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    Default Poker After Dark PLO season hands discussion

    Guys I am making this threat as I believe even though the stakes are too high and the whole meta game is different, we can all benefit from discussing the hands and how they develop.

    The way I will do the threat is I will post a hand regularly and give my thoughts on the development of it, and would really appreciate your contribution to the discussion.

    Keep in mind I am a beginner in PLO, so be generous to my misunderstandings please Let's start with the first hand below:

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    Default Re: Poker After Dark PLO season hands discussion

    It's the very first hand of the night: Blinds 300/600$ Buyin 100k (166 BB)

    Adams EP Fold
    Antonius MP Fold
    Ivey CO Qh Jc 9s 7s (call)
    Dwan BTN Kd Qc 5s4s (call)
    Hastings SB Qs Qd Jh 8h (call)
    Galfond BB Ac 6c 3s 3h (call)

    Flop 4way: 8d 7c 2c (POT 4400) everyone has SPR of 45 and are deep

    Some preflop thoughts: Ivey has a decent rundown with two low gaps and a suit
    Duan has the button and decides to limp along and play position.
    (Hastings has the best overall preflop hand but does not want to raise and get 3 callers OOP, so decides to limp along in the SB)
    Galfond checks the big blind.

    Flop gets checked through to Dwan with his top pair who bets 2000, as Hastings has the best hand (overpair of QQ), but does not want to lead into 4 people. the others have not much at all (Galfond has the nut FD, decides to check the flop see what happens and evaluate).

    Flop action: Hastings folds his vulnerable overpair no redraw. Galfond calls the NFD, Ivey calls with gutter and second pair.

    TURN: 5h $8400 (Duan makes two pair 8s and 5s) on a very heavy drawing board. Galfond picks the straight draw with his 63 and leads for $6400 into the 8400$ pot.

    Thoughts on turn:
    Now, Galfond will play 7high str8 if he hits because he has to use both the 3 and the 6 (34567). His lead here might mean a few things, he thinks that betting will win him the pot because Dwan was just stabbing on the button and Ivey has limped preflop and check called after the bet and call. Ivey’s hand looks really weak or like a drawing weak hand, as Dwan is behind him leading here will push Ivey off a lot of hands as Dwan might raise after him. That makes him come honest. and Galfond knows that Dwan will bet a lot of vulnerable hands on the flop as he just limpred preflop and was checked to him on the BTN. His bet is Big and merges his range, he will bet here big with a set, made str8, NFD (as he is not really scared of getting raised too often). Dwan calls here. His call is good vs the drawing hands, and has some redraws in case he is against the str8, he has blockers to the sets, the only other set Galfond might have is 777, but maybe he will not lead with it.

    RIVER: $21200 Ks (all draws brick except for the made str8, Dwan improves to Kings and 8s), Galfond bricks.

    Now given what Galfond has on the turn, if he has the str8 he is still betting, the set is also betting as draws missed, so when he bets he is polarizing and if we say that he is betting in this spot only set and str8 for value then the missed Nut draw is great as a bluff bet.

    Galfond bets $17600 into $21200 (Great value looking bet).
    Dwan calls with the improved top two and wins the pot. (In Dwan’s shoes, I guess he has decided on the turn that he will call bricked rivers. Not necessarily that good as Galfond is betting on the river not all Flushes, which means he has nuts, second nuts, and probably only Ah Kh and Qh (maybe Jh) missed flushes, which combinatorically is pretty balanced.

    Dwan calls and scoops up the $56 000 pot.




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