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Portable Fire Pit Types

Posted by johndean11

So you want to get a portable fire pit? There are many different types of portable fire pits; all varying in design, functionality, versatility, material and price. Here at we will explore some of the different types of portable fire pits, briefly outlining their pros and cons.

Fire Pit with a Table – Some fire pits will come with a round table encircling the fire pit itself. This is a very practical addition and can be used for food or beverages while sitting around the fire. Typically, fire pits with built in tables are more expensive than their table-less cousins.

Fire Pit with a Grill – Why merely sit around a fire pit if you can cook directly on it! These fire pits are specifically designed for cooking and will come with a sizable grilling rack which will sit directly above the fire pit. Fire pit grills come in all different shapes and sizes and can be relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, the often concealed fire of the fire pit grills will not be as tranquil inducing as the open fire of a traditional fire pit.

Gel/Chafing Fuel Fire Pit – Are you looking for a outdoor portable fire pit that can potentially serve you as an indoor fireplace as well? Gel/Chafing fuel is a popular, contemporary way of producing fire without the smoke or smell, hence eliminating the need of a vent when used indoors. Your portable fire pit can now turn into a portable fireplace whenever you so desire! On the flip side, gel/chafing fuel comes in cans and is often expensive to replace, not to mention that one can only lasts about 2 hours or so. The fire itself is basically more decorative than functional.

Chiminea – There is just something magical about these bulky, cute looking chimneys. The old traditional style and appeal of a chiminea will surely be the center of attention at your next outdoor party or get-together. And nothing will spice up and complete your garden like a beautifully decorated clay chiminea. Be careful though, clay chimineas break, and so do the cast iron ones. They are bulky and will take a bit of effort to move. Chimineas also require quite a bit of maintenance and are not exactly the cheapest alternative to a portable fire pit.

Metals – It is important to look at what metal your fire pit is made of. Some will be copper, others come in cast iron, and some will have stainless steel and other steel variants. All of the above metals are strong and durable, but copper seems to be the victor in the eyes of many customers. Copper has a very high melting point, making it a very durable metal. It is typically more expensive than cast iron but pays off with a higher durability. Stainless steel and other steel variants have even higher melting point temperature range than copper, but unfortunately are slightly more expensive.

Materials – Clay, ceramic, glass, wood, stone. And that is just to name a few. Other than their metal frames, many fire pits will come beautifully done with some of the additional materials. Unlike metals, some of these materials can be quite fragile. It is important to assess any additional materials used in the construction of a fire pit before making your purchase. Fire pits with a ceramic finish will often be quite expensive while glass gel fuel fire pits may be authentic, but nonetheless fragile.

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