *Addendum/Update to DTB bio (02/11/13)*
    Since my last update, I have returned to online poker from the live scene. I'm currently playing in the mid-stakes NL 6-max games offered on the sites that service players in America. While it obviously isn't ideal, and I'd much rather be playing on PokerStars, my return has been pretty smooth. I actually have found the games fairly soft. I'm not getting the pure volume of hands in that I once did. This is, of course, related to the amount of games running being much lower at mid-stakes than that exist on Stars/Euro sites, my BB/100 is actually much higher (knock on wood). I think my game is always progressing, but as it stands now, is in a good place. My motivation to continue learning and teaching poker is very high. If you share a similar motivation, send me a private message about coaching.

    *Addendum/Update to DTB bio (06/09/15)*
    Hey guys! I've had a lot of people ask lately if I'm available for coaching. So I figured updating this was in order. Yes, I'm still available for private coaching. I'd be glad to. Also, I have a Twitter account now. It is @stoshilman. On the poker side of things, I've been playing 6-max NL on the regulated New Jersey poker sites and also on The Winning Poker Network (ACR, Black Chip, True Poker, etc). If you have any questions send me a PM on DTB or Tweet at me. Thanks!


    Coaching services available:

    All coaching will be done online using Skype, with screen sharing via Skype or TeamViewer. I teach using an extensive, systematic style to break down NL poker. This helps the student understand every step in logic, and hopefully leaves few, if any, gaps in the learning curve.

    We will work on identifying your leaks/weaknesses, and building a coaching plan around it through live sweats, recorded session reviews, and hand history reviews. In my experience, spending the initial lesson reviewing hand histories is often best. Then, possibly moving forward to other methods.

    If needed, I am extremely adept at plugging leaks via Holdem Manager/Poker Tracker 4. I offer a critique of your poker software, focusing on Improving HUD understanding and functionality. Also, we will dive deeper into understanding, interpreting, and exploiting statistics. This is often a very large problem area for players. I can turn this into a massive strength by changing the way you view this often misunderstood and misapplied tool.

    However, if you feel a different approach to learning better fits you, I can adapt to your learning needs. Certainly, everyone learns differently. If you feel a certain method is more suitable, and will give you a higher chance at retaining and applying the lessons, I am all for it and will adapt.


    Before anyone asks, I am not interested in any staking/profit sharing deals.

    Contact info:
    I can be contacted by Private Message (PM) on Drag The Bar.
    @stoshilman on Twitter

    Coaching will be broken into 1 hour sessions, unless the student requests otherwise.

    Accepted payment methods:
    PayPal (plus the 3% fee)
    Personal Check
    Cashiers Check/Bank Check/Bank Draft

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    Recently had a session with Stosh… and I’m not disappointed. Stosh quashed my Poker misconceptions and got me thinking straight. He explained how the thought processes of my opponents change dependent on stakes, how to exploit this, and how I could avoid being exploited myself.

    He’s also a HUD statistician. We went through the stats I didn’t really know how to interpret, and other stuff I didn’t even know existed. This really opened my eyes to a whole new world.

    In short he’s great value for money, and I got far more than just an hours’ worth of tuition in total, even though I only paid for a single session. Just like Poker itself, Stosh is in it for the long term. He doesn’t want to just fill his schedule, he wants a long standing working relationship with his students… and it shows.

    I urge all cash game players to test drive the Stoshilman! Its +EV!

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    Ive watched all the Stosh vids multiple times..In my head I hear the drill sargent from full metal jacket "sound off like you got a pair"!!!
    He preaches initiative and position heavily...That alone has got me a 'B' grade on my PTR..Cant wait to do a live coachin session with him, just not rolled for it yet...

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    Pm'd for coaching.

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    Coaching Review: Stosh is a solid, friendly, and honest coach. What he says in the intro, he doesn't fail in the sessions. Before I got coaching from Stosh, I was a thunder storm of spew. I was playing way too many hands, and drenching everyone with chips. Probably a result of watching too many Dr. Giggy videos, and not having the skill. After Stosh, my thunder storm of spew became a refined lazer of profit.

    Stosh enhanced my fundamentals by tighening up in the right spots, taught me how to use stats better, gave me a mindset that allowed me to keep my A game over a longer period of time, and reduce the amount of mistakes I make per session.

    Also, he really cares how his students are doing and answers questions (in non-sessions) quickly. As for the honest part when we get into a weird spot, he admits that doesn't know what to do. But, Stosh gives out a more +EV solution that would have avoided that spot all together.

    Stosh doesn't teach a sexy style of poker, but he teaches a winning style. I don't care that my game has become un-sexy because I can buy a lot of sexy things with all my winnings. (I will post a graph once I get a 100k sample from coaching after Stosh)

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    I bought a 4 hour block of coaching as I figured Stosh seemed like a very experienced player. His high stakes videos on DTB certainly shows that he has played bigger games and better opponents than I ever done, so I knew he was experienced enough. Azurehaze recommended him in this thread, which also meant to me that Stosh knows not only how to play but also knows how to coach. There is really a difference there mind you, not all good players can teach other players how to play.

    From the first session I was really impressed with Stosh's hand reading skills. This is really interesting for when we check hand histories. Its very hard to explain in a post, but there have been several spots where Stosh thought my bluff was bad but then given the turn action I shouldn't continue the bluff and give up on the river - once he explains his reasoning I see that its obvious that he is correct but I just didn't pick up on the details when I was playing or when I revieved the hand myself. I think this has improved my hand reading and made me better to pick my spots when bluffing. I had some WTF hands where villains actions make no sense aswell, and was surprised how good his thinking where in those spots too. Much of the advice he gave me also makes the hands easier to play, so that I don't get into those tough spots myself - but instead put my opponents to the test.

    He has also spotted several patterns where I don't tell a very convincing story at the table, like c-betting / checking the turn / betting the river. In addition he took a look at my stats and suggested some positions where I should tighten up a bit.

    So yeah, I think I received a ton of value for my money and I already bought another 4 hours of coaching and would have no issues recommending him to other small stakes players. Many of the hands we have revieved have been from fullring, but I think his advice have been spot on in those hands aswell.

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    Bumping for getting my third pack

    I feel my game has improved a ton, and I'm also playing quite a bit of NL200 6max now. Feel really great since I wasn't able to move up playing FR on the smaller sites that I play on as there are rarely games running at NL200 and above for FR. I've also started to enjoy 6max alot, so much actually that I won't open a fullring table unless its incredibly soft. I also think that getting coaching always encourages to study the game more and try to improve also between the sessions.

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    I also hope to turn my thunderstorm of spew into a refined lazer of profit hahaha great analogy!

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    Default Re: **New Listing** Private NL 6-max coaching from Stosh McConnell

    How is this guy always online!! He seems like a great player, but I'm not sure why he chooses to play on the toughest U.S. network. Not that I want to see you there, but you should go to Bovada.




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