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Graph and Stats for the month..

Hey Guys,

How's it going? Just did some database review last night for this month's grind.. Played a bit less than my set goals.. But anyway, having bit of a hard time posting photos here. So I played 30k at NL2 started around mid Feb. WR is 16bb/100, hope you guys can either teach me how to post photos here so you can see my stats. Or just visit my blogspot account which is,

And just leave some comments here..


That's it for now, will be posting goals for March soon..



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  1. Hi Cardman021,

    I’d like to do something similar too with regards to posting graphs etc.
    I currently play 6max 10nl multi tabling.
    Whats your goals for moving up stakes etc?

  2. Hey Chris,

    Similar, you mean the paint/comment thing on the graph? If that’s what you mean, yeah I’m just trying to make my database review a little interesting lol..

    With my goals, there was a pretty huge change though. As of the moment poker is like a side income for me even at NL2. Currently still working as a call center agent. My original plan was to grind my way up to NL10 at least and go full time by June. However the company I’m working with will be relocated to somewhere that’s totally far away from where I live. Which left me a choice of either quitting my job and go fulltime by April or accept the relocation that will almost give me 0 time for Poker. I chose poker ofcourse lol..

    Though I still play at NL2 the value of US dollar here in the Phillipines is really high. So just by grinding there(til I have the money to move up) I can make a decent money that can replace my current salary in my current job.

    But I’m also looking to take another shot at 5NL by march. My wife and I planned not to do any cashout til the end of March. So I’m hoping I can stay at 5NL before even going full time..

    BTW Did you start playing at 10NL right away? Or did you grind yourself up from the low stakes? Which site do you play at?

    Sorry for the long reply :p


    • What are you aims bankroll wise for moving up? e.g are you aiming for 40 buy ins for the next stakes before you take a shot?

      If you haven’t already viewed them Blackrain79′s videos are awesome and he’s just done a mini series on moving up in stakes – I recommend you view them.

      I started out at 5nl and worked my way up to 40 buy ins for the 10nl stakes before taking a few shots, being sucessful on the third attempt.
      At that time I was playing at Pokerstars but was advised to move to a more rakeback rewarding site for microstakes.

      I moved site (Goalwin – still haven’t paid me my withdrawel request!… DO NOT EVER PLAY THERE!) and struggled to be honest. The player pool was low and the chance to multi table was 6 tables at max.
      I sort of lost my way a bit with regards to motovation but learn’t a lot strategy wise etc for the 6 months I was there.

      I’m now on Party Poker (DTB offer free membership if you make 1000 Party points in a month) and to say its better is an understatement!
      There are plenty of games, plenty of fish and its overall a really good site.

      I’ve racked up 81,194 hands in the past month since playing there multi tabling 10nl.
      My winrate is currently 11.6bb and I’m hoping to have a stab at 25nl very soon.

      I set my 2014 goals as being able to play at 50nl by the end of the year which I’d be really happy at.

      I’m from the UK so the dollar, especially at the moment is really weak compared to the pound so in order for me to quit my job I’d need to be a winning player at 200nl….. so I’ve got a long journey ahead of me! lol

      • Well, I’m a fan of BR79 lol, I started beating CG after reading CTM. And my overall strategy moves around that book.. And he’s one of the reason I joined DTB lol

        My BR management should be within 20-25 BI for my next stake, and will cut-down my tables to 15-20.. That’s the rule I use during my 1st attempt at 5NL, It just happen I need to cashout most of it :(

        I haven’t consider playing in other sites though, I currently play at stars. Not sure if I mention that already..

        As of the moment I’m really working on the mental side more. To be honest I still keep on tilting at some point, it just happened last night. I stopped early since I’m starting to go on auto-pilot and close to tilt. I don’t know I played nearly 500k at NL2, seen almost every worst bad beats, experience running so bad like not flopping set and not getting good hands, etc.. And still I’m sometimes being affected w those events til now.. To be honest it’s really frustrating..

        Anyway I’ll start looking at the cause starting now, maybe it’s not really the bad beats etc that causing this. Maybe something outside of poker.

        BTW how many tables are allowed in partypoker? And damn, that WR looks really good for NL10 can’t wait to move up, congrats.. :)


  3. I’ve read Blackrains book about 10 times lol.
    He’s pretty awesome and gives out such really good simple advice.

    I think you can 24 table at party poker??…
    I multi table up to 18 tables at the moment.

    Maybe the tilt issue has something to do with the money involved… Especially as you say that this is basically your living and you need/want to move up to 10nl.

    Are you playing too much?
    Getting enough sleep?
    Need a few days off?
    Also a good balance is key e.g I play so much better when I’m exercising regular and watching my diet which in turn helps improve my overall mood.

    At the end of the day everyone suffers from tilt on occasions, it’s impossible to eradicate it no matter what people say but it’s really good your aware of it and want to minimise it.

    GL at the tables and I hope you move up quick!

  4. Thank you for the kind words guys. Glad you enjoy my videos, book etc :)


    Here are two ways that I use when posting an image here on DTB in a blog post.

    1) When you are writing a blog post under where you enter the title you should see a small button that says “Upload/Insert.” Click on that and you can add pics to your post from your computer or a url.

    2) Just copy and paste the image straight from your blog post on your blogger blog right into the text section of your blog post here.

  5. Chris,

    Yeah, I hope to figure this one soon. Currently re-reading TMGP and working on my mental game so far.. Hope everything I’m doing would work out, and thanks you too..


    Thanks mate, I was about to say some more cheesy stuff regarding my experience with your book and how it changes my game a lot.. But since you commented already, it might be a little awkward lol..

    I’ll try to post it here, but need to be back grinding now.. By the way if you have time or interested you can visit my blog, actually that’s more like a daily personal journal not a blog lol..

    Thanks guys,

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