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5000$ and a chair will rescue the disabled DJ from Berlin (#1)

Posted by MattElation



Hello everybody,

my name is Matthias B. (PokerNick: Matt Elation) and I am from Berlin (Germany). In my real life, i was a DJ, but unfortenately i cannot work as a DJ anymore (sad story). You can find my complete story and the reason, why i make this blog here;


I´ve been playing since 4 years and till yet i´ve played half a million hands with 2,5 ptBB/100 Hands (mostly 50c/1$ and 1/2$ FullRing on OnGame, FullTilt, PokerStars, Cereus, Bodog, Carbon, and so on). I´ve played 2500 hours till yet.


Get rich quick. :-)


Although my highest stakes ever were 10$/20$, i will start now with playing 50c/1$ and 1$/2$ NL Holdem CashGames (FR and SH) on Ongame, FullTilt, PokerStars, Bodog and Cereus. For those, who wanna watch me on the tables; i will post my exact nicknames soon.

From now on, i will play the best poker, i´ve ever played. Well-dosed aggression and incredible laydowns.

Thanks to FullTilt for my new LG screen, that enables me, to play 10 tables at the same time.

I will play at least 8 hours a day and try to play at least 2000 hands a day.

Of course, i will post all the great hands but i will also post the extremely bad played hands. I hope that prevents me, of having to much of them.

I will sell my car soon and take the money to my BR. So theoretically i´ll start with 120 stacks on NL100 (or 60 stacks on NL200). With that in mind, i will allow me shots to NL200, if there is a super-fish and i am feeling good.


5037$ (+ my car [ca. 7000$])


I will share all my stories, interesting hands, useful sites, edge-giving software, screenshots of my desktop and so on.


Let´s start! Enjoy!

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New Review & LOL February

Posted by GiantBuddha

Despite my best efforts, February insists on remaining my least favorite month of the year. At least it's short. On the bright side, Poker News just published this awesome review of Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth, the book I wrote with Dusty Schmidt. Here's the link:

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Ninja Log 1. Experience the Bad Beats, Dont block them out

Posted by pokarninja

Last night I got knocked out of a live tournament in a hand that really got me thinking about the psycology of tilt and how things affect us at the poker table.

The Hand went down like this. £50, £3k Guarantee Turbo Tournament. Im on an extremely weak table and had been running it over, however every time I had showdown a hand I had the goods so my image was good. Blinds where 200/400 and I had around 45,000 in chips.

Im sitting in the SB with AdAh and The mark at the table (a complete aggro fish) raises in MP to 2000.

Now he had been raising all kinds of hands, K7s UTG and had been open shoving small pairs for 20k with blinds at 50/100 and was generally a clueless player but had got realy lucky and had bulit his stack up to around 60K.

Its folded around to me and Im thinking how much to raise. As so ffar he had refused to fold to any 3bets with hand I decided to make it bigger than normal so raised to 6,795, The BB (15k in chips and also a big fish) and the Mark called too.

The flop came 5c3s7c. The pot is now 22k and I have 31k behind. I figure at least one of them will have an overpair to the board so I move all in on the flop. The BB folds but the Fish tanks then calls off 31k out of his 50ish stack with 9h3h!! after saying "I think im going to double you up"

Of course the Turn was the 9d I dont improve so I get knocked out.

So ok, this is a pretty standard bad beat that happens to me hundreds, if not thousands of times a month but what was interesting was what I learnt about my self and game on the way home.

For the first time that I can recall I actually thought about how I was feeling. I was feeling pretty dejected, angry and also like  a loser. But then I thought, hold on wait a minute these feelings are crazy. In actually fact I played great tonight, I was running over the table, making great folds and good calls and managed to get a guy put virtually his whole tournament online with bottompair so why is this one bad beat stirring up such emotions in me when usually I just shrug it off and get in with it?

Then I remembered something that I learnt during my therapy sessions about allowing yourself to acually experience negative emotions and events, rather than ignore them and bottle them up.

This had been one of my main faults in relationships, when I was upset about something I would just ignore it and push it to the back of mind. The problem with this is that you dont deal with the problem, rather you just bottle up all the negativity and inevitably, one day, the bottle breaks and all that pent up emotion comes pouring out, usually in a hugely negative or destructive way.  So part of my work of getting over my depression was to allow myself to feel the emotions inside me, to accept them and then deal with them.

Then I realised that while I had been doing this in life I hadnt transferred this skill over to poker. Im one of the people that believe that poker and life have a lot of similarities, especially in the lessons that you can learn about yourself and this is a good example.

I had realised that playing online, playing hundeds of hands an hour and the next decision only seconds away I wasn't allowing myself to deal with my emotions correctly. I wasn't acknowledging them or dealing with them, I was just pushing them to the back of my mind and bottling it up, moving on to the next hand.

Now I thought this was just me being inpervious to badbeats, super tough skinned and that I could just shrug each one off and say to myself  "it happens, its poker, move on"

Now I realise that this method had the same affect as when I bottled up my emotions in real life, they just pile up and pile up until inevitably the bottle breaks and in poker that means TILT. It wasnt that this one particular bad beat was affecting me more than most, it was just this time I had actually had the time afterwards to feel the pain, I couldnt just block it out and move onto the next hand.

This explains I think the form of tilt that I have experienced lately. For the first 15 months in poker I was virtually tilt free but since then I have noticed a pattern where every 4/6 weeks or so I seem to go on a tilt that lasts for 2/3 days. Also I've noticed that a couple of days prior to this I have started to feel really burnt out by poker and starting to get annoyed by trivial things at the table. This I think is the sign that my bottle is nearly full.

On Friday night, by the time I had got home, I had let all the negative emotions wash over me and I acknowledged how I felt, I realised that I felt shitty so I didnt play anymore that night, I had a few brandy's, chilled out and went to bed. I wonder how the night would of ended If I hadnt of spent the time trying to get to understand my feelings and went home and played poker instead?

So, another example of the lessons that poker can teach you about live and vice versa. From now when I play online I will take a few minutes break after each bad beat, allow myself to acknowledge how I feel, deal with my emotions and move on. I will experience the feelings and purge them from me, keeping my bottle empty.


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SnG Journey – Week 4 (Week 1-4 Recap)

Posted by theflyguy

Hi DTB'rs,

This past Sunday saw the end to my first month of playing SnG tournaments following the concepts and theories introduced in Greg Jone's (zerosum79) ABC SnG.

At the beginning of this 4 week period I had 4 main goals that were the focus for the period as well as weekly goals.

Week 4 Recap

Week 4 Goals

  1. Repeat ABC SnG Series Parts 4-7 - DONE
  2. 50 SnG Tournaments (2 Table Limit Until End of Week 4) - DONE 67 Tournaments Played
  3. 200 NL2 Cash Hands - DONE 213 Hands Played

Successful week were all of the weekly goals were met

Tournament Recap

  • Tournaments Played: 67
  • Tournaments Cashed: 28 (41.8%)
    • 1st Place: 8 (11.9%)
    • 2nd Place: 12 (17.9%)
    • 3rd Place: 9 (13.4%)

    5.22% ROI

Notes and Commentary

Overall another decent week with small baby steps being taken.  Still work to be done, and at times I have to force myself to take an extra second and analyze the situation, as I find I am a little to aggressive and eager to 3bet and push (a leak that I am working on).  With a long weekend here in Canada I was able to play more games than anticipated.

I recently starting playing on Full Tilt (due to a rakeback promotion) and my lord why I never played there to begin with is beyond me.  Rakeback is awesom (even at 1.2 level in 1 week I earned $2.59 in rakeback which moves my ROI from 5.22% to 8.45%, and not to mention the games themselves seem much much softer compared to Poker Stars.  My ROI at FT for the week was 33.8% compared to 2.5% at PS.

Monthly Recap


  1. Review ABC SNG Series 2 more times and refine notes taken during each go through. - SUCCESS
  2. Refine PBJ Spreadsheet - SUCCESS
  3. Multi-Table limit to 2 tables at a time for entire month (regardless of ROI) - SUCCESS
  4. Detailed Review after each session and post any suspect plays or indecision on forums for member feedback - MODERATE SUCCESS

Very successful month meeting all goals.  The only thing I could have done better with is the detailed review before I start a new session.   For the most part I did this but there were a few times that I didn't.  Definitely going to get this a focus going forward.

Month 1 Tournament Recap

  • Tournaments Played: 184
  • Tournaments Cashed: 82 (44.6%)
    • 1st Place: 19 (10.3%)
    • 2nd Place: 33 (17.9%)
    • 3rd Place: 9 (16.3%)

    3.53% ROI (Adjusted for Rakeback/Bonus - 9.52%)

Month 2 Goals

  • Spend 1 Hour per day on Poker Theory and Video Study
  • Increase Table Limit from 2 to 4
  • Maintain Positive ROI
  • Increase 1st Place Finish Distribution %

Thanks For Reading

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Berated at the FT HU Hypers

Posted by zerosum79

Regardless of whether you think this hand was well played or not it set off a funny firestorm with a HU opponent tonight...

Full Tilt Poker No-Limit Hold'em, 10.25 Tournament, 10/20 Blinds (2 handed) - Full Tilt Poker Hand Converter from

BB (t550)
Hero (SB) (t450)

Hero's M: 15.00

Preflop: Hero is SB with 6, 2
Hero bets t40, BB calls t20

Flop: (t80) 9, A, 6 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets t40, BB calls t40

Turn: (t160) 9 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets t40, BB calls t40

River: (t240) 6 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets t120, BB calls t120

Total pot: t480

Villain: "donk luck box"

Villain: "kp on goin like an idiot"

Villain: "stpid american scm"

Villain: "Donk"

Villain: "Donk"

Villain: "Donk"

Villain: "Donk"

Villain: "donk" Villain: "donk" Villain: "donk" Villain: "donk" Villain: "donk" Villain: "donk" Villain: "donk"

By the end of this tournament he had called me a donk 26 times!

Accept a rematch? Gladly!

And it kept coming.  In fact he hit me with donk so fast and furious that within a few more hands

Chat Monitor (Support): wolffyro has lost their chat privilege for 5 minutes.  Spamming the table is prohibited.

zerosum79: "donk" :) :) :)

Followed briefly by"zerosum79 finished in 1st place"

Don't forget poker is supposed to be fun.


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Goal Setting/Resolution Series: Part 3

Posted by Jared Tendler

Last time I talked about the obvious first step to achieving goals, deciding what you want, and mentioned a few things about that decision that isn’t as obvious. The next step is defining why you want it what you want. Most players focus the majority of their time on the "what" and leave the "why" as an after thought.

Knowing “why” is critical because:

1) It helps you clarify your goals and gives you one more opportunity to be very specific about what you’re setting out to accomplish.

2) You can use it to push you through the times when you fall off track. Anything that is worth going for is going to challenge you, and remembering why you are doing this is a great motivator to avoid distractions, being lazy, or totally bailing.

So take some time and figure out specifically the underlying reasons or motives for achieving your goals. These could be any number of things such as: fame, money, achievement, mastering a skill, the challenge, learning, or just for motivation. Once you have the list, write them next to your goals and as obvious as it may sound keep reminding yourself of them for a few weeks, so you reinforce what these goals or Resolutions are for.

Also, if your Resolutions or goals are all poker related, also think about how poker fits into the context for your life. If you’re a pro, how does poker facilitate the quality of life you want to live. Knowing this can be a good remind when you go through periods when running well so you don’t get complacent and keep working.

Now that you know what you want and why you want it - you can develop a plan to accomplish it.

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99 Red Balloons

Posted by GiantBuddha

I know I haven't been around the forums lately and haven't blogged much about poker lately, either. I'll catch up with that over the weekend. Here's what I've been up to lately, aside from working on No Limit Holdem and running like a two legged horse at the Limit tables.

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Goal Setting/Resolution Series: Part 2

Posted by Jared Tendler

Deciding what you want is the first step in my series: Making New Year's Resolutions Stick. While this step is simple and pretty obvious, it’s easy to miss why it’s so important: having a clearly defined Resolution or goals narrows your focus on just it.

By now, many of you may have already set goals for this year. Even if you have, this post will help you clarify if what you’ve picked is best.

Reaching your goals comes from knowing the right number of things to focus on.

A common problem poker player’s have is they want too much. You start thinking about what you want to accomplish this year, or what habits you want to break from last year and a lot comes to mind. It starts with a wanting to play more, and then you want to play more tables, make more money, maybe go for SuperNova Elite, study 10+ a week too, and move up several limits.


When you want too much, your mind is divided and you won’t have enough focus to accomplish much. Essentially you’re multitasking – you can do many things ok, or a few really well. Narrow focus is essential to achieve your goal because it means you’re automatically going to not be less focused on things that don’t matter and more focused on the stuff that does.

Keep in mind too, if you do a few things really well this year – you’ll have greater potential to do even more next year because you’ve gotten really good, made a bunch of money, created more opportunity, etc., by being really focused.

Another big key to making 2011 a successful year is having goals that push you, but not too much. They need to be challenging, but still possible. You have 365 days – that’s a shit load of time, but that doesn’t mean your goal achieving powers are limitless.

When deciding what you want, you really are deciding what is realistic and what you might be able to achieve by really working hard. Here are two exercises that can help you find the magic number for you:

  1. Look back at your track record from last year and measure the sum total of your accomplishments. How well did you achieve your goals last year? How long did you stay true to your resolutions? That’s your baseline. That’s what you are working off of this year. It may not be pretty, but it’s reality. If you want to be successful this year, you have to build off of that; otherwise, you’ll run into the same problems you did last year.
  2. Identify the old habits that take focus away from meeting your goals and hinder the change needed move yourself forward. You could have watched to much TV, gone out too much, not played enough poker, or any number of habits that are really distractions. Fixing each one becomes an objective to meeting your overall goal. It’s the frontlines to you battle plan. It’s the well timed 3-bet to confusing a fish at the table. These small distractions accumulate into LARGE chucks over the course of the year and in some case are what separates you from success and failure.

These two steps help you to figure out what is realistic and how to really achieve your goal and Resolutions. With a clearer vision of what you want, you’ll have the narrow focus make a great attempt at achieving it.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how knowing the underlying motives to why you want to achieve the goals you've set is the fuel needed to push you forward throughout the year.

Photo courtesy of: twitpix

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My First Blog!

Posted by pokarninja

Hello, I thought it was about time I started a blog as I feel with this game its important to have an outlet as online poker can be pretty frustrating and isolating at times.

So a little introduction to me, I discovered poker late in 2008, started playng on PKR and did pretty well, made a little money although I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew straight away that this was something that I could do and wanted to get better at. At the time I was pensions anaylst but felt I could make money at this game so that was my long term plan, to learn about the game and provide myself with a nice little second income

Then in august 2008 my life fell apart quite drastically, I wont go into details but It was a pretty horrendous time, I sunk into a deep depression and ended up losing my girlfriend, family, my job and my confidence & self worth. Im still struggling now in that respect, I used to be extremely confident and outgoing but am a long way from that now in alot of respects. But, I've had some councilling sessions and more to come and know that one day ill back to how I was, just a new and improved version.

So in january 2009 i decided to see if I could make some real money at poker and starting with $50 at Fulltilt, which  I quickly turned  into a $1000 and for the rest of the year kept $1000 in my account then paid myself the excess each week to live on and play some live poker which I found profitable too. Obviously the downside of this is that i never built a roll so was always playing NL50.

October 2009 things were looking up, I was reunited with my girlfriend, I had plenty of cash in my pocket  and I qualified for Fulltilts Poker Million and appeared on TV in a heat with Durr, Antonio Esfandari, Gentlemen Ben, Mike Matasow and Patrik Antonious. Unfortunately I didnt play very well and went out first. This had a pretty detrimental effect on me, my girlfriend finished with me a week later and I felt that I  blew the chance of a lifetime to make something happen in my life. The next month I lost my $1000 roll on fulltilt and was broke. I borrowed $200 and started again, I quickly built this up to around $2k again but for some reason tilt had not crept into my game, I had gone from a very steady winner to having huge swings. I put this down partly to the frustration of still playing Nl50 When had I never withdrawn any of my roll id have a 10k plus role and also to fancy play syndrome, although I had gotten better at the game and could read the game so much better theres no point at NL50 trying to make someone fold who is incapable of it. just because I know exactly what they have and would fold in their shoes I have to realise that the majority of my opponents just arent going to.

My game had actually gone kinda full circle, 2009 I was an overall winner but but losing in NSDs, while 2010 I was still an overall winner but losing at SDs and all my proft was NSD! what i need is to find some kind of balance between my 2009 game and my current game.

In 2010 I decided to try some other sites and moved my roll to Party Poker, I did really well initially, getting my roll up to 3k then had a mad tilt for 10 days straight and was back to about $1,500. This continued  for another week and I had dropped to under $500, but I got my head on moved to Paddy Power for the sign up bonus and quickly had $1,500 again.  This has been the story for 2010, I move sites, make about 20 buyins in a couple of weeks then play really badly for a week and undo all the hard work ive done.

So that seems to be my main leak, TILT. Ironically I purchchased Tommy Angelos Book 'Elements of Poker' and its a great book however both times ive read it deeply ive then gone on to tilt of massive chunks of my roll the same day, my theory on this is that my brain has been thinking about tilt all day so then I go and do out, which is basically how our brains work, something I learnt during a stint of ciognative behaviour therapy.

Anyway my last site I was at Ongame network, after 100k hands there my roll is still the same, I had built it to £4,500 at one point but yesterday I was back to $1,700.  I beat the FR for 3.6 PTBB/100 over 60k+ hands but this week lost around 2k playing HU and about 10buyins at 5max. Again a mixture of tilt and playing opponents that I have no edge over.

Ive learnt 2 valuable lessons this week. Firstly for a while I should just stick to Full Ring. I have proven over almost 1million hands that this is my best and most profitable game so until I build a roll again thats all im going to play.

Second lesson is that I need to balance my life more (edit, I actually need to get a life), Ive become pretty isloated over the last year and ive noticed that my uber tilts always seem to come after a period where I've barely (if at all) left the house for a week or so. So I need to get my life back and add some variety to my lifestyle.

So, ive decided to go back to FTP, as, while the other sites are much softer there just isnt the game selection at most of them and for some reason I just feel more comfortable there. After suffering the Xchange rate and spending a little by Roll is at $1,5000 (with around $600 rakeback due from ongame at the end of the month).

So my goals.

1) Get in 20k hands at FTP by the end of the month, then play 60k each month thereafter. (I only 4 table right now).

2) Go running every morning starting from tommorow.

3) Review The previous days hands before playing any poker that day, post hands on the forums.

4) Go out at least once a week,Even if to only play in a live tournament. Get in touch with friends again ( I had lost touch because I had been living in Manchester the last 5 years but im back in London now)

5) Keep sessions to max 90 mins in lenght (all my bad sessions have been mammoth ones)

6) Buy a bigger Widescreen monitor at the end of the month so I can play more tables.

So, baring any stupidness at the tables, with the ongame RB, and the RB ill get from FT I think I can get very close to $3k by the end of the month, Ill have 1 more month at NL50 then head for NL100.

Wish me luck, Paul.

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QTip Poker Webinars – FREE

Posted by QTip

What: Hello DTB Members. I've decided to launch a fun project, QTip Poker Webinars. I'm not sure how long I'll do these, but they'll be free. I'll be using Ustream to host the webinar.

We'll be starting by going through my book, Poker Math That Matters. I'll discuss the content of the book for 30 minutes and then have 30 minutes of Q&A. The questions do not have to be related to the material. Depending on the number of questions, not every question will be answered.


When: The first one will be on Sunday February 20th at 11:00 AM EST. I'm probably going to be doing these weekly.

Share the link with your poker friends.

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SNG Journey – Week 3

Posted by theflyguy

Hi DTB'rs,

Week 3 was another positive step forward, and although there are still lots of holes to plug and better decisions to be made I am happy with the progress to date.  A clearer picture of my strengths and weaknesses are starting to come to light, and I am starting to develop some "automated" decision making that did not exist before.

Weekly Goal Recap

  1. Repeat ABC SnG Series Parts 1-3 - DONE
  2. Blackrain's Micro NL Series Parts 4-5 - DONE
  3. 50 SnG Tournaments - 33 Played but happy with that number due to other life events
  4. 200 NL2 Cash Hands - 105 Hands played but again, happy with that number.

Although number of tournaments and hand's was below what the goal was to begin the week, I was happy with what was accomplished.  Friends I hadn't seen in many years dropped into town expectantly and I lost 2 days spending time with old mates (so I am happy with the trade off ;) )

Tournament Recap

  • Tournaments Played: 33
  • Tournaments Cashed: 15 (45.4%)
    • 1st Place: 3 (10.9%)
    • 2nd Place: 7 (17.4%)
    • 3rd Place: 5 (19.6%)

    4.55% ROI

Notes and Commentary

Again the glaring stat is the number of 2nd place finishes versus the number of 1st place finishes, and is something I am going to continue to analyze and post some hand's on the forum to get some insight on what other players would do in certain situations.  I also think I am leaving some +EV situations during 5/6 handed and as a result to often was on the bubble with a short stack (1200-1700), and again I will posting some hands for feedback.

The really great thing about this week was that I referred to my PBJ sheet alot less than I had for the first 2 weeks!  Decisions are starting to be more automatic during push/fold, which I am hoping will help me when I move to 4 tables (Starting March 1).

So things are progressing and I am ready for Week 4 ;)

Week 4 Goals

  1. Repeat ABC SnG Series Parts 4-7
  2. 50 SnG Tournaments (2 Table Limit Until End of Week 4)
  3. 200 NL2 Cash Hands

Site Change

I was offered a 27% rakeback (which I believe is pretty standard for the site) at Full Tilt poker so I created an account there and will be playing most of my SnG's on that site.  I will still be playing on Poker Stars but not as much due to better rakeback at FT for the micro limit player.

Thats All for this week, Thanks For Reading

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my last blog

Posted by blsmur

Hi guys
Well I have been a paid member since
and I have enjoyed my time here and certainly learned a lot in all my favourite forms of poker
But I am still basically a loser
that is I lose at poker overall
So in my quest to become great I have failed
When I read some of the hands being reviewed , I think I get a good insight to the correct play but when I am in a game , the thinking doesn't always work for me. Not that I don't think correctly but I don't believe the Villain has really called my 5 x raise with 23 or A8 off etc
I also fail to recognize BIG hands preflop ie i have AQ and they got AK or KK or AA , if you think about it you should be able to recognize when they holding big hands

and then there are the habitual limpers / callers . They limp every hand they play 90% of hands and every time I think I have them they have me.

So where to now ?
I am not sure that going anywhere will help
I have to get over myself , and start folding the best hand I think.

Perhaps I should look for some 1 on 1 coaching now in the style of moshman coaching , because , my study is just not making me improve
I play a great game when I am winning but so often i go out early because
I fail to recognize the Villains got a better hand

Well if you got some ideas that might help or you interested in coaching me 1 on 1 for a while please contact me on skype "blsmur"
to everyone
I have commented on and have had comments from I wish you all the best !
I have enjoyed this site I might come back in the future but at this stage I will just stick to my poker budget and I wont get into financial trouble at least
I will have to settle for mediocrity and possibly never win a major tournament "Such is Poker Life"

Note : To the coaches and management Great Site and great Vids Thanks

regards to all

Ron kirby
blsmur on pokerstars

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Single A Ball

Posted by Freakytiki

So, this is what it must feel like to play in “single A” ball. Began 2011 with high hopes, had started getting coaching from Zerosum and was ready to crush the $6.50’s at PStars. It would only be a short time until I was playing the $16.00’s. Oops! Ran into a horrible stretch of games and got crushed. Felt like I was playing better then I ever had, yet was losing. After a review of the games with Zerosum, he did confirm, I was playing really well, just getting s**t on. (Made me feel better, but not my bankroll.) Time to drop down to the $3.40’s and regain some money and confidence.

Playing at the $3.40’s has to be the equivalent of a minor league baseball player playing in the single A league. Where they have 8-10 hour bus rides to games, I can spend 5 hours crushing the game with a 30% roi, and finish with a staggering sum of money for my efforts; $30.00. (Let’s not forget the bad days when I drop $20.00. Even at this level, winning isn’t a given.)

There are a surprisingly large number of players who play ABC poker at this level. Luckily, the bad players are really bad. It’s not unusual to shove with AA early in the game and get called by someone with J10o. Also, while there are good players at this level, probably doing what I’m doing, I seem to be ahead of many of them in our poker development. This is a good combination for me, I’m up for the month and seem to be on the road to rebuilding my bankroll and getting back to “Double A” ball; the $6.50’s.

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Amputate Or Three-Bet???


Dinner is served early at Re-Hab.
But for some, apparently not early enough. "Wake up and eat!" I look behind me to see a woman, maybe 200 years old, slouched over in her wheelchair. The snoring goes on.

The good news is, I'm just visiting.

Mom is wide awake, watching the entire room like it's a Broadway play, fully aware she's playing a supporting role. The media is always promoting one healthy old person or another. But for every Betty White, there's 10,000 old ladies, whose bodies have fallen apart or whose minds have run off without them. From what I can surmise, it's better not to lose your mind. They have replacement parts for your body.

That's why I'm having dinner with my mother. The next day she's scheduled for her third knee replacement. This will be her ninth or tenth surgery on that one leg. We have actually lost count. Her new surgeon confides that 98% of patients don't have these problems. Wow. I tell my mother, you are a lucky woman, 49-1 this doesn't happen to you.

I notice Mother isn't eating. "Oh, I never eat dinner," she explains. And I am thinking I drove by 100 good restaurants to have dinner with her... Rehab cuisine compares favorably to airplane meals, except for the frequent flyer miles.

I came a day early to avoid traffic. Also, because I want to play some poker at the Sarasota Kennel Club's One-Eyed Poker Room. This is the kind of room which makes online play so appealing. I told my wife - 60-year-old grandmother, cute and shapely, sure, - she'd be the second best looking hostess working here.

I wanted to play some Omaha Hi-Lo. It's advertised on all the marketing info, but "that's offered only rarely on weekends." Of course. So, I sit down at a single table high stakes sit-and-go. WTF, I figure.. I begin crushing the game. Rocking my inner Hoyt Corkins, I am shoving hand after hand.
So, we get to the cash bubble. I lead from UTG and the button raises big. "Blow me," I am thinking and three-bet shove. After all, I do have A-A. He calls and turns over a pair of 4s.
"You were thinking that was good?," I ask. Calmly.
His buddy on the rail - stinky and ugly - says, "you shove every four hands. What do you expect?" Me, I expect you know your 4s aren't good in this spot. But, hey, that's just me.
Of course, a 4 flops and I have to hear what a bad player I am.
I say, "nice hand," and walk away. Still calm.

Mom can't walk. She wants this next knee replacement, so she can have "two or three more good years." After 45 years of battling a crippling disease, you have to admire her spunk.

Mom is leaving rehab. And she is so happy with her parting gift - a T-shirt. On a light blue background, there's the slogan: You Arrived As A Patient, But You're Leaving As A Friend.
That is nice. Much better than my suggestion: You Came As A Rich Person, But You're Leaving As A Poor One.

At the hospital, preparing her for surgery, I watch and I listen and I am completely confident - another bad beat is the least of my problems....

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SNG Journey – Week 2

Posted by theflyguy

Well Week 2 held a lot more promise than Week 1 did, and although I am still making some mistakes, I was happy with the progress made this week.

My main reason for optimism was my opening up more during the mid game stage (5-6 players left) in order to accumulate chips to setup the end game and as stated above, there is still work to do, but it was much better.  Still feels forced but as long as I keep at it, I am hopeful that feeling of trepidation will dissipate.

Weekly Goal Recap

  1. Complete ABC Series Part 5-7 - Complete
  2. Complete Blackrains Micro Series Parts 4-7 - Not Completed due to work load
  3. Play 50SnG Tournaments (low number due to strict 2 table limit) - 46 Tournaments Played
  4. Play 600 cash games at NL2 - 100 Hands Played
  5. Be not focused on cash results, but by decision's made.  (Although if the 2nd is good, the later should be positive) - Believe I completed this as intended... wasn't bemoaning any bad luck or flips lost.  If I was happy with the decision the result didn't really matter.

So i didn't complete 100% what I wanted to do last week mainly due to work being especially busy, but i was happy what was accomplished considering those time constraints.

Tournament Recap

  • Tournaments Played: 46
  • Tournaments Cashed: 22 (47.8%)
    • 1st Place: 5 (10.9%)
    • 2nd Place: 8 (17.4%)
    • 3rd Place: 9 (19.6%)

    9.2% ROI

Notes and Commentary

So obviously the most pressing thing to work on his heads up but in all honesty I feel I was slightly unlucky.  Of the 8 2nd's I was a 65->35 FAV going into the critical all-in of the tournament 4 times and lost.  Also lost 2 flips, and 2 as a 50->60 underdog.  So with some neutral luck I could have realistically had 7 or 8 1st and 4 or 5 2nds which would meet the finish distribution goal.

Made some great progress in loosening up my short handed game, which increased the number of 5th place finishes but reduced the number of bubble finishes.  This was helpful as instead of being on the bubble with 1500 chips, I was usually on the bubble with 2250-3000 chips (seems like a small difference but it was very helpful in attacking instead of push/fold during that stage).

Week 3 Goals

  1. Repeat ABC SnG Series Parts 1-3
  2. Blackrain's Micro NL Series Parts 4-5
  3. 50 SnG Tournaments
  4. 200 NL2 Cash Hands

Thanks For Reading

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Carbon Poker NFL FAIL

Posted by peasantonpaper

As a promotion throughout the NFL season, Carbon offered freeroll entries to players who picked the winner of a featured NFL match up. As a bonus, the player to pick the most winners 'deserved to go to the superbowl care of carbon'.

the superbowl is tomorrow and whaaaaaaaaat NO WINNER!!! it appears as though while you may 'deserve to go to the superbowl care of carbon' it doesn't actually mean u will. i emailed carbon about this several times and it looks as though their final position is 'we don't have the information u are requesting'. this after assurances that a winner will be posted so it at least looks legit.

Bah! really feel like i had superbowl tickets stolen from me on this one. i mean i only got like 6 picks wrong all year. it was str8 up winner, not spread so not too difficult but still i think i was def in the running with a 36-6 record.

quadrupling my NFL betting bankroll is little consolation, knowing that the cheapest superbowl tickets are $2300ea.

boooooooooooo carbon (unfortunately their games are way too soft for me to boycott)

GL (not getting bent over by ur site)

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Hello Everyone

Posted by OldSchool

Hello Everyone.
Its nice to have found this site.
I was a stoxpoker member back in the day.
I have played poker for a long time now.
I am not ashamed to say that I have played some very bad poker over the years, mostly stemming from my arrogance and sense of entitlement.
I have also had a major tilt issue.
I have also had some fairly major personal issues.
Nonetheless, those are behind me.
I am a loner type, and not unsurprisingly, often lonely. Its so nice to see so many of the old faces around. I remember qtip when he was a fledgling, and now he is a famous author. James Davis is my personal favorite coach of all time. I have a huge man crush on Dusty. The picture of Hunter looks like I imagined him to.
What a great site. Nice to see you all and become a member here.

At the end of the summer last year I had, on one bleak morning, $8 in my account.  I had tilted badly the day before, spewing off an embarassing number of buyins (open push ATC type of tilt).  I had also value-punched my laptop right in the LCD, and then proceeded out to the garage where I smashed it into smithereens.

Given my personal situation, I was unable (and unwilling, but in fairness, the unwilling part is quite besides the point) to deposit more money. Due to a nasty personal issue, I was pretty sure that poker was (is) my best option at long term employment.  So that left me half stacking NL2.  Whoa.

Over the winter, while continuing to make and remake many of the possible (and some impossible ones too) poker errors, I cured my tilt.  Really, once I dedicated myself to learning, I saw how arrogant and stupid I was before.  Once I decided to start educating myself more and more, I saw that other people have differing views (some of the pretty valid, too) on how to approach poker.  And finally, once I categorically decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, and to ask at each juncture, win or lose, "what can I learn from this situation?," I realized that the variance was just a ruse, and my faux anger just a cover to shield my fragile ego from the fact that I wasn't very good, and more damning, not a very hard worker.

Its true that the best use of a PT DB is an unbiased view on one's self.  Luckily I had a good number of hands from which to browse.  In a classic even-a-blind-dog-finds-a-bone-every-now-and-then fashion, I was able to pick out some areas where I had played well and won.  I have played every style from super nit to super lag.  But now that I was working hard, I was also able to determine in a ToP-sense exactly *why* that style of play worked at that level.

So, long story short, that's where I am.  I am grinding out 2-4 tables at a time, closely monitoring my results (not my results, but a result of my play that I have chosen to monitor to ensure that I don't wander off course - I tend to slip into weak-tight, fwiw).  I have had 200K months, but this month, February, I will be very happy with 40K of quality.  And I look forward to posting my results come March.

Best of luck to everyone.

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2011 – The year I said would change my life….

Posted by ChipsFool

Well everyone, it's official....I have handed my notice in at my job and as of March 2011 I will be giving full time poker a shot.

I have managed to get a decent roll together now and I have been making more money in poker than my actual job that I am finally going to give it a shot.

I now have the blessings of my parents as I have talked through my plans and shown them how I can calculate my expected income (after several explanations, I think they finally understand win rates, rakeback and bonuses)

As I currently live at home, I feel it is the perfect opportunity to take a shot and see how well I can do.

I am quitting my role as a trainee accountant and I have no regrets. Even if poker doesn't turn out like how I wish it to, I will certainly not be going back into that profession.

A life of doing something I have no interest in whatsoever if definitely not for me.

Plans for Feb are to study and refine my biggest leaks ahead of turning full time.

I am also playing more live poker as I plan to play one night a week at my local club just for a change of scenery from all the grinding I will be doing online.

Also, got the £560 UKIPT Nottingham event next weekend which I am really looking forward too. It's about time I got some rungood in a tournament and hopefully I nice cash will be the perfect start to kicking off playing full time.

Good luck at the tables

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Back to the Grind …

Posted by Vindictive

With the New Year getting under way I decided to make some goals with my online poker game. My goals last year were to study more and play better at MTTs. I accomplished my short term goal and shortly after took down one for a nice $9500 addition to my bankroll back in April. Following the summer and the grind of Live MTTs and Cash games in Vegas at the WSOP as well as WPT and NAPT prelims towards the end of last year, I stopped playing to focus on school starting back up.

Time for more goals... In the Short Term, Im hoping to study and start putting in massive sessions/volume at the Full Ring 25NL game to start building back my bankroll, which is pretty much at $500 at this time. I usually 10-15 table so getting in about 1500-2500 hands a day is average, with about another 7500-10K hands on the weekends. After a large sample size, I'll then use info to plug leaks and get my winrate on a nice stretch to then move up to 50 NLFR. I also plan to play about 15-20 MTTs a week (mostly Sundays) and work on that aspect of my game as well with hopes to having a nice bankroll leading into the SCOOP series.

My long term goals for online poker this year is to make it to Supernova/Supernova Elite. Not quite sure if this will be attainable given my tough school schedule, but I'm going to make a run at it and plan to have a great winrate, winning poker player, and uphill graph to go with it by the end of the year.

So good luck at the tables everyone, and play well. See ya at the Final Tables and fold to my Raises cause I ain't playin' around ... haha

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Making New Years Resolutions Stick

Posted by Jared Tendler

Right now, thousands of people around the globe are trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with family, and poker players are doing the same thing. They’re also making poker goals to grind a ton this year, to stop Tilting, to move up in stakes, make SuperNova or SNE, to win more money, to work harder, watch more videos, get a coach, to post more hands, etc, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, most won’t see their grand declarations stick very long. We’ve all been there, myself included. A recent study showed that only 12% (this number seems pretty generous to me) of people who made New Year’s resolutions achieved their goals.

To help make 2011 a successful year, I’ve put together a straightforward, strategic and practical series of blogs to not only make resolutions easier to accomplish, but goals in general. Many of the common missteps that derail your efforts are not too hard to fix with right information.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing additional posts in my blog, with one dedicated to each of these 7 steps:

1. Decide what you want.
2. Know why you want it.
3. Plan how you are going to accomplish it.
4. Pinpoint what obstacles will get in your way.
5. Determine how you are going to overcome those obstacles.
6. Identify what will motivate and inspire you to get back up when you fall.
7. Evaluate progress.

The main purpose for setting goals or resolutions is to narrow your focus. Focus is the cornerstone for learning the skills required to achieve your goals. Often the skills you also need include eliminating old habits.

One of the most common reasons resolutions, or goals fail, is that players forget they are not just trying to accomplish something new, they are also trying to eliminate the old habit, what ever it is.

Let’s say you want to increase the amount of poker you’re playing. You decide you want to go from playing 25 hours/week, to 35. Increasing that isn’t just about adding 10 more hours (which by the way is 40% increase in capacity), it’s also about eliminating the things you would tend to do in that time.

So your trying to increase your ability to play more, and stop browsing forums for an extra 2hrs/week, TV, for an 1hr/week, not going out with friends 1/week, quitting because of tilt, or not playing because you’re tired.

Often the inspiration of a new goal can make it appear that it’s going to be easy for all these habits to disappear. In the short-term they are gone, because of that inspiration. But once it wears off, the gravity of these patterns brings you back down to the reality that you HAVE to fix them otherwise your resolution becomes just another failed idea.

My goal with this series is to provide you with the right information to make your New Year’s resolutions, or goals in general stick. I will not focus so much on writing goals down, passion, self belief, inspiration, routine, or any number of self improvement buzz words you may have heard or read about. While these things are helpful they are NOT required.

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roak to 100K hands: Jan review, feb goals

Posted by peasantonpaper

January was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. i ran like god the first week and didn't even have a losing day till like the 12th. then variance caught up to me and i ran like hot garbage in the middle. not only that but i chased a jackpot by playing too many tbls and just gave away about 10BI!!! in mistakes i knew not to make for a really really long time. def not ready for 10-12tbls.
This chasing of the JP was double bad cuz not only did i add so many tbls that i could not play a winning game, I totally lost sight of my volume increasing process and pacing, resulting in mini burnout. i played quite sporadically after the 13day multitbling binge and only for short sessions. Luckily those last sessions were on a maximum of 6tbls at a time and i crushed it, running good again.

on the luck front, i really caught a lucky break to catch most of my rungood and none of my runbad at 200nl. the multitbling mess was also exclusively at 100nl. in BB, i ran -1 stack in AIEV while in currency i ran 600 over (or 6 of my reg BI). this stat is quite useless overall since i was -AIEV when i ran like god at the beginning of the month while slightly +ev in the nightmarish middle, but in terms of showing how well i ran at 200nl compared to 100nl, it is quite accurate this month.

for february i got more of the same goals.... 30K hands (which will put me at 100K hands) as well as continuing to SLOWLY increase my volume. Looking forward to my end of Feb blog to be my last in this series...graph with commentary included ;)

till then,

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