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    Default No more backgammon????

    This would be the ONLY reason I'd be here. It was great will Bill, is this all over?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: No more backgammon????

    Unfortunately, we have not offered Backgammon since just after black friday. Bill Robertie is an insanely smart guy, an incredible teacher, and someone I have the utmost respect for and really enjoyed getting to know. It was not a decision taken lightly. However the business reality of the new post-black friday market (half of the world's poker economy vanished overnight) simply doesn't offer the economics that the pre-black friday market did, and we had to make some tough decisions. If there were enough people like you who'd maintain memberships just for backgammon, I'd bring him back in a second. But sadly, we don't have reason to believe that the numbers are there.

    If and when the market improves and US online poker regains critical mass, I'd like nothing more than to bring back backgammon videos.

    Best, Hunter

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    Default Re: No more backgammon????


    First off thanks so much for the reply, more than most online sites would ever do. It shows you guys care. Sorry about the Black Friday, I totally understand your position. There are some very serious Backgammon players and I think it could be marketed that way, I know they cross over each other, but I don't know any of my backgammon players who do poker and my poker friends are not in the least interested in backgammon. Backgammon, as I'm sure you are aware, is fairly easy to learn and play, but the cube, the math, the pip counting is almost a completely new ball game and where the serious seek it out. Where I personally think it's different from poker is backgammon is played in serious circle without money and poker is ONLY for money.

    If you guys thought about a new angle for subscriptions where you go after the backgammon community, I think you'd be successful. Where NO ONE in backgammon sites has video instruction, you guys did that and I actively looked for that! Chess has been nailing that for many years and I never understood why backgammon has had that gap. Don't only get Robertie, get Woolsey, Ballard, etc.

    But get some great guys to do videos. For backgammon, if you want to learn, you have to buy books, this backgammon video could be huge, but has to be marketed correctly.

    Good luck, I'll keep my eye out!




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