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Two New Blogs on Gambling; New Strategy Articles

Posted by preachercasy151

Hey everyone,

My favourite website Ed Uncovered commissioned me to write a couple of articles about gambling. There are plenty of poker references, although they are not strictly poker pieces. You might get a kick out of them - especially if you like Breaking Bad.

Also, as some of you may know, I am a regular Poker Strategy writer for the best poker mag in the UK: Poker Player Magazine. Some of you may enjoy having a little look at some of my Sit N Go pieces.

At the moment, I am w0rking hard at my Sport Psychology Master's. Keep a regular eye on for the latest articles and blogs, and as always I'll be posting the best of them right here at

Much love,



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Four Options

Posted by QTip

Math is the engine that runs results in poker. It's not debatable; it's a fact. Like it or not, that fact isn't going anywhere.

"What's the right decision in this hand?"

If we can agree on our opponent's strategy and we can agree our goal is to maximize expectation value, there's only one way to correctly answer what's the best poker decision. The answer is math.

You don't understand probability? I'll ship the flop, show you my hole cards, and you still can't make an informed decision. How well are you likely to do when I don't show you my cards?

If you don't know the math or have access to someone who does, you will never be able to answer the question, "What's the right decision in this hand?"

If you want to learn to make a good poker decision, you either:

1.Use math to analyze the situation.
2. Copy the actions of someone else who has used math to analyze the situation.

Yes, you can use the second option and be a winning player. Yes, that means you don't have to understand the math to be good at poker. Call yourself a feel player, call yourself what you will, but it can't be denied that what you're doing is copying the mathematical conclusions of people who understand the game at a higher level than you.

This conclusion is not an insult. There's no disgrace in copying good decisions without understanding how they've been found to be good decisions. It takes discernment to recognize the situations; it takes discipline to carry out the good decisions. These are commendable attributes.

Some personalities will be content in copying. Others will demand to go the core of the game and understand it themselves. Have it whichever way you like. But let's not be confused about the existence of different approaches to discovering what's a good poker decision. There's only one way - math.

Four options:

1. Learn and apply math
2. Copy the decisions of others who have done #1
3. Cheat
4. Lose

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Moving on with new lessons

Posted by Flicker

I think there comes a time where you have to make a choice with regards to where you are heading with your poker. I tried and failed some years ago to break into the middle limits even though I have played at those levels (namely NL400-NL1000). However there is a world of difference between playing at that level and being a reg at those levels.

It was clear that I wasn't good enough but part of what makes you not good enough is probably a lack of inclination to want to put the time in. I think this is the same with any sport or game.......the players at the top dedicate their lives to it 24/7 and if you are not prepared to do that or cannot do that for whatever reason then you have no place trying to squeeze yourself into their world.

I believe that you evolve into a top player over a long space of time and after getting some top coaching. Others have the ability to side step the coaching but these are the people with rare gifts that few possess. The rest of us for example have to make do with learning good solid poker and trying to be the best that we can be at the lower levels.

However the worst thing that can befall a player is when they try to be somebody that they are not and never will be. Once you find where you fit in then life gets easier, less stressful and money isn't hard to make if you just stay its boring poker for me from now on because this is where I fit in  :-(



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Hi Everybody

Posted by Flicker

Just like to say hello on my first blog entry here at Drag the Bar. Have been a long time lurker on the site for months but never contributed until now. Have played online since like forever (2000 actually) and started playing limit hold’em like everybody else did almost.

These days I play NLHE FR at $100 and $50 levels. I would define my style as TAG as we all do I suppose in full ring. Don’t really know what I am going to write about and it will probably be my cash games and sessions along with some interesting hands that I played.

Don’t know if this will be somewhat boring for the members but I will give it a go anyway. I have done some poker writing now for a few years and have written for poker magazines in the past and currently write for a couple of websites. So hopefully we can bounce a few ideas back and forth and help each other out.


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