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    Question Book on Poker-Psychology/Mindset --> neet a hint


    I started again to play after a break of ~6-7 years (started with NL5 6max some weeks ago now and was playing up to NL25 SH + FR and FL 0.5/1 SH and FR back then) and want to read a good book on Poker-Psychology/Mindset. Back then in 2009 i bought "Your Worst Poker Enemy: Master the Mental Game" from Schoonmaker, but didn't bother to read it, because I quit poker shortly after it was delivered. So makes it sense to do so and read it now (and possible part 2+3 of this series too), or are there better books out on this topic nowadays (which is very probable i think)? Thx already now for your help and I'm looking forward to getting some recommandations.


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    I highly recommend that you look into books by Tommy Angelo and Jared Tendler. They each have multiple high-quality books that can help improve your mental fortitude, and thus, your EV on the tables, and more importantly, in life!
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