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The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting on the golf course. I am continuing to make strides in my game. I am getting much better about judging distances on all types of shots and starting to understand my golf swing and its tendencies much better as I become much more comfortable out on the golf course. In fact on Sunday I had one of the more exciting rounds of golf I have ever played. I played my home course of Pumpkin Ridge golf club (Witch Hollow course) with the Sunday morning scratch game and got things off to a great start making a 15 footer for birdie on #1. I played a cautious 8 iron on #2 to 30 feet from the cup putting straight uphill and buried that putt to go 2 under. I played another cautious iron shot to the safe side of the pin and 2 putted for a par on #3.

On hole 4 I bombed a long drive and had 5 iron coming in on the par 5 #4. I hit a poor iron shot to the far left of the green and 3 putted for par. #5 is treacherous long par 3 over water and I hit it to 12 feet and made the birdie putt. On #6 I hit a towering 8 iron to 5 feet and made the tricky down hill putt to go 4 under. On #7 I blocked my tee shot out of bounds and made a double bogey 7 to fall back to 2 under. I hit a great 2nd shot into #8 to a brutally hard pin placement and made the 7 footer to go to 3 under. I made routine pars on #9 and #10 to stay at 3 under.

I bombed a drive on #11 and hit a 3 wood to 30 feet for eagle and after leaving my eagle putt well short, made a good putt to go 4 under. I hung a putt on the lip on #12 from 20 feet and then hit a crafty wedge to 7 feet on #13 and made the putt to go 5 under. On #14 I hit a great drive over the corner of the bunkers and hit my iron shot to the front fringe for an eagle chance. I elected to chip the ball because of a poor lie and chipped it in for eagle to go to 7 under par. I then hit a superb iron shot to 3 feet on the par 3 #15 and made the knee knocker down the hill to go 8 under!

I lipped out a birdie putt on #16 and then after a pulled tee shot on #17, hit a towering hooking 9 iron from 172 yards (I normally only hit a 9 iron 155 yards, but I could feel so much adrenaline my experience has taught me that I hit the ball much further in those circumstances) to 15 feet and narrowly missed the putt because of a misread.

#18 is a really hard but potentially rewarding par 5. There is a hazard left and right. I was pretty nervous on this tee shot because I knew if I hit a good one, I was shotting 62, 63, or 64. But I could really ruin a great round with one bad swing. Back when I was playing competitively I would from time to time make a bad swing in these situations which I knew was due to the pressure. But I was able to apply much of what Jared Tendler (author of The Mental Game of Poker) has taught me in poker to golf, and I decided to enjoy the challenge of hitting the shot and decided I was going to take the mindset of trying to show off rather than fear the shot. I had the mentality of, "Hey, let's show people how you finish off a great round." I pured my tee shot down the middle and hit a solid 3 iron just short and left of the green. My pitch shot was a little more difficult than I had anticipated with a ridge just left of the pin that takes the shot off of the green and down a swale. I had to land it in a very small area and with spin to get it close.

Unfortunately I didn't pull off the shot and landed short of my mark causing me to come up 15 feet short. I missed the putt and made par to shoot and 8 under 64. To shoot 8 under with several lip outs, an OB (2 stroke penalty) and a 3 putt is as mentally captivating of a round that I can play. I was mentally a bit loopy after the round. I just felt like shouting and releasing all of the pent up emotion or something along those lines. Those rounds are much easier to handle when you are playing a ton of competitive golf. But to have a round like that going just 6 weeks after I started playing again after a huge layoff, was pretty trying. But I pulled it off and played as well as I can play, so I was pretty happy about that.

The rest of my time has been mostly spent with my family. I have been taking my daughter to her swim lessons every morning at 10:30 and getting in the pool with her. It is really special to be able to have that time with her. She is just a fantastic and pleasant little kid who has such a fun personality. She smiles a ton and seems very happy in general. She has her little fussy moments like any child does, but overall she seems to really have a lot of passion for life. She really enjoys it and it sure has been great to get to watch it all. One of the greatest gift perhaps that poker has given me is the time that both my wife and I get to spend with her. Without poker, we could very well have each been working a job and would have missed out of so many great moments with her. I always told my wife while I was grinding so much poker before we had kids that while I know it was tough on her for me to be working so much, she would be grateful for it when we had children and didn't have to work so hard. We are both very happy about that decision.

I want to let everyone know that my calendar is filling up for private coaching. You can read <a href="">this</a> post for more information. One thing I want to point out is that since I am an American and will almost assuredly not play on Poker Stars ever again due to the legal situation for us Americans, all of the small to mid stakes grinders on Poker Stars should really think about hiring me as their coach. Because I have played so much at all limits between 1/2nl and 25/50nl over the last 4 years on Poker Stars. I have reads on an incredible amount of opponents across those limits and having been one of the biggest winners on that site over the least 4 years, I think I can be an especially valuable resource for anyone playing in those games. I would never give my reads before Black Friday, but now I really have no reason to protect them anymore.

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  1. Wow bro obviously you got your game in shape since bandon. Mine still sucks I have only played one round since the trip. I have been focused on trying to be a better poker player not golfer. Not all of us have the best of both worlds like you bra. Sounds like you are at a happy time in your life and you are blessed. Thats awesome Im happy for you. Hope to come see you and J mack when online poker gets legal.

  2. Dusty that sounds like an epic round of golf that was essentially a tease. I was a scratch golfer back in high school when I was playing every day but never put together a round lower then 65 but it seemed like everytime I would try I would shoot myself in the foot somehow. A three putt here an OB shot there etc etc… Glad you are enjoying golf again. I hope to get back out on the course a bunch when I can get my finances and schooling done which seem to be taking forever in this economy. Cheers.

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