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Hi, I'm John Benedict Ganaban 27 years old. I live in the Philippines. I currently have 1 kid, soon will be 2. I was introduced to poker back in college. When one of my friends thought us to play during a b-day party. At first I didn't take the game seriously, as I thought it was just literally all about luck and gambling, but I was wrong. Started playing the game seriously after probably a year, when my friend brought us to a live casino. Started winning huge amount on our first games, and thought that the game was so easy. And that we can make money out of it without consistent hard work, but again I was wrong. Played Live poker for 3-4 years, made some decent profit. Then we realized that poker is a game where you can make a living out of it.

And here comes online... At first I failed a lot, I mean a LOT!! It was so frustrating, seeing yourself failing and quitting is like a spiritual torture. So at some point I kept on quitting, going back working, then win 1 huge tournament and thought I'm the best so went full time again and failed again. So overall, I failed a lot. One day decided to just get rid of it and just focus in my 9-5 job, but I guess you can't never really run from who you are.. I really love the game, the Psychological warfare where in a total beginner can win against a world class pro.

I started really digging to my game and really learn some stuff, technical stuff last year. Ended up playing online poker, currently as a professional poker player 24-tabling at NL2.. I'm making some pretty decent money, higher than what I'm getting from being a call center agent.

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