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    Default Turkey_Brain: Getting Back in the Groove -- Released 02/18/2013

    I just returned from a month vacation in India, so I spent a little time playing some low games (.25/.50 NL) to get back in the poker groove after my trip. In this video, I talk just briefly on getting back in the groove after being away from poker for awhile, then go through some of the interesting hands I played at the .25/.50 stake level. I narrow a tight player's range down to just a couple possible hands, and find an interesting player to make some big calls against.

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    Default Re: Turkey_Brain: Getting Back in the Groove -- Released 02/18/2013

    Hello Nathalie,
    Good video! A couple questions for you on it:

    AT - I really loved to see it. We usually see hands on replayers where the coach wins big, but showing how we should have folded there was pretty nice. Thanks Nathalie.
    My line here would probably be a little passive, like checking back the flop and call/bet turn and river, but folding to a raise, mostly because I don`t think he would call preflop with a weaker ace. What do you think about this line?

    Q5 - Why not raise his minbet on the flop? It just looks super weak so I was thinking it was a good spot to attack it.
    Calling the river just seemed so dangerous, I`m not sure I could do it, but I understand why you did vs this guy. Nice one.

    I liked the profiling part of the video, watching hands you were not playing. I'll try to add it to my game.
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    Default Re: Turkey_Brain: Getting Back in the Groove -- Released 02/18/2013

    Hi Natalie,

    Great video, i really liked the discussion of the AJ hands. I would have been tempted to call the turn bet on the 2nd one, and i like your line better.

    A question about the AT hand: when you narrowed his range, you mentioned that he was likely calling with a range of 88+, AQ+, AJs+. How often do you have him flatting behind with hands that he`d normally 3bet with? I would have thought that TT+, AQ+ would usually be three-betting there. So I`d have thought that removing these hands from his range makes your AT better on most flops? Do you have Axs in his range?
    I hate these top pair mid kicker hands oop...

    Also liked the logic on the turn to let him bluff off on the river. Is it fair to say you have him on absolute trash a lot more often than some draw or combo draw? (if he's 3betting the turn with a lot of draws there what would you recommend? is he likely to bluff off his stack if you min 4bet that turn?)

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    Default Re: Turkey_Brain: Getting Back in the Groove -- Released 02/18/2013

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you enjoyed the vid. Apologies for my delayed response, I somehow missed your comments until just now.

    fstanq: AT: you could not check back the flop as I was out of position and needed to make the 1st move. Taking such a passive line as check/call, check/call/fold to raise is inferior in my opinion because it gives your opponent all the control in the hand and simultaneously gives you very little information. A reg calling your donk into 3 opponents indicates he has a much stronger hand than if you were to check and he were to bet. Basically, he is much less likely to "float the flop" with nothing than he is to "take a stab" at the pot in position after the other regs have shown weakness by checking. So, you check call the flop and you still have absolutely no idea what your opponent has. Also, I risked very little by betting so small on the turn to get more information. If I had checked with the intention of calling, the opponent gets to choose the bet size and if he even bet 1/2 pot I would have lost more money than I did.

    nextlevel AT: Your logic is often sound, however guys with ranges THAT tight will often not include 1010, JJ, AQ, and sometimes even QQ in their 3 betting range. Especially after a 4BB raise. I would really narrow this guy's 3b range to AA, KK, AK, and possibly QQ. And yes, top pair mid kicker oop position = danger!

    fstanq Q5: We saw multiple cases even in the few hands I showed on this, and even the turn of the Q5 hand, where the opponent 3b the flop/turn. Raising the flop as a bluff after his min bet gives almost no fold equity, and can induce him to 3b bluff, causing me to lose the chance to see the turn/river and potentially win the hand.

    nextlevel Q5: I wouldn't necessarily put him on absolute trash too often there, but a gut shot/unders with only one card to come is pretty darn close to trash. I don't think he would reship bluff the turn often, but weaker players seem to LOVE bluffing missed draws on the river, and since gut shots almost always miss, I am due to get good value by giving him that opportunity.

    Thanks for the questions! Good luck!

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    Default Re: Turkey_Brain: Getting Back in the Groove -- Released 02/18/2013

    I liked the psychology analysis of the maniac. That was funny when you say "this means he gets pleasure from bluffing."

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    Default Re: Turkey_Brain: Getting Back in the Groove -- Released 02/18/2013

    Good vid, Natalie. I've taken a break from poker after grinding midstakes full time, so your early points really resonated with me. I'm new to the site, so forgive me if I don't know this already: can you talk about playing the 60bb stack? Im from 2010 where every reg plays 100bb, but Ive noticed a lot more playing 40-60. Thanks in advance!




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