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    Default QTip: QTip Replayer Video 7 -- Released 12/28/2012

    All hands from the month of December as I was grinding 43 tables for the Beast competition at Americas Cardroom. The stakes from from 25nl to 100nl.

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    Default Re: QTip: QTip Replayer Video 7 -- Released 12/28/2012

    The A9o hand. This is nearly always a showdown blocking type bet at these (my limits). It seems more than ever, fishy guys think everyone is bluffing them all of the time. So they want a showdown with any piece of the board, and try to price it themselves to see if they are right.

    I'm also seeing it with draws. They're getting sick of paying through the ass for draws. It appears your pot bet teachings are wreaking havoc on their reloading frequencies




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