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Update: Traveling, Affiliate Program, Translations, Articles

Posted by BlackRain79


Haven't written a blog post in awhile. Wanted to provide an update. Have been traveling a bit lately around Thailand (pic is from Lamai beach on the island of Koh Samui where I am now). Been a welcome getaway. And especially as I had never really gone anywhere before besides the west coast of the US and a little bit in Canada. It's really an eye opening and amazing experience to visit a totally different culture and climate and it certainly is that with 35c weather every day. Thailand is heavily trafficked by foreigners though and Thai people are incredibly nice and speak decent English in many cases so it is a really welcoming and easy country to go to. The beaches, the prices, the food could go on and on. Just go there!

My book "Crushing the Microstakes" has continued to receive a lot of great comments on 2+2 and elsewhere in the 5 months or so now that it has been released. I really had no idea what to expect when I wrote the thing so I am extremely grateful to all those who took the time. The success stories of people who turned their winrates and graphs around because of it are especially awesome. While no author writes a book without some financial interests in mind I am very happy to know that it has helped so many people. That really makes makes the time and effort that I spent working on it worth it.

So in order to increase the exposure of my book besides putting it on Amazon (still up in there air) I have been meaning to create an Affiliate Program for a long time. It is done now and anyone who signs up may begin promoting my book and earning a 50% commission on each sale. I have had some additional offers and requests to have the book translated into a bunch of different languages but I am not sure about the feasability of that still. I am working on it and will keep you posted.

I have also received many requests for the availability of the book in the Kindle format. This is absolutely on my to do list and I am actively working on trying to figure out how to get this done as well. I don't have any new news on the physical copy front. This involves a lot of time and costs and all I can say is maybe one day but probably not soon.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I am writing a series of beginner level articles for The first one can be found Here and the second one should be released shortly. Thanks for all the continued support and well wishes and all the best at the tables.

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Talking with Jared on his radio show

Posted by Hunter Bick

Hey guys, I went on Jared's radio show yesterday on QuadJacks, we had a great time talking about learning poker, the path to playing high level poker, and how to make the most out of your study time.  I also hit on some very common mistakes I see players make, and a couple things that generally irritate me that make the path to success harder in my opinion.  You can stream it below, let me know what you think.


Also, be sure to check out other editions of Jared's weekly show, he had Phil Helmuth on last week, so you know, he's becoming kind of a big deal...

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