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As Steele writes in The Corset: A Cultural History, "Behind the dress reformers' belief that menswear was intrinsically superior to women's clothing was the assumption that men themselves were more rational than  longgown dress   women."

Wasn't it possible, at least for some percentage of women, that a life with corsets was superior to a life without, and that they were reliable witnesses to their own feelings and experiences on the matter? Could this be one of the reasons foundation garments, from  christmas costume  corsets to girdles to shapewear, have never quite disappeared, even if they have gone underground, as it were, becoming hidden elements of dress?

Tellingly, men's corsetry is almost entirely left out of the "corset debate," despite their historically documented use for the military, in fine men's dressing, on the stage (more than a few male performers wouldn't be caught dead under stage lights without one) and of course, for personal expression and pleasure.

This speaks, no doubt, to anxieties about male identity, perhaps   corset skirts sets  once the focus on the corset as a feminine article became so entrenched in the collective consciousness.

No, the focus of the "debate" remains fixed on familiar anxieties about women, namely notions of female frailty and women's dangerous sexuality. Both ideas have passed down from century to century, from the preposterous "wandering womb" theory   underbust corset   originating in the work of Plato and taught right up to the modern era of medicine, to the antiquated but oft-taught idea that women need masters, do not have the capacity for rational thought, and should not speak up in public spaces or exert public authority, lest we all be led astray: Eve and the apple; Pandora and her box.

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Have you ever noticed how different you feel wearing a red lace bra, instead of your perfectly fine, utilitarian, nude t-shirt bra? There’s just something empowering about wearing sexy lingerie. Knowing you’ve got a little hidden secret underneath, gives you  infant animal costume   a boost, both literally and figuratively.

There was a time, and it wasn’t too long ago, that it was nearly impossible to find beautiful, well constructed, sexy plus size lingerie. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, as women like us have demanded a change, and we have the spending power to create a retail transformation. Now you can find beautiful swimsuits, pants, dresses and sportswear that fit properly and look awesome. It’s less about wanting to look sexy for our partners, although   babydoll chemise  that’s certainly a factor too. More importantly, we like to feel beautiful and look sexy in our skin, and that’s a boost for anyone’s self esteem.

Finding plus size fashions in mainstream categories is simpler. The search for beautiful plus size intimates proved to be a bit more arduous than expected. The fact of the matter is that sexy plus size lingerie has been slower to get to the marketplace. Thanks to companies like Torrid and Olga, along with a few others, there are lovely things to choose from.

I was able to find gorgeous nighties, teddies, bustiers, bras and panties that even make me melt when I look in the mirror. I want you to have that same experience. Embracing our real bodies, and celebrating them for their unique beauty, in   suit underwear  all shapes and sizes, should be a privilege and right for every woman. Cheers to us! Here are my picks for Plus Size Lingerie: Top 10 Best Sexy Essentials.

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