DragTheBar Member Videos

The DragTheBar member video page is our way to help our members share their play with others. Watching yourself play and watching your peers play is a great way to improve your game, and we want to make that easy to do. So we've created our own member system where you can upload your video to the DragTheBar servers and it will be shown in the video lobby, under the yellow "Member Videos" tab.

The Member Video system is free for everyone to use, you just need a DTB username and password. They are also free to share, even people not logged into DragTheBar can view them.

To get started right away, just click "My Member Videos" in the My Account page

Here is a step by step guide to making your member video, there are how-to videos also available via the links are below as well as in the member video portion of the video lobby.

Step 1: Recording Your Video

How-To video here

There are lots of free software tools available that can be used to record your video. We recommend the following:

CamStudio Open Source

This is the primary program you'll use to record your session, be sure to use the "region" feature so you can select only the poker table(s) that you want in the video, instead of recording your entire desktop.
Settings to use:
1. Use "Region" feature: "Region" menu ---> click "region" so its checked.
2. Turn Audio On: "Options" menu ---> click "Record audio from microphone."
3. Specify save directory: "Options" menu ---> Program Options ---> Directory for Recording ---> User Specified Directory ---> Select save location
4. Options" menu ---> Program Options ---> Click "Capture Translucent/Layered windows" and "Save Settings on Exit"

Step 2: Converting Your Video into an FLV or MP4

There are 2 types of videos we recommend uploading: FLV and MP4.

FLV - FLV files are flash video, the advantage is that they are compact and will start to stream right away in the video player. To view an FLV as a download, you'll need the VLC Media Player, or you'll need to install an add-on for Windows Media Player or Quicktime. We recommend using FLV's for longer videos.

MP4 - MP4's are very versatile video files, but in order to stream directly from our video page, the entire file needs to load, so it will take some time depending on the file size. They are excellent for downloading, and will play in just about any video player. We recommend MP4's for shorter videos or if you want your video to be the most download-friendly.

Download a free video converter. We recommend this one:

Any Video Converter -

This free program converts .avi video files to .mp4 video files. This is a mandatory step because CamStudio only creates .avi files, but they are huge uncompressed files, so they need to be converted to smaller more efficient .mp4 files. Our video player will play MP4, WMV, FLV, and AVI, but I strongly recommend MP4 or FLV as they are the easiest and smallest videos to produce.

Settings for FLV conversion:

Top Right Dropdown ---> Flash Video Movie (*.flv)
Use all default settings except:
1. Frame size - Change this to "Original"

Settings for MP4 conversion:

1. Top right drop-down box ---> Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4)
2. Video Options (lower right panel) - Use these settings, otherwise keep the defaults:
-Video codec = x264
-Frame Size = 1280x720
-Video Bitrate=768
-Video Framerate=25
-Audio Codec = AAC
-Audio Bitrate=128
-Sample Rate=44100
-Audio Channel = 1
3. Click "Convert."
4. Note the folder the video is saved in.
5. Done.

Step 3: Uploading Your Video

How-To Video Here

Its very easy to upload your video to DragTheBar.

1. Go to the "My Account Page"
2. Click "My Member Videos"
3. The Uploading Box will be on the right, your list of previously uploaded videos on the left.
-Enter the Title of your video
-Enter the Description (You can expand this box, just grab the bottom right corner)
-Choose the Game Type, Stake, Players, and Game filters.
-Press Upload.
4. Now your video is ready for the video file to be uploaded.
-Click "Upload Video" and select the video file you wish to upload.
-You'll see the progress bar move and popup when its done.
-Choose an image for the first frame of the video, if you do not provide one, a stock DTB logo will be used for you.
5. You are done, your video will now be in the video lobby. You can share the video page with anyone, member videos are free to view.

If you did all this and still see audio or video issues with your video in the streaming player, there is a download option available for member videos. VLC/Quicktime/Windows media player are very powerful video players that will be able to play the downloaded video. So don't worry if your video won't stream.