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    Question The best HUD for Ignition Casino

    Which is better.
    DriveHUD orHoldem Indicator

    DriveHUD is expensive and likes to spam everywhere so I am wary of using them. Any company with ethics like that sets off my spider sense to stay away!
    Holdem Indicator boasts about having a HUD with an ultimate online poker odds calculator built in.
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    Default Re: The best HUD for Ignition Casino

    ghost town....

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    Default Re: The best HUD for Ignition Casino

    The answer, like all things in poker, is "it depends". Are you defining "best" as "most cost effective"? Perhaps you are defining "best" as "easiest to implement"? Or something else entirely mabye... I'll answer as best I can.

    Firstly, I'd ignore DriveHud simply because it is a subscription model product and thus you never own it and have to renew your license each and every year. It is neither the most powerful, nor the cheapest so it's out of the competition as far as I'm concerned.

    Holdem Indicator: It's a good program, for what it is designed to do, which is basically to be a newbie HUD. It has limited stats so you won't get overwhelmed. This is however a good thing on Ignition as it is anonymous and stats are only tracked per session and do not accumulate. Thus, more fancy stats are not necessary here. Out of the box it works well and they update it frequently. The license is also for life, which is nice. It's $99 but there are $10 discounts available [see this reddit thread]

    Another option might be to use Poker Tracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2. Now, setting these up will be more expensive and if you are only using a HUD for Ignition, I wouldn't go this route. However, if you already own PT4 or HEM2, then all you'll need to get them working on Ignition is a hand history converter to tie them in - typically costing ~$50 depending on where you buy your converter from. The more advanced stats in PT4/HEM2 will not be useful on Ignition because, as stated above, it is anonymous and tracking can only be done on a per session basis. The plus to using these programs however is that you can track your HERO stats long-term which is great for taxation purposes, keeping track of your winrate, etc. You can also group together all anonymous opponents and create meta-strategies to play the player pool instead of the individual players and improve your winrate in the anonymous player pool. [see this PRB article]
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