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Graph and Stats for the month..

Posted by cardman021

Hey Guys,

How's it going? Just did some database review last night for this month's grind.. Played a bit less than my set goals.. But anyway, having bit of a hard time posting photos here. So I played 30k at NL2 started around mid Feb. WR is 16bb/100, hope you guys can either teach me how to post photos here so you can see my stats. Or just visit my blogspot account which is,

And just leave some comments here..


That's it for now, will be posting goals for March soon..



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Posted by cardman021


Base on the title, yes I'm proud to say I'm a Nanonoko fan lol..I'm Jay, 27 yrs old.. I live in the Philippines with my wife and 2 kids.

Been posting some hands here before, and I also have a blog in DeucesCracked.. Decided to discontinue posting there since I'm not getting too much response.. So I gotta try DTB :)

I currently have a blog, or more of a personal journal actually.. Decided that it will always be better to have an actual blog where other players can see either my progress or my spewing lol. That way I can get some advise as well.. Anyway please take a little look at some of the post there, there's a lot actually, bec as I said that's a personal everyday journal(just to explain myself). Just to give you idea where I'm at currently. And will start posting here as well but not like everyday or twice a day or something lol..

That's it for now, I did BTW post a database review earlier so if someone can take a look at it and please leave your comments below(Here) that'll be awesome..

Happy Grinding..


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