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    hi all new to the site well the forum posting thing......

    What are the best mtsng to play to build a bankroll for mtt's?

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    For bankroll building I would argue to stick with single table SNG's. The more tables you add such as 18man, 36man and so on only increases the variance that one will see.

    Now saying that I enjoy playing them all, however, I have found some success with the 18mans. I have found plenty of fish at these tables (during the time I play which is usually late at night). But because I play at night where there isn't as much traffic I usually have to take what I can get. So I tend to mix it up and play different structures. I usually multi-table 4 games at a time with different structures, but if things have not been running smoothly I will tone it down to 2-3 tables at a time.

    Let me know what you think. Its all about trying one structure and determining if it is beatable.

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    Another thing I might recommend trying is the "On Demand" tournaments at the Winning Poker Network (the company that bought DTB and allows all this content to be free now instead of subscription based!).

    On Demand tournaments are basically small tournaments that start, you guessed it, on demand. Once X number of players join the tournament starts. Players are allowed to join after it has begun going and often times it will grow to be an MTT of 2-3 tables in size. Perhaps larger at the moment though because they are running some money added promotions for the ODs and their weekly "Sit and Crush" SNG leaderboards. Check them out. If you don't have an account on the Winning Poker Network, I suggest trying America's Cardroom, which is the flagship skin on the network. It also, contrary to what the name might suggest, allows players world-wide to play there.

    There is even a $10 free bankroll code for people creating original and new accounts from these countries:United States of America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The code and the terms and conditions can be found here.




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