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Start of a poker blog

Posted by mrspice9

I've officially been a college graduate for about 2 1/2 weeks and for those two weeks I've been thinking of any thing I can do to assure me that each day I do not have to wake up, go sit in a cubicle, and work for the man. I've played poker for about a year and a half, but due to school and other obligations, I have never really put in much volume at all. I have been a winning player but playing at the micro stakes does not really provide a living.
I first starting wanting to really learn the game back when I started seeing poker on ESPN more and more. I am one of the biggest sports fans I know and my TV is usually on ESPN either watching a game or checking up on the daily highlights. Then poker started coming on, and originally I got a little pissed that I couldn't watch what I wanted to watch, rather, I was watching cards. But for some reason whenever I was watching poker, I never immediately changed the channel. Sooner or later, I was watching Joe Cada heads up with Darvin Moon and noticed the stacks of money between them. I did not know how much money it was, but figured it was more money than I've ever come across. After that, I started playing with play money on pokerstars and full tilt, playing the free roll tournaments, but I was always afraid to put my own money on there. Sooner or later, I put my own money on there and a couple weeks later, Black Friday happened. Obviously when I was at the 2 dollar tables, black friday did not effect me anywhere close to other players, but I felt like something I had really found a joy in for the last couple months was now over.
Nowadays I play my poker at black chip poker mostly at 10NL and play some micro tournaments when I feel like it. Now, that I am out of college, I'd really like to start moving up the stakes. Not necessarily play the highest stakes because I'm not sure I have that kind of testicular fortitude, but having a nice income thru poker, in addition to other projects to bring in money would be nice. Again, anything to avoid working for the man. Anyways, I will try to keep this blog going and letting yal know how my progress is going. Until next time.

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Crushing the Microstakes for Kindle

Posted by BlackRain79

Crushing the Microstakes for Kindle

I am happy to finally announce that Crushing the Microstakes is now available on Kindle and for other e-readers. All sales through my website will now include a mobi, epub and pdf version of the book.

If you are a previous buyer and want the mobi or epub versions please just email me at and I will send them to you. Thank you for all the patience!