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    Default interesting spot vs sticky opponent in 3bet pot

    5\5 game on saturday night in local casino
    Villain opens utg to 30, 4 callers, I 3bet from bb to 210 with AKo. Villain calls, drunk guy calls, another reg calls.
    Flop J26r, I cbet 525, villain calls and its HU. Everyone was pretty deep, about 1500 eff
    Turn 4c brought FD in, I bet 875, and he thought for like 1 min and calls.
    River 5o and I have about 2200 left...
    Villain here is an online pro, but in live games plays super laggy, we have bunch of history together and his fold to my 3bet % is prob 0. He opens pretty wide no matter where he is. Otf i think he calls with every big pair he flatter re JJ+, some Jx, which i think i get to fold ott, some pairs plus BDFD, and stuff like 34s, 54s, 65s, 64, and obv sets...
    I think the way hand played out I have to give up otr. I think i might only get to fold some pairs that had BDFD otf, maybe a stubborn J...
    WHat do u guys think?

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    Default Re: interesting spot vs sticky opponent in 3bet pot

    man i think u coulda quit a lot sooner than the riv... if we don't have Ac then turn barrel is iffy as is but 4way with guys that all put in 42bb pf with air overcards is probably just a xf otf tbh.
    our line so far reps only JJ, AKcc and maybe some Ax-cc randomizer u squeeze rather than call with (i prefer call but not all do). only problem is those hands plus other broadway flushes are in his range too and we are really looking for a fold from smth like QQ with a club or a small set...which is a stretch even for a laggy range. some live plyrs find folds with sets n small flushes here, but as u mention he doesnt fit that mold.

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    Default Re: interesting spot vs sticky opponent in 3bet pot

    I hate to feel like a nit which I guess I am, but it feels like your taking this hand to far in my feeble opinion.




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