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Tournament Overlays Continue at Americas Cardroom

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A serious poker player is always looking for ways to boost his or her bottom line, and if you're a reader of this blog, then you probably fall into this category. Here at DragTheBar, there areĀ  more than 1,700 videos to help you improve the strategic aspects of your game, but there many ways to enhance your profitability that don't have anything to do with actual gameplay mechanics.

You see, decisions you make away from the tables can be critical ingredients in your final results. We've told you earlier about the importance of selecting the right rewards plan at your online poker site and the benefits of careful table selection. Both of these elements can contribute in a major way to your poker success.

Another of the opportunities that we highlighted for you a few months ago was the weekly overlays in Americas Cardroom's Million Dollar Sunday tournaments. I'm sure some of you did take advantage, and if you did, you were well rewarded. However, the opportunity still exists. In fact, the opportunity for sky high ROI in these tournaments has actually increased due to lackluster participation in the greater poker community. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the now weekly Million Dollar Sunday tournament hosted by the Winning Poker Network.

About the Million Dollar Sunday

The Million Dollar Sunday (MDS) used to be an occasional affair, giving players from the United States and all around the world the chance to play for a seven-figure prize pool every couple of months. Toward the end of 2017, the Winning Poker Network decided to run 12 of them in a row on Sundays in January, February and March 2018.

These events were priced at $250 + $15, and they each guaranteed $1,000,001 (the odd $1 goes to the bubble boy, which just shows WPN CEO Phil Nagy's sick sense of humor). Throughout this entire run of a dozen MDS tourneys, not a single one attracted enough participants to reach the $1,000,0001 prize pool mark. This means that the site had to keep shoveling money into the middle each and every week to meet its commitments.

Despite the fact that participation was underwhelming, to say the least, management has opted to make the Million Dollar Sunday a regular part of its Sunday MTT lineup. You can therefore take advantage of this crazy value every week!

What Are These Overlays Like?

After looking through the hard numbers for the run of MDS events that ended at the conclusion of March, we can get an idea of what we're dealing with here. The Winning Network suffered combined shortfalls to the tune of more than $1.7 million. Even if we consider the $15 tourney fees deduced from the overlay, the network was still about $1.2 million short.

The average amount paid in buyins per MDS was $851,812.50 by 3,407.25 entrants. (We're not sure who this extra quarter of a person is, but we suspect that it might be Sheldon Adelson). The average weekly overlay was thus $148,188.50. Even if we add the fees to this sum, only $902,921.25 was contributed per event, meaning that the site had to put in $97,079.75 from its own pockets, on average, every Sunday.

When you miss out on a quarter million dollars

Play smart poker. Take advantage of overlays.

Increase Your Return on Investment

Tournament players use Return on Investment (ROI) as one of the main metrics for gauging their performance over time. It's defined as net profit divided by investment.

If there were no overlays, then the average ROI for the field in these Million Dollar Sunday MTTs would have been (-$15 net profit/$265 investment) = -5.66%. However, because of the fact that ACR had to add in significant cash to reach $1,000,001, the actual equation looked like this for a characteristic MDS event: ($28.47 net profit/$265 investment) = 10.75%.

The typical player gained more than 15 points in ROI instantly without having to do anything other than buying in and playing! There's no single book, strategy video, or coaching session that rates to have this big an impact on your poker tournament returns. If you ignore this appealing offering from the Winning Poker Network, then you're really shooting yourself in the foot, and perhaps you don't understand the point of why we play poker in the first place. (HINT: It's to make money).

The Trend

The Million Dollar Sunday has settled into becoming just another part of the WPN Sunday lineup at 3:00 p.m. ET. Perhaps for this reason, the overlays after the special series of 12 of them ended appear to have grown substantially.

While the average overlay (without counting fees) was $148,188.50 during January, February and March, the first MDS of April actually <strong>missed the guaranteed figure by more than a quarter million dollars</strong>. The next one did better but not by much: The buyins paid were still insufficient by close to $220,000.

It's too early to tell if this is just a temporary situation, but it could very well be permanent. It may be the case that anyone with an account at Americas Cardroom will be able to jump into a tournament every week with more than $200K kicked in by the house for the foreseeable future.

Seize the Day

Occasions for artificially augmenting your ROI by more than 15% don't just come along all the time. If the $265 cost of entry is affordable for you, then there's no excuse to overlook the Million Dollar Sundays at Americas Cardroom and the other Winning Poker Network rooms. Your bankroll will never forgive you if you do.

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