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    Default Zerosum79: ABC SNG: The Bubble - Part I --Released 05/05/2011

    In this video I derive bubble factors for different typical stack sizes on the bubble. This is the first step to understanding the most critical element of the bubble which I call the "Stack Based Dynamic." By understanding how your bubble factor changes when playing with a given stack size against an opponent with a different stack size we can begin to understand how to make expert adjustments to our bubble play.

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    Default Re: Zerosum79: ABC SNG: The Bubble - Part I --Released 05/05/2011

    I get the whole concept of the ICM and the ICM tax but, Iv'e never tried to do the numbers on my own. I know I should play tight early cause the small amount of chips I win messing around are not worth much and I risk loosing chips I need for mid and late when they are worth more. I know even when I do double up my ev doesn't and other people gain ( I think this is bad!). During mid and late I'm ussaly just playing the push fold strat and dont really think about ICM much. Now I use a PBJ strat! From what I undesrtand during the bubble. If I have the big stack I can own, especially when there is a short stack who is folding and other people are playing optimally. When I have a mid stack I should chill. When I am the short stack I should attack other short stacks unless I am the only short stack I should be making shoves w/e possible with pretty much anything but the very worst hands. Please anyone, let me know if thats totally wrong. I know if there is a big stack who is owning and I am 2nd or 3rd I should only be calling with premiums. This is what I got out of the books I've read and the vids Iv'e watched. I always tell my self ..I wish I new the numbers and math behind ICM. I feel like its holding me back from being a bad ass mo fo! Just like I feel the math in NL is holding me back. All that said, this was a great vid Zero. The spread sheets were kick ass. I feel like after watching you go through the spread sheets it makes tons more sense to me. Like I was making it harder then it really was. Before it was like, on the bubble..I'm doing this ( above bubble stat) but I don't really no why. I have a feeling It won't change much untill I finally work out some problems on my own..but it's growing on me.
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    Default Re: Zerosum79: ABC SNG: The Bubble - Part I --Released 05/05/2011

    Hey Cross,

    Like most things theoretical, this video is really intended to motivate better understanding, rather than being a tool that you can use to play games. Most good players are not doing ICM calculations at the table. But they have done them previously understand situations that they can reapply later while playing. By running through this stuff you will find a deeper understanding for the math behind the game but in the end it is really about setting the stage for creating a strategy that we can actually use in the game.

    The second video that will be released later this month makes that jump from the theoretical to the applied. You will see how the conclusions that we draw from this calculation can be applied to different situations with varying stack sizes while on the bubble.

    In the end a lot of what I try to do with coaching is to give people enough information that they are not just playing "my strategy" but instead able to create strategy. For example, with this info you could easily calculate the bubble factors for a 6max game or an 18 man game, and create a new bubble strategy for those different formats. You wouldn't need me to make a video about it (not that I am trying to put myself out of a job).





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