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Thank you July!

Posted by darkhorse

I´m running good. Winning at 4BB/100 over 14K hands. Granted a third of that was heads up and not a whole lot of hands but still. July rocks!

I´ve made some really nice videos for the site as well. The second episode of Perspectives. Won´t tell you with whom just yet. I´ve also made the first installment of a new "Game Theory" powerpoint presentation series.

It´s the last day of July and tonight I´m gonna go out for some beers. I´ve been couped up in this apartment for too long. Have a great August everyone!

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Update – a new dual commentary series!

Posted by darkhorse

I´m way excited to tell you about the new LHE series that has recently premiered. Perspectives! In this me or Paul will be making dual commentary videos with different top Limit Hold´em guest coaches! First up is Nasse, a strong Limit Hold´em expert with a winrate of astonishing 2.5BB/100 over several hundreds of thousand hands. Each video starts off with an interview followed by some Q&A analysis of live played hands. There is some strange echo on this first video though but we will try to fix this as soon as possible.

In other news, life is good (so far). I´ve had a sick start to this month winning 4.5BB/100 over 9000 hands. So can´t complain poker wise. A lot came from one single player with whom I played heads up. He had the uncommon leak at mid stakes LHE of folding way too much pre flop. He only played 60% of his hands and so the money was kind of bound to end up in my account one way or another.

Recently, I went climbing for the first time in my life. It was indoors. A really good workout. I was quite scared of the height though. And letting go of the wall when I´m going down again. It felt pretty counter intuitive to let go like that. :)

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So this is how blogs work!

Posted by darkhorse

My first blog. Ever. Sweet.

Due to me playing on a lot of non-PTR tracked sites I thought I´d give you a screenshot of all the hands in my current HEM database. I´ve been playing exclusively limit hold´em at a winrate of 1.6BB/100. The first part of the graph includes some low limit hands. But the last 200K hands should be mid limit with a winrate of 1.9BB/100. Just coming off a rough stretch it´s easy to forget how in poker it is all about the long run. I still have tons to work on with my game, need to eradicate misclicks and practice better game selection for sure. But I have high hopes for the future and joining DTB feels fresh and fun. I´d like to thank everyone for making me feel very much welcomed!

I´m 30 years old and I currently live in Sweden. When I´m not working with poker or the arts I like to work out or socialize with friends. Inspired by Paul I´m thinking about taking up martial arts again. I´d like to try out Wing Tsun if I can find a good place for it. I think it looks pretty cool and different and there are no high kicks which I like. Doing high kicks forces you to stretch all day long.

This fall I´ll be visiting New York City. I :heart: NYC. The energy and the vibe there is awsum. I met Paul there and hopefully we can meet up more once I´m back, perhaps making some cool dual (not duel which I first wrote) commentary vids.

That´s all for today. Need to go out and worship the sun. It´s been a long, long winter in Sweden. (bigger pic)

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