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That Train Wreck Global Poker Just Leaked Customer Information Publicly

Posted by kahntrutahn

Hey everyone. It has been a while since I posted and I figured on a lazy Sunday like today I would finally make another post since I have no huge tournaments to play right now.  I wish Winning Poker Network would bring back the Million Dollar Sunday tournaments that I was trying to get all of you to play in prior blog posts! But I digress, lets talk about what's been on my mind, namely Global Poker and the train wreck it has been lately.

In the last 3 months there have been a slew of awful things going on at Global Poker. Their sponsored  forums on 2+2 are littered with unsightly topics. I mean, take a look at this screenshot I just took of the 1st page on said forum:

Awful topics litter the sponsored Global Poker forum

These topics are just outrageous. Lets look at a few highlights shall we?

  1.  Cheating??
  2. One week - no response!
  3. way too many new nits, way too few new rec players
  4. June 12th cash out not a word
  5. Horrible Experience: $5,000 Stuck, No Help!
  6. SECURITY ISSUE: Personal documents posted to the open web!

I mean what the F#(*! There are people with money stuck in processing, cheaters, bots, a lack of recreational players and my favorite, a story about personal data being exposed on the Internet for all to see! You might also notice some posts about WorldPay, their new payment processor. Just to touch on that really quickly, Global has decided that it is a good idea to FORCEFULLY make players beta test their new payment processor. They simply ripped Paypal, a popular and well trusted method (indeed the only thing that makes them competitive in the American and Canadian poker scene) away from paying customers and replaced it with a method that demanded players to re-verify accounts, send in personal bank information, and much more.

This personal bank information and identification documents were then promptly posted on the freaking Internet for hackers to have fun with at their leisure! The thread on 2+2 has lots of info, but I'm going to go over a bit of it here to save you some time in reading the massive thread. It basically goes like this:

Global Poker uses ZenDesk to communicate with customers. ZenDesk has an option to keep information private and Global Poker failed to enable it... for over a year!

Ticking this box would have saved tens of thousands of customers data from being posted online!

Because Global was incompetent and failed to click this one option, tens of thousands of customer's bank statements and identification has been posted online. Who knows how many clever hackers got their hands on this data. With a scan of your ID and your bank statement in hand, a lot of damage could be done. Thank goodness America's Cardroom has never had an issue like this. I suppose because they take security more seriously than the completely unregulated GP website does.

A big shout out to 2+2 poster "zikzak" who discovered this flaw in the system and exposed it. His publicity resulted in Global finally fixing the issue, which never should have existed in the first place, from spreading and becoming a bigger affair.
zikzak calls out Global Poker's weak security practices

How is it that a company making presumably millions of dollars a month can have such an egregious oversight in their security protocols? I find it baffling. I suppose it just goes to show that Global Poker is not on the same level as quality networks like The Winning Poker Network and GP should probably be avoided by players who value their privacy, money, and overall bankroll security. I mean, why would you want to play on a site like who is pretending to be a play money website in order to skirt US online poker laws, who removes the only payment method randomly without warning and forces its customers to use other methods that require much more documentation and personal information, and then to boot can not even protect that personal information and posts it on the WWW for all to see!?

Stick to the major online poker sites folks. Stay away from Global. GP just has too much history screwing things up with money and security and even their signature Rattlesnake Open tournaments where they screwed players over on the last day of the series by cancelling the headline tournaments! Like I've said in previous blog posts, America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker are all much better places to play online poker tournaments.

OK, that's enough of a rant for now. Good luck out there everyone. I hope you all make some final tables in today's Sunday grind!

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Here we go!

Posted by H1ddenc@rds

Hey everyone (probably no one reading this lol.)
Well it’s the beginning of June and I am looking forward to crushing these goals I have set out for myself however, I wish tweak them just a bit. Last week I was really interested in how hard the stakes were if I were to move up to 3.50s. Consequently, I decided that I would plug a couple tables by playing only one or 2 at once to get a feel for it. After about 4 games I was feeling awfully comfortable at the tables and found that the games were still soft compared to the 1.50s. As a result, I am thinking of staying at these tables throughout June and see how things go. I really do not have the “bankroll” to move to this level, but I figure if I set a threshold in where I reach a certain point then I would drop down a level.
Next, I also wish to challenge myself a little more with my target amount of games. Originally, I said about 40 for the month of June, but last week I was able to put in a pretty nice volume (33 games) and believe that this may be sustainable. As a result, I am going to tweak this upwards a bit.
Lastly, I have also been playing a ton of 6man SNGs which have really been fun. It has been a little up and down, but I love the pace of the game and it allows me to put in a ton more volume. With this I wish to add in one more goal for the month with this change in structure.
Goal Recap & Progress:
1. Read one poker book this month (Thinking about re-reading Poker Math that Matters by Owen Gaines. This should take less than a month since most of it will just be a refresher).
Progress: I have already started reading this book and I am enjoying the refresher course. I am about 3 chapters in.

2. Start out at the 1.50 stakes playing all the different structures of SNG’s. From 6man-180man.
Progress: Tweaked this goal a bit. I will be playing at the 3.50 stakes with a bank roll of $75. If I go below $40 I will step down to the 1.50’s until I deposit the 25$ on a bi weekly basis. So far things have been trending up which has been nice. Started out with $50.
3. While building my bankroll playing I plan to invest $25 a paycheque (bi-weekly) to continue to invest in my game and take a shot at the 3.50’s. (At this present time, I have $56 in my pokerstars account.
Progress: I get paid this Friday and will be investing $25 to the market. I am currently up to $75.

4. (Tweak) My target amount of games to play in the month of June will be 80. So basically 20 games a week.
Progress: Last week I was able to put in 33 games, but I will drop this down a bit to 20 games a week and see how things go. Wish me luck.
5. At the end of the week I want to take about 2 hours to review and analyze my game with arrange of tools such as ICMizer, Poker equilab and Holdem manager. If any of you have any other suggestions for tools let me know.
Progress: I need to get better at this. Thus far I have not reviewed. I just want to play, play and play. I also need some cash to buy the appropriate tools.

6. I also plan to Blog once a week to discuss how things are going and if I am on track to reach my goals.

Progress: The blog is one day late, but I got it done.
7. Lastly, I want to help rejuvenate this community so after the weekend of reviewing I plan to post at least 5 hands for review in our forum to discuss and also looking to respond to others posts.
Progress: Again I suck at reviewing and need to get on this Ill have it doen by next weekend.
New Goal* 8: My plan is to stick to the 6 man SNG structure and see how I fare out. I am loving these games and find the soft. With this change I also have decided to pick one video series from the DTB library to watch and study. I am probably going to go with one of my old coaches (casy151) because he loves the 6man structure.
Alright that is all. Good luck at the tables.

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