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05-04-2010, 04:26 AM
Back to back I had twice AK. the first time I folded to an all in re-raise from villain, second time I also got re-raised all in from (another) villain. This time, didn't want to trash the AK again, and got beat by KK. Both villains had VPIP over 45. So, was there ways I could have done better? - thx 4 insight.
Hand 1

05-04-2010, 04:45 AM
In the first hand it seems (to me) likely that villain has a pocket pair higher than 8s. Your pre-flop raise was fine if a little small (usually go for 4x myself).

On the flop, if my previous assumption about your opponent is correct then you have a pair of 8s with Ace kicker and he has two pair and believes himself good. By leading out he is telling you he thinks he is good and his bet size is small enough to seem to be tempting you to call, instead you raise and he shoves ending the hand for you. Only thing I might have done different is tried a little pot control to try and lose less, but it's a tricky one.

Second hand, to be honest I think you overplayed on the flop. You were re-raised preflop and were OOP for the rest of the hand. With a pair of twos and an ace kicker I don't think I ever call that all in bet - much better to wait for a better spot to get it all in.

05-04-2010, 05:33 AM
3x 3bet is large enough in position.

In hand 2 you have to think about what the CO 3betting range is in order to know when when to flat/fold/4bet.

WIthout stats we cant really help you. 45vpip doesnt tell much if we dont know the sample size. Also, other stats are more important such as PFR and perhaps 3bet stats if the sample is large enough for us to help you with the preflop decision.

05-04-2010, 06:49 AM
In scenario 1 I don't mind the play on the flop. There is probably an argument for all 3 plays (fold, call or raise).

From my experience at lower levels, players often make weak leads (A high hands, overcards) into the PFR and fold to raises on the flop so I dont mind this play. However, once he shoves you know know he has a pair that he thinks is best and is just going with it and you have to fold as you're getting 2:1 for a roughly 3:1 shot against his likely range.

You could have called one bet on the flop hoping to spike an A or K and see what he decides to do on the turn.

2nd hand - no offence but I think you played it horribly.

You could 4 bet pre flop hoping to take it down but in a full ring game you would probably have to fold to a shove as most players 5 betting range is AA or KK full ring from my experience against your standard full ring opponent.

When you call to see a flop a 224 board isn't a board you want to be stacking off on as you will at best have 6 outs in a reraised pot and that is being generous. If there were 2 diamonds there rather than spades then by all means lead with the intention of shoving or calling an all in.

I think your best play would be to check fold. You didn't want to get it all in pre flop so why get it all in on a flop where you will have even less equity against his range than you did pre flop.

I agree with goretxg thought that knowing he has VPIP 45% doesnt tell you much. He could have VPIP 100% but 3 bet of 1% for all we know.
You wanted to be looking at his 3bet % rather than VPIP in this spot.

But what do I know, I'm not a pro........yet!