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    Hi there

    When multi tabling i find myself always closing tables that have very low average pot size and opening new ones. This is taking my attention away from the tables as it is a constant struggle to stay with the action.

    is there any programs out there that can do this automatically.??

    Thanks in advance

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    As far as I know, Table Ninja can do that for you. It's available for PT4 and HM2

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    On Winning Poker Network and other US-friendly sites you might want to take at look at Stack and Tile and / or Table Tamer since Ninja doesn't work on most of the aforementioned sites. I prefer Stack and Tile personally. It was the secret success of Grinders like The Green Smoothie and MamaCoolJ/QTip as well.

    In fact, QTip, our infamous super mod her at Drag The Bar, wrote a nice article explaining how he dominated The Beast on America's Cardroom for years. Here is a stack and tile review I wrote.

    Stack and Tile website




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