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Pay Attention To Bet Sizing

Posted by GiantBuddha

I've been a busy bee.

Aside from playing and studying lots of poker (more on that in my end-of-the-month post), I've finally managed to hack through Skynet's defenses and get my new written poker product posted for purchase.

"What's this written poker product?" you might ask. (You might not ask, but I'm sitting alone in front of the computer, so I pretend you're asking anything I'd like. And yes, how thoughtful; I would like a cookie.)

Pay Attention To Bet Sizing. It's Part 1 of Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts. I've written it with the help of my Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth coauthor, Dusty Schmidt. We used 10 of his real life hands to illustrate this most critical concept of No Limit Holdem.

"Where can I get this and how much does it cost?" You click on either book title to follow the links above over to Leanpub, or you can visit my publishing home on Part 1: Pay Attention To Bet Sizing is a whopping $2.99. That's two hundred and ninety nine pennies! (Though we prefer paypal.)

"Why is it so cheap?" At roughly 8200 words, it's more of a booklet than a book. That's why I referred to it as a written poker product. It's a complete idea. A thorough treatment of a single subject.

"How many parts are there?" So far, just the one is finished. But there are eight more already in the pipeline, at various stages of development. Our plan is to polish up one of these each week and send it out into the world. So the full book, Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts, is available for pre-order on Leanpub for $19.99. If you buy that, you'll get weekly updates with new sections and edits on prior ones. Once we're completely finished with the series, we'll probably bump the price up to $29.99 or something, but we'll see how it turns out first before deciding on a final price point.

I'm very excited to be releasing written content again. The best thing I can say about the booklet is that I gained a tremendous amount of confidence in my bet sizing by writing the piece. So if writing it helped me that much, I hope reading it can do the same for you.

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“Exploitive NLHE” Now Available With PayPal

Posted by vulcans

I am now accepting PayPal for the purchase of my book "Exploitive NLHE". Instead of only being able to purchase with bitcoin you now have the option of buying the book with PayPal as well. If you have bitcoin please use it since the processing fees are lower than they are with paypal :) .

You can read more about my book on the product page here...

Enjoy the read!

-Vulcans (ThePokerCapitalist)




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Release Of Exploitive NLHE

Posted by vulcans

I am super excited to announce that my e-book Exploitive NLHE is now on sale. Exploitive NLHE is available at ThePokerCapitalist. If/when :) you buy the book you will receive a download link that allows you to upload it in your preferred format(ePub, Kindle, or PDF). To learn more about this book watch my youtube video.

You can also find additional information about my e-book on the product page here.  Hope you enjoy reading Exploitive NLHE!

If you have any questions or comments about the book I would love to hear them.

-Vulcans (ThePokerCapitalist)

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GiantBuddha’s 2014 Poker Plan

Posted by GiantBuddha

I like challenges. Fun challenges. Difficult challenges. Weird challenges. This time I've decided to keep it simple. Sort of.

My single poker goal for 2014 is to play at least 100,000 hands of No Limit Holdem at every limit from $.05/$.10 through $5/$10, winning at each level.

As I pursue my poker goal, I will record 3 DragTheBar videos per limit. The first will cover my assumptions going into the limit, the second will track my progress through the first 50,000 hands, and the third will review what I’ve learned throughout my 100,000 hands at the limit. All videos will focus on reviewing hands that I play at the particular limit.

I’m also working on an enormous series of books called Poker In Practice. I’ll be working with various co-authors on these, including my previous collaborator, Dusty Schmidt. More details to come in the very near future.

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