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    Default Looking for study group + Advice thread

    Hello everyone,
    I am new here but i guess i am making this post for two reasons, firstly i was wondering if there are any study groups i could join as i think surrounding myself with like minded people will help me a lot.

    Second of all i have created another topic about my blog

    I was hoping i could make this topic in order to get general advice about my game which i could improve and work on while i update my blog. I guess first of all i am using Leak tracker to measure where i am going wrong, i was wondering if its possible for someone to look at my results and give me advice on where i could improve?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks.

    -Smasher1472- Blog

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    Default Re: Looking for study group + Advice thread

    1- there's a study group thread posted right below urs
    2- ur vpip is too high and since you start with a weak range and don't yet possess the postflop skill to know when and how to apply pressure, ur weak range results in few cbets on flop and esp on turn. by becoming more selective pf ur cbet % will go up even if u only cbet the same hands ur cbetting now. also look into some vids on double barrelling. ur weak range and lack of postflop aggression results in you not winning as many showdowns as you should... whether that is because you check down too many hands you should bluff or just get sticky when you have a piece and payoff, it's a leak that needs attention. also with your high riv AFq you may be saving too many bluffs for the end and get picked off by 1-bet type hands that would fold on earlier streets fearing future bets... OR u trap too much.

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    Default Re: Looking for study group + Advice thread

    Thanks for the reply Peasant- ive been working hard on trying to improve my VPIP/PFR Ratios, its not perfect but ill keep at it!, ive broken even the past two days but ive been evaluating hands which have lost me the most money, i hope they by posting it anyone could assess my way of thinking and where i can improve! thanks
    i wrote up a word document and thought it would be better to upload screenshots of this instead, here they are.

    Ive been working on my VPIP/PFR also which is improving but still needs work

    Hope my images haven't killed anyones computers!, any advice would be great and hope you all have a great day.


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    Default Re: Looking for study group + Advice thread

    next time post in the hand forums cuz nobody will usually even look here...
    A2 was terrible as u mentioned
    not cbetting the AT cost u. ott u should raise cuz u credibly rep the 9 and he signals weakness
    QQ hand u should get in with the overpair with all the draws that can be trying to get in so that's fine
    33 hand ur raise ott was too small and if he hadn't made a mistake in shoving he'd have a very profitable and easy call to hit. u could even just raise the flop as giving cards on that wet a board is pretty dangerous

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    Default Re: Looking for study group + Advice thread

    Again your advice really helped! ive tried implementing what you have said and thought id update my post here with this weeks update!

    This week has been a bit crazy, i was doing very well until last night i ran up nearly $10 profit in 1c/2c games, and i lost it all in about an hour. I must have tilted or just played too loose and it was very demoralising for me. I worked so hard on my play all week and the results were showing only for me to throw it all away in the last few hours of the week. I guess i can only look at the positives, this will make me a stronger player. No one has ever become great at something by winning all the time, you learn the most from your worst defeats. I am sure i have many more bad beats to come until i become a solid winning player, i saw a glimpse of it this week and break-even is still a lot better than my $10 loss last week, so i am improving.

    Here my analysis for this week, any comments or help would be much appreciated.

    If anyone has any suggestions on where my comments are wrong that would be great! This week i am going to study more on double barrelling and also read the 'turn' chapter in crushing the microstakes!

    Thanks everyone and happy grinding!


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    don't be swayed by results... these are absurdly small samples and you will have bigger swings.
    I've won 35bi in 5k hands before (yay upswing) and then playing the same game i dropped 30BI over 25k hands. Still up 5bi for 30k hands for a tiny winrate...but even this 30k was a non representative sample.
    study ur decisions not ur results.

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    Where are these study groups I just wish I had someone half as good as me to talk to, that being said everyone looking at this is probably better than me, but I've never had a friend except live (which didn't last long), but would help making me a better player, I think it's time for coaching because I'm melded the way I am and can't see through mistakes that I'm making. Sure the random tilt session happens and yea, I can spot that, my green line is usually fine, but my red line generally sucks, although I am incorporating more semibluffing at midstakes.

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    you can check 2+2 or card chat
    i suggest polished poker study group

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    Default Re: Looking for study group + Advice thread

    Hi, is this thread still alive?

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    Default Re: Looking for study group + Advice thread

    love the sarcasm




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