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    Default Re: member vid FLE 1/2 6max


    thanks for taking the time to watch the vid!!!!!!

    -notetaking: I certainly have t improve here

    -QT at 8.43: I was thinking he would cbet turn (last bet invest) ; what do you think of a CR on flop

    QT on 468rb with 1 player between us , we can represent a lot of turnimprovements...

    -16.53: Q3s in BB vs OR Co : did a litlle stove, gave opp 36%range: we are 38.5 vs 61.5 ;

    i can live with my defend
    Q3 on AT3 : made a XC because I wanna have some weak made hands in my range
    do you really think a XR would be better....will he fold PP??

    -17.06: K4o on A62 : I completely understand why you wanna have some bluffs here,
    but when he folds vs our XR, I think we had the best hand.

    I would prefer a XR here with some weaker stuff (85/75/97/....)

    maye we had to peel the flop here???

    Tx again for watching ; I hope some comments seems understandable!

    My microphone is a rather cheap logitech (only use it for poker) with headset.
    What would be a good1? which1 do you use?

    kind regars,


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    Default Re: member vid FLE 1/2 6max

    8:43 QT
    I don’t know about him cbetting the turn…getting called in two spots…especially with you calling (in blinds) on a low coordinated board. Of course if you know he’ll almost always two barrel then cool beans.

    I’m not loving a flop CR vs 2 Opponents with two weak-ish over cards. The only thing you really have going for you is a greater likelihood to have hit that flop. There’s no backdoor flush and only a runner runner miracle 97 draw to the straight. Against one player…it really comes down to his tendencies and the dynamic between you two.

    16:53 I had erroneously saw the hand as a complete, rather than a defend. My comments immediately become irrelevant to the situation. Sorry…was darn tired.

    17:06 I wouldn’t exactly call a CR a bluff. I think there is a decent chance you have the best hand here. I don’t have a problem with him folding a worse hand as your $2 CR will yield $4 in these situations. But really, I doubt you will lose your opponent on the flop…in position they will almost always peel to try and hit a six outer and hope you don’t have an Ace, but will drop when they miss…which will be pretty often. I’ll admit the line is higher variance and slightly murkier, but as I said before, you have some backdoor action that will quite often keep you pretty live.

    The coaches would probably know more about microphones, but I’ve been happy with this headset (link below).




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