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    Default Did I play this too quick????

    Just looking for some thoughts on this hand, We just made the money and I had just got moved to a new table following break, so real no reads on anyone at the table. I did just have a big blind battle with the SB the last hand and just wondering if it maybe effected my play on this one. Poker Hand Converter Game 68396060542, Sun Oct 2 20:06:06 2011 ET
    PokerStars - Tournament $10+$1 USD - 540010647 183 No Limit Hold'em (1,000/2,000) ante 350 Full Ring Play Chips, 9 players
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    seat 1: RenatoAmaral(CO):37,506
    seat 2: ratitoBR(BTN):126,922
    seat 3: trust_in_few(SB) is Hero:54,363
    seat 4: SuitedConex4(BB):41,218
    seat 5: b4me(UTG):172,777
    seat 6: da_malganus(UTG+1):149,741
    seat 7: woxix(MP+1):32,773
    seat 8: Shim10(MP):97,848
    seat 9: Wisla_Krakow(HJ):167,997

    HOLE CARDS: (6,150) Hero is SB with K J
    2 folds, woxix raises to 4,100, 1 folds, Wisla_Krakow calls 4,100, 2 folds, trust_in_few(Hero) calls 3,100, 1 folds

    FLOP: (17,450) 4 J 7
    trust_in_few(Hero) checks, woxix bets 6,631, Wisla_Krakow raises to 18,000, trust_in_few(Hero) raises to 49,913 all in,

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    Default Re: Did I play this too quick????

    I think this is probably a bit wild.

    wowix is probably opening a reasonably tight range,
    The bigstack then calls, as do you.

    On the flop he Cbets very small, but it's the maximum amount he can bet without pot-committing himself. This could mean that he has a very strong hand, TPTK+, or he missed totally and is bet-folding. Assuming his openraise% is tight, He is probably more likely to have a strong hand (didn't do the combinatorics stuff)

    The bigstack then raises, so you face a Cbet which is 50+% to be strong, and then a raise.

    The bigstack has a very wide range imo, sets, top pair, pair+draw, Draw + overcards etc, but his raise size indicates he is NEVER folding is Wowiz shoves, which means he is very unlikely to have complete air.

    I prefer to fold.




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