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Rethinking and Adjusting Targets

Posted by triptek

Good afternoon all,

Last week I set some pretty lofty goals to maintain my Platinum VIP level, which alas did not happen. So after midnight tonight I will drop back down to Gold. Sad times! The original plan for this year was to be hitting Supernova by August/September time, unfortunately with my slack ness and other issues this is starting to look slightly unrealistic.

After a lot of thought on the matter and how I want to proceed this year I have decided to stick at the $7 level for a little while longer regardless of my current bankroll. I plan to keep adding tables though to hopefully offset the fact I won't be playing higher buy-in games quite as soon as I potentially could. I am quite keen to see how many games I can play at once and I have been watching videos and reading blogs by some of the top SnG multitbaling beasts such as Boku87 and Phase89. For those that might not know anything about these guys, spend a few minutes doing a google search and you will see what I'm talking about.

There are a couple of reasons for this decision, one being the challenge of playing as many tables as possible, and getting insane volume in as I think it's something I can do and would enjoy. The other and more practical reason comes down to $ and not wanting to have to endure swings at higher levels currently. I feel that I can stay at the $7 level and be able to consistently withdraw $, more so than I feel I can moving up to reg infested games. Given my current financial situation this is the best decision for me and will hopefully enable me to have a bit more financial freedom and also start paying off some debts. So I intend to keep my BR at a certain amount and withdraw anything over that amount every week.

This is not to say I am totally abandoning the Supernova goal this year, rather that it is now taking a back seat in favour of just making some actual cash money slightly faster. Where the plan with SN was to play as much as possible and not worry about the results, as in the long run the bonuses and VIP rewards associated with SN more than make up for running at a loss or breaking even for a few months.

My other goals last week were focused around alcohol and food intake, I set a goal of not drinking at all, which I failed at, I had a few pints a couple of nights, once while at the casino with friends and the other being Friday night. I did however refrain from getting drunk and waking up feeling like garbage, so not a total fail on that one. This also lead to smoking ciggies as well. boooooooo

I seem to have also consumed a vast amount of fried foods and other crap, so not so great there either!

I do overall feel a lot better than I have for the last month though, so that's gotta be a good thing and hopefully this trend will continue into April.

My game volume was down again this week, this was down to me really not feeling great mentally still, Thursday was a god awful day for my brain, I don't know what happened but I was all over the place. Thankfully one of my best mates decided to come for an impromptu visit, which helped immensely. I'm not sure whether it was coincidence or some kind of best mate telepathic link, but whatever it was, I'm bloody glad it happened.

Last week I mentioned I was getting a stake for the ISPT 300e buy in MTT, after chatting with my backer we decided that I could use this stake to play the cash games at my local casino. I had my first session there on Thursday, I only played for a few hours after being knocked out of the nightly tournament, but did quite well. I was pleased to see all the same awful players that used to play the .50p/.50p games sat in the £1/£1 games. My mate went on a sick heater and turned £80 into £590 in 3 hours! While my results were good, they weren't that good!

Overall a decent week, and I feel a lot better in myself and, I just need to keep my head clear and crack on with next month now.

Here's the results for the week:

Games: 375

Review/Coaching: 3/1

Profit/Loss: +$238.40 ImageThat's it for this week, enjoy the rest of your weekends, and GL at the tables. See you next Sunday :)

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