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    Default Mbolt1: Mbolt1 $.25/$.50 NL Full Ring --Released 11/19/2010

    Today I make my first full ring video. I focus on finding ways to exploit overly nitty tables.

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    Default Re: Mbolt1: Mbolt1 $.25/$.50 NL Full Ring --Released 11/19/2010

    Hi Matt, nice vid!

    Here are few questions:

    At around the 8min mark (after squeezing a few late limpers), you cbet saying that you don't think the Th9hKh flop hits his range that often. What range are you picturing? When he calls the flop, what does that do to his range? If the turn was not a heart, would you have leaned toward betting or check-folding?

    15:23 what is your thought process for the small 4bet with AA vs the big blind 3bet? why not 4bet bigger and do you worry about balancing this small 4betting with bluffs?

    22:11 after opening AK from UTG and calling UTG+1's 3bet, you decide to cr the Js2c7s flop. What types of flops would not look good to do this play? Perhaps a low, or paired flop? How would you play a QTx or QJx flop? OR a ATx or A8x flop?






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