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    Default Was this a correct push with a massive chip lead?

    This was a $3 Holdem Freezout. There were 91 entrants and first place paid $81 (so there wasn't that big a difference in payout through moving up finishing positions).

    With 7 players left I held a massive chip lead and held nearly 40% of the chips in play, when the following hand came up: Poker Hand Converter Game 39446163146, Mon Aug 22 05:26:16 2011 ET
    BlackChip Poker - Tournament - 3 Holdem Freezeout (39408233) No Limit Hold'em ($500/$1,000) ante $100 Full Ring Real Money, 7 players
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    seat 2: UTG:$24,865
    seat 3: MP:$20,401
    seat 4: HJ:$9,312
    seat 5: CO:$27,918
    seat 7: BTN:$16,772
    seat 8: SB:$13,980
    seat 9: Hero(BB):$68,752

    HOLE CARDS: ($2,200) Hero is BB with 6 6
    4 folds, BTN raises to $4,000, 1 folds, Hero(BB) raises to $68,652, BTN calls $12,672

    1) Was this a correct push?
    2) Was this a correct push with a massive chip lead?

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    Default Re: Was this a correct push with a massive chip lead?

    Some of the answer is read dependent (is the guy a lag or a nit), but I don't hate the shove here, although I would prefer to have 88+, AQ+

    If you call, the chances are you would need to fold to his cbet, as there are very likely to be overcards to your 6s, so I think calling is definitely wrong and a waste of your chips.

    But to be controversial, I think a fold might be best here - whilst he has a wide raising range from the BTN, his stack represents nearly 19% of yours, which is a lot - and you shoving means he possibly has to call (pot committed), and you are, possibly 50/50 to win.

    It really is a tough one to be honest, I'd have to stick it in wiz, but I think a fold, as it sounds likely that he has a pair higher than yours.

    Tough, as I like the shove too...!

    What did he have?

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    Default Re: Was this a correct push with a massive chip lead?

    I would fold here I think, he's min raised on the BU, but he's invested 25% of his stack so you have zero FE. It looks strong to me, I think he's open shoving his weaker hands here. So in my view you are likely flipping or dominated. The more chips you have the less they are worth. If you lose this you risk doubling him up. I think it's far better to be using your chips to put pressure on the other stacks instead of calling off in coin flips - but I am just learning sngs, so take this with a pinch of salt.

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    Default Re: Was this a correct push with a massive chip lead?

    I hate his bet. There is no hand that he can hold that justifies 4x OTB into the massive stack with 12BB. It is a simple shove/fold decision and his raise is only going to cause problems.

    As he has put in more than 20% of the effective stack you have a simple resteal decision. Calling is not an option, as Rocky pointed out, unless he is a total donk, you have no FE and if he actually folds to your shove you know to mark him down as a massive fish. Therefore you have to assume he is calling your shove. With the possible overpairs he could be holding added to the overcards, I expect you are a fraction worse then flipping against his range.

    However, when you have such a huge lead you really need to start throwing your weight around and here is a perfect time to do it. If you win, you will be totally dominant, min raising pre every hand and stealing blinds as the rest of the table tries to slip into second place. If you lose, you will still have a huge stack and a significant lead over the rest of the table. Best of all they have just seen you shove over a button raise with 66. What better hand to say

    'I am not a manic but I have more chips than any of you and I will put you to a decision. I dont mind taking a risk while I am chip leader so bring it on'

    Your chip lead even if you lose this hand is the real reason that I am shoving this almost all of the time.

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    Default Re: Was this a correct push with a massive chip lead?

    Shoving doesnt hurt your chip stack and doesnt really hurt your image (too much). The only case I could think of to make for a fold is, In a $3 mtt alot of the players dont know what a monster stack is willing to put them in with. If they see this and then they see you shoving in late position into two ss with an AT or simular you will start to get called and 4 bet shoved on lighter (which could work out too). But I shove everytime as it doesnt hurt my stack and you would be surprised at the folds you get here and at some of the calls you get here. Even if he is a NIT he will have any PP and AK and AQ in his range with 16bb.




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