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My journey back into the Poker world.

Posted by H1ddenc@rds

Greetings to everyone in the DTB community. I see that this community has really shrunk since the last time I was paying member and a consistent poker player, but I hope with some activity and luck that we can get this community growing again. I mean a guy might as well take advantage of all the free content that continues to be posted by some of the coaches.
I am also planning to take advantage of this platform by blogging my journey back into the poker world and rebuilding my bank roll. Since I last took poker seriously I was just a young punk working a part-time job at my hometown casino while I attempted to make my millions playing poker. Unfortunately, the making millions part did not happen, and I had to fall on my plan B by heading to university to get a degree. I figured might as well since the Casino was willing to pay for part of it. Now during this time, I attempted to balance poker, my part-time job and school, but soon poker became one of my last priorities as I earned a full-time job related to my degree and was super busy with school. Because of this poker had hit the back burner for a couple of years and I only played once every 2 weeks in a community league that my friends and I created. At this present time, I now have my degree in social work and continue to hold my full-time job with the organization I started with while I was going to school. I am also now a father of 2 children. One is 2 years old and the other is on its way in August. So, life is going to get real busy again after this summer, but I hope to continue to play poker and reach my goals that I am about to set in this blog.
Presently my job involves shift work where I work 5 days on 5 days off. During the 5 days of work things get real busy and hectic, but with the 5 day break it really allows me some down time with my family and where I will be applying my mind to poker. My plan is to play most of poker online since the community game has stopped for the time being. This will involve me sticking mostly with SNG’s and dabbling in some bigger tourneys occasionally. Now these goals are not going to be something crazy where I play an excessive amount of games in a week because I just will not have the time for it. So I hope to keep these goals very realistic relative to my situation that is manageable and incorporates a healthy work-life balance. Starting in June my following goals will be:
1. Read one poker book this month (Thinking about re-reading Poker Math that Matters by Owen Gaines. This should take less than a month since most of it will just be a refresher).
2. Start out at the 1.50 stakes playing all the different structures of SNG’s. From 6man-180man.
3. While building my bankroll playing I plan to invest $25 a paycheque (bi-weekly) to continue to invest in my game and take a shot at the 3.50’s. (At this present time, I have $56 in my pokerstars account.
4. My target amount of games to play in the month of June will be 40. So basically 10 games a week. (Wish me luck. I am hoping this is sustainable and won’t piss off the old lady to bad).
5. At the end of the week I want to take about 2 hours to review and analyze my game with arrange of tools such as ICMizer, Poker equilab and Holdem manager. If any of you have any other suggestions for tools let me know.
6. I also plan to Blog once a week to discuss how things are going and if I am on track to reach my goals.
7. Lastly, I want to help rejuvenate this community so after the weekend of reviewing I plan to post at least 5 hands for review in our forum to discuss and also looking to respond to others posts.
Alright guys wish me luck and hope I can hit all my target goals. Cheers!

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