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    Quite a long time since i wrote here. Don't think that i stopped my Challenge. I still play Poker and I try hard to climb up! I didn't write here anymore cause I thought it is better to concentrate on dealing with ranges and my game more than just watching stats all the time. In fact I ran really good at NL2 and was able to play NL5 more often. I felt that I had massive leaks in my game at NL5 so i struggled a lot in Jan. and Feb. but I think I got better and I am really looking forward to crush this limit in March. So here are my stats from Jan. and Feb.





    Seeing my stats you will recognize a lot of problems on my side with NL5. I just was too lose with stealing and isolating. then I ran quite bad also which lead to some kind of tilt that came up quite often in my game. Thank you to peasantonpaper for helping me in that phase. I was purely results oriented and as you can see it also influenced a lot of my mental game like don't putting so much volume in anymore in Feb... I didn't even play halt the number of hands i played in Jan... I felt like to play fewer tables an work on my preflop and postflop game. ranges, 3-bets, 4-bets and that stuff. Somhow that was a good idea but I should have played at least 6 tables like I always did and do again now. So my plan for March is to play around 1K hands per day again. Not everyday but at least when I play at a day I want to play at least 1K hands.

    Goal for this month is to grind NL5 and hope for the best maybe playing NL10 soo. I am also planning on taking shots an NL10 as soon as I have finished with Blackrains 2nd book. I think there are some nice concepts and thoughts in it I should keep in mind before I move to the next limit.

    Saying that I will post my results at the end of the month.

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    Hey guys,

    I haven't updated quite a long time, but I am still playing. I wasn't very motivated to write here but that didn't change a lot of my plans to get better at poker. I am still trying to move up and this is my graph from Jan. till May.


    I have still a lot to learn but I think in general I got way better. I have a lot of leaks when it comes to agression because I think, that most of the time I am still too aggressive for this limit. I play at NL25 at the moment. I think I am doing ok but I haven't done much theory quite a long time because of my work. In summer I will have much more time and will try to improve.

    Does anyone have special tips to master NL25 or NL50? Cause I want to get there through fast and move up to NL100 and NL200. I think a general TAG strategy is enough but maybe some blogs or books to recommend? I did change a lot when it comes to 3 and 4 betting especially in later position f.i...

    Thanks and maybe I'll update faster the next time I want to put in my results here.





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