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Posted by fredwxyz

I'm starting playing HU NLH...


In fact I've started few days ago and I'm playing from NL 10 to NL 50 ($50 or 50 euros) ...  I like it I really enjoy and I want to learn a lot ..

As I'm French, I'm supposed to play on .FR rooms, so I've played on Pokerstars.FR and also on the CEREUS network (Absolute Poker.COM ) ..

All was OK and yesterday (Sunday ) evening I had my first really bad session, against a big big station  and I was down 10 buy-in.... After 350 hands I was only one buying down ... I was happy ... and I went to bed..

Some hands funny / crazy and overplayed like :

Hero (SB) ($25.26)
BB ($103.41)

Preflop: Hero is SB with K, A
Hero bets $0.30BB raises to $0.80Hero raises to $23.40, BB calls $22.60

Flop: ($46.80) 3, 5, K (2 players)
BB checks, Hero raises to $1.86 (All-In), BB calls $1.86

Turn: ($50.52) 4 (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($50.52) 10 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $50.52 | Rake: $0.50

He had  AQo and lost.


Hero (SB) ($49.77)
BB ($78.40)

Preflop: Hero is SB with 2, 3
Hero bets $0.30BB raises to $0.80, Hero calls $0.50

Flop: ($1.60) J, 4, 3 (2 players)
BB bets $0.90Hero raises to $1.80, BB calls $0.90

Turn: ($5.20) 6 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $2.60, BB calls $2.60

River: ($10.40) 7 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero checks

Total pot: $10.40 | Rake: $0.50

He had  K9s  (heart)

__________________________________________________ ___________

Hero (SB) ($52.12)
BB ($75.26)

Preflop: Hero is SB with K, K
Hero bets $0.30BB raises to $0.80Hero raises to $2.50, BB calls $1.70

Flop: ($5) 5, Q, 6 (2 players)
BB bets $3.40Hero raises to $8, BB calls $4.60

Turn: ($21) 5 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero raises to $41.62 (All-In), BB calls $41.62

River: ($104.24) 4 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $104.24 | Rake: $0.50

he had AQo

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SNG Journey – Week 1

Posted by theflyguy

Week 1 has drawn to a close and its time to reflect back on the week that was and deem if this week was a success.  Again success doesn't necessarily translate into $ won, but correct decisions made, and progress made as a poker player.

Goal Progress

  1. Review ABC SNG Series 2 more times - Have revisited the ABC SNG Series by zerosum79 for the 2nd time up to Part 5.  Notes have been expanded and refined and good progress is being made on understanding the concepts put forth.
  2. Refine PBJ Spreadsheet.  - Have customized the PBJ spreadsheet further tweaking it slightly from its previous version.  Wouldn't say its finished yet but I am happy with it based on my current level of play.
  3. Multi-Table Limit of 2 Tables - At times it was tough only playing 2 tables, but I did stay to this limit.  Gave me time to focus on making correct decisions and refer to my PBJ and notes.
  4. Detailed review after each session - This week I have reviewed all and any trouble spots from each tournament before starting the next session.  Its funny how sometimes you think you made the right play but upon review after you are out of the action, other possible plays come to mind ;) .... The forum has been especially helpful in analyzing these spots.... Thanks to all who provided insight.

Tournament Recap

  • Tournaments Played: 38
  • Tournaments Cashed: 16 (42%)
    • 1st Place: 3 (7.9%)
    • 2nd Place: 6 (15.8%)
    • 3rd Place: 7 (18.4%)

Notes and Commentary

Based on hand review based on the ABC Series and comments on hands posted on the forum i would say with confidence that I played 84% optimum SnG poker.  I did have a few games where my decisions were off and have made a note that has been stuck to my monitor that states "Is that move you are making +EV?), as in 3 tournaments (in the BB) flopped a hand that was pretty but a big money waster as they were WAY OVERPLAYED.  I will say that I have the worst run of luck....  Today alone I had 9 spots in the 6 tournaments I played were I was a 70-30 favorite and lost the hand, and only 1 time where I was more than a 40-60 underdog did I suck out.  Won 2 of 6 races as well.

But all that being said for the most part I made relatively good decisions even though the week was  -2.5 Buy In.  The 2 biggest things that needs to be worked on right now besides the continued improvement and adaptdation of ABC SNG is:

  1. Bubble Play - 6 tournaments finished 4th or 15.5%
  2. Heads Up Play - of the 9 times I went to heads-up 6 times i was the chip leader and only managed to hold on and win 2 of those (with the other win coming from 2 successful all-ins back to back when i was the short stack).  Sure I have had a few suck-outs during those but feel i am leaving a lot of ROI on the table heads up .... definitely an area for further study.

I also watches BlackRain's Micro NL Cash videos (Part 1-3) to help in loosening up my play a bit and played 500 games at NL2 to work on loosening up my game.  It went very well even though I am down about $1 but my stats for these 2 sessions were 16/13 compared to my SNG numbers of 13.5/10.6 .... it will be a work in progress, but something I want to dedicate 500-700 hands a week to, in the hopes of rounding out my game alittle.  SNG will be the focus, with some NL play to help my hand range selection and post-flop decision making.

Goals For January 31 - February 6 (In addition to the main goals listed above)

  1. Complete ABC Series Part 5-7
  2. Complete Blackrains Micro Series Parts 4-7
  3. Play 50SnG Tournaments (low number due to strict 2 table limit)
  4. Play 600 cash games at NL2
  5. Be not focused on cash results, but by decision's made.  (Although if the 2nd is good, the later should be positive)

Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables.

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my journey shall begin as of today

Posted by jasonlee1989

Ok so this is my first ever blog so forgive me if i ramble or in anyway annoy you but as a previous blog suggests i really dont care. :)

So to the reason ive decided too do a blog. ive been told they can be very helpful to help destress and put my thoughts into note form. Also another main reason is that ive decided that today, this friday night im setting my goals and setting out to win money and destroy the micros and grinding my way to the top.

Ive been playing poker for about 3 years but was mainly live always believed the theory of its rigged online not that it was i was just playing redonkulous. :) anyway back to it ive had various success over live tourneys my high was shipping the 10k guarentee at D2D which was pretty sick for my stakes and confidence. That was a year ago today so ive decided its a perfect day to start taking my poker to a hole new level.

Now my goals are to reach 100k hands this month which will take a sick amount of grinding since i work 5 days a week and so times really not on my side. Ive invested in table ninja and hold em manager to help me in this process (but any other suggestions would be greatly apprieciated). As i said i have a feeling this blog will turn into a ranting account of my beats and wins (hopefully more wins :) )

If anyone has any suggestions how i can achieve my goals any easier please let me know because i really want to make a go of this. If not ill sure be posting another blog around the 15th and hopefully im on track and in the green

peace out


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SnG Journey

Posted by theflyguy

Hello DragTheBar's,

I have decided to take an academic approach to my SnG play, that I am hoping will make the process of becoming a better poker player easier, and maybe possibly give other players some opportunities to learn from my mistakes.

The plan is to break out my goals and gameplan on a month by month basis with weekly updates (most likely the beginning of each week) with lessons learned some examples of difficulties etc...  I will be focused not so much onthe results but by the decisions I am making, and will qualify the success or failure of that particular goal based on that criteria.  I cant promise I wont bemoan my poor run, but it will bot be overly focused on ROI results.

1. Introduction

I am new to SnG's and On-line poker in general, although I have played Live games for some years.  I have been playing SnG's for 3 months now and have following initial results:

1.20 - +3.02% ROI (Over 365 Tournaments - Was as high as 21% moved upto $3.4 got crushed and went on a huge downswing)

3.40 - -8%ROI (Over 176 Tournaments... dropped back down to focus on improving fundamentals)

2. Review of January, 2011

  1. POSITIVE - Watched zerosum79's ABC SNG Series and took preliminary Notes
  2. POSITIVE - Created initial PBJ Spreadsheet
  3. NEUTRAL - Multi-Tabled upto 6 tables (February will be reduced to 2 tables while trying to implement ABC SNG Concepts)
  4. NEGATIVE - Poor ROI .. To date in January -18% ROI.  Listed as Negative not solely due to ROI but because I wasn't focused on improving, but just grinding.

3. February 2011


  1. Review ABC SNG Series 2 more times and refine notes taken during each go through.
  2. Refine PBJ Spreadsheet
  3. Multi-Table limit to 2 tables at a time for entire month (regardless of ROI)
  4. Detailed Review after each session and post any suspect plays or indecision on forums for member feedback

Success Measurement:

Success for the month of February (and remainder of January) will be measured based on how well I can grasp and apply the ABC SNG concepts.  This will not be measured by ROI, but solely on how disciplined I am on ensuring I am making the best possible poker decisions.

I will post next Monday, Jan 31 with progress and thoughts on this week.

Thanks For Reading

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Blogging from the Bog

Posted by galatian

I am as we speak, enjoying my very rhythmic morning bowel movements. I dabbled in a bit of curry last night, so........

I haven't blogged for 13 days now. Unfortunately my DTB FREE account link thing didn't happen very smoothly, so I spent most of my time on DC and CR. But thanks to many a email and Sabrina at the DTB offices (or secret underground lair - far cooler) it's all sorted out now.

So. kinda screwed the pooch on this year's blogging goal. But I must say I did miss it, and hoping to make amends.

Lets get to some poker, so I've had a decent run at PP and managed to make deposits into both PS and FT to play 50NL hu. So far I'm going pretty nicely, my computer meltdown is all sorted out, and my brand new setup is treating me like a king. Unfortunately I lost about 40K hands on HEM. But what can we do. I'm really enjoying the perks of HEM, yeh yeh, how did I make do without it.

Anyway, what else, followed Dusty's advice and bought myself a fancy smancy comfy chair. I'm not one to enjoy shopping, so it was a big step for me. Stuff like that is not cheap in South Africa (food, and entertainment is though). I've managed to pretty much stop balance watching, which is awesome, I really didn't expect to shake it off that easily, but it got progressively easier, and I think just every now and then re-visiting the logic behind it kept reinforcing the idea. And now its fairly concrete, I'm sure I'll have a relapse or 2, but it should be concrete fairly soon. Part of this has been to move the BB/100 and $ columns out of my view on HEM, and not spend to much time looking at my graph. I love graphs, so I do indulge every now and then.

Man, after playing on dodgey SA poker sites, where the software really is a joke, and there is no rakeback or bonuses. Playing on FT and PS has been so much fun, literally fun. I'm not a big fan of the PP software.

On the video side, been watching some of Hunter's hu vids, and I like his style. Very logical , and the occasional insight into metagame thinking is cool. Also been watching some of Krantz videos, the guy is great I must say. Other than that , been focusing on getting 3K hands a day of HU in, with the larger goal of 75K hands a month. I'm going to invest in some more poker software in the next few weeks. What would you guys recommend as my second purchase ?

You guys missed me ,


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Just Don’t Care

Posted by FatsDomino

One of the things I wanted to do this year was blog much more to help put my thoughts down about the game and also about life in general as well. As Jared Tendler said in one of his videos, it's great to writie things down to clear and reset your mind and I find that to be very true.

First off I wanted to spend as much time on my poker game as possible in 2011 and I think I've done very well so far in January. I've been putting in the hands and also a fair amount of study time, and I hope to slowly increase my playing and studying of the game as the year progresses. I've been playing pretty well for the most part and I'm pleased with my decisions so for right now that's all I can really hope for.

One issue in life that certainly crosses over into poker is the topic of not caring. Typically not caring is taken in a negative sense and typically means that we don't really give it our all or make our best effort. But in this sense I'm talking about how not caring can be something postitive in your life. The first major one comes to my mind is not caring what other people think, in general. I'm not talking about blowing off good advice by a friend or family member. But recently I had a friend new to poker tell me that he won't post hands on a well known poker forum because he fears that some of his "dumb" plays will be laughed at by some people. I simply told him that you just have to not care what those people think, but it is easy to say and hard to do. He is stunting his growth as a new poker player and not getting qualtiy feedback because he is worried what others will think of him.

This got me thinking about this subject all throughout my own life. How often do I care what other people's opinions are of me? I'd like to say never, but to be honest I know I care way too much at times as to what other people think of me as a person, as a co-worker, as a poker player, etc. It really doesn't matter at all. I believe it was Abraham Maslow that said that we need to operate independently of the good opinions of others in life, simply meaning that we need to do what we want to do and in the end, not care at all what others think.

I think this can also fall into poker as far as results. Lately I've become much better at focusing on the only thing that matters and that is making good decisions. In the past I would way overly concern myself with outcomes of hands, cards I was being dealt, cards others were being dealt, etc. All these things I have no control over but I wasted a lot of energy worrying about them. Worrying about things you can't change, whether it be an outcome of a poker hand or what someone else's opinon of you may be, is a major energy leak in life. If I could simply eliminate this leak from my life entirely, I would be a much better person for it. So I'm working on it, trying to free myself from any concerns as to what people think, as if you have a room full of 100 people, you will have 100 different opinions about yourself and your life, and you can't do a damn thing about one of them.

So next time you sit at a poker table or at a table in a board room at work, just be yourself, do your best, and live your life on your own terms not caring about what other people may think about that. Try to take things moment by moment and realize when you are worrying or concerning yourself with things that you cannot change, and then just let go of those worries and emotions. Just learn how to "not care." This will free up so much more energy and concentration so that you can focus on the more important things in life, like the only thing you can control, your own behavior. This is one of those things that if you can master it in life, you will be so much better off all the way around, and you will be so much more of a focused, relaxed, and overall better poker player as well. I'm working on it day by day and I wish you all of the best with it too. So the next time you get it in with KK against the maniac who just happens to wake up with Aces this time, don't care about it one bit and move onto the next hand. It's the only way to live. Good luck at the tables.

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Releasing My Second Book: Hole Card Confessions

Posted by QTip

I’m excited to announce the release of my second book entitled:

Hole Card Confessions: Hand-Reading and Exploitive Play in Hold’em.

This book presents dealing with ranges in a way I’ve not seen in any other poker book.  I’m confident this is going to be a huge help to players looking to take that next step in their poker game.

The eBook is now released and the paperback will be available for shipments by the 28th of this month.  You may preorder the paperback now.

You can find the table of contents and other information on the book on my website,



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Blog by Blsmur Quest for profit

Posted by blsmur

Well when I have written before I have usually had a seeder from someone Else's post , that has sparked me off . But when you open a blank page its all a bit different .
So Lets start off with the first major thing for this year .
On January 4th 1988 under an old apple tree in her back yard ,A man and his Girlfriend made a promise to each other To be a couple . On the 4th of January this year we got married . 23 years together and we get to marry and have our children present , Amazing !
Well that has consumed us for several weeks and now its all out of the way ,and we spent all our money .we are back to normal .
Poker is becoming my primary focus and I have been back to playing 9 man Sng on Stars . I have been working with AKcash a bit exchanging ideas mostly his ideas coming to me
My results have been everything from outstanding cashing 5 out of 6 to miserable not cashing at all
Wife on the other hand ,who had sworn never to play poker again ,has been consistently winning over last few days . (playing $3.40 sng )
We went out for dinner and to play free poker at a local club this week
I managed 13th place and wife placed 2nd
so I must say this could ruin a good relationship (kidding) of course we had to take Sam the 4 yo along too, as no sitter was available . He spent his time either on my knee or Mums knee occasionally making over bets on our behalf or telling us to fold , He just couldn't understand why he wasn't dealt his own cards .
I have started to play a series of 1000 sngs to see where
I am at, I am currently at game 143 and i am at break even since starting so I guess that is better than losing but I am concerned that I am not progressing .
when I do my best I play a lot of hands early and look to play speculative hand like 45 or 7T etc suited and in cheap when they hit I end up stacking someone but then when I go and do more study abcsng series etc or or books on sng play it says play tight so i play tight and find my self being blinded out ,or shoving with a hand i not happy to shove with , and my set of 6 games come out like Zeros latest Vid of $2 sng on Tilt win one and lose the rest .
So there is something missing from my game when i play tighter . of course in the later stages I usually have a big stack ,and as long as I dont get too silly trying to be Captain i do well.

When we on bubble with Big stack and there is a shorty I push everyone around then next thing i find is someone who should be folding ,shoves on me with 56 or Q9 etc and I lose a pot and he becomes table leader . and I am crippled and sometimes I{ end up the bubble .
So all this theory is just fine but what about when they call ?
I always used to played a tight almost scared game before doing abcsng series .(my ROI 24%)
Now I am an a overly aggressive player and it costing me money . I think players are now recognizing that Aggressive players can be beat and should be attacked when they getting out of line and trying to exploit the bubble .
So as usual ,every time I try very hard to learn and try to apply it I get burnt.
So If your reading this and either agreeing or disagreeing ,feel free to post a comment
I seem to do my best when i forget the books and do my own thing ,so why do people write books with seemingly bad information that can break us ?
I think it is probably not they have deliberately set out to miss inform anyone , but the written word can sometimes be hard to get the message across with all nuances that the person writing already understands and we don't . So if you read any book and it has something new in it for you , tread carefully when you try to apply it .
good luck at the table may your AA holdup LOL
Till next time Ron

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road to 100K hands – momentary lapse

Posted by peasantonpaper

i've been off my game the last 3weeks. luckily in 2 of them i ran great. last week my play matched my results (pretty poo). other than tilt or just playing too many tbls chasing the badbeat jackpot I've had a recurring problem that ruined some sessions...a momentary lapse in focus.
i've had several sessions now where i play pretty close to A-game throughout my session and then smack in the middle of that great play i just lose my shit and fail to think through a hand and make a mistake that i should never make (would never make it in the forums lol).

just today i played 2 hands pretty terribly and cost myself between 100 and 150, depending on which of the alternate (acceptable) lines i would play instead of the spewline i took. all i could think about after my session was something erik seidel said in an interview after he busted in a major:
the interviewer praised his play to which he responded:  'i played very well throughout the day but misplayed 2 key hands, so overall i played terrible'. the girl was stunned and asked what he meant and he explained 'this is no-limit and it's very unforgiving. when all your chips are on the line and u misplay just a couple of hands for them, you played bad. end of story.'

2h58min of A-game + 2min of nonsense = i played bad.

making mistakes that i know i shouldn't be making is ultra frustrating.  this is my biggest tilt trigger that i am working on...with some success early.  still tho, after the session, rather than building confidence based on hours of really fine play, the bonehead plays take center stage.  this would be fine if there was something to learn from them but i am just paying for lessons i already bought (and thought i learned from).

anyway, guess it's time to go pound the right play into my mind and take another step towards having it in my procedural memory (check out jared's vids to find out what that is.  all his vids are key--can't wait for the book).


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The Book is Done!

Posted by Jared Tendler

It’s hard to even believe this moment is real. I’ve dreamed about it and worked towards it for over 18 months, and while the end goal is not complete, a solid draft of "The Mental Game of Poker" is ready for final editing!

I’m excited both to have completed a major project, and more so because the of the actual content. It’s strong and if I had finished it right away it would have been good, but I have a year more of experience. Mostly what that’s done is allow me to talk about complex things in a much more simple way.

I’m eager to get this sucker polished up, looking great and ready to have all of you get a look at it and see what you think.

The book is jam packed with a ton of information for my work over the past 3 years in poker, and nearly 10 years in psychology. Basically what it’s turned out to be is a strategy book for the mental game. It has a good mix of theory and practical step-by-step instruction.

There are 8 chapters and once it’s finalized, probably in the next 3-4 weeks I’ll release a full table of contents. But the chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Foundation
Chapter 3: Emotion
Chapter 4:Strategy
Chapter 5: Tilt
Chapter 6: Fear
Chapter 7: Motivation
Chapter 8: Confidence

The book is going to total around 300 pages, and about 120 pages is just the Tilt chapter. That’s a little deceiving because part of this chapter is referenced by other parts of the book. Underlying issues that cause tilt in some players also cause fear, motivational and confidence problems in others. But very simply if you have a tilt problem, you’re getting a ton of information to help solve that problem.

Much more to come soon I promise.

Also, since I wanted to keep the book as logical, and strategic as possible some of the topical stuff that didn’t make the final cut I’ll start throwing up in my blog.

Lastly, this week I’m launching my first email newsletter along with a series of blogs about New Years Resolutions. If you’d like to be added to the list enter your name in the top right corner of this page.

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Just got Hold’em Manager

Posted by ll Gus ll

So following on from my last blog, which was my introduction... I said I would get Hold'em Manager as it is said by many people as extremely useful.

I was about to upload my stats and graphs, but for some reason it is not letting me right now... Im new to this, so if anyone could help me out how to upload images on here.  It says graphpoker.emf” has failed to upload due to an error when I try to upload it. Also, another problem i'm having is I dont know how to put the rakeback line on my graph.

Also, i'm still having trouble getting my HUD set up properly... followed what the Hold'em Manager FAQ told me to do... but nothing is happening. This is what it tells me to do - "When selected, Holdem Manager automatically launches the Table Manager when you select Start Auto Import from the Import Window.  (Table Manager controls all your HUD Overlays)". I have selected Start Auto Import, but nothing is happening... anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

Currently i'm beating - NL10 euro for 8.10bb/100 over 22979 hands

- NL10 USD for 46.98bb/100 over 3759 hands (lol)

- NL25 euro for 11.36bb/100 over 2645 hands

So as you can see i've moved up to NL25 now and hoping to keep the momentum going and reach NL50 soonish.

Thanks for ready, and would really appreciate any help from you guys if you know the answers to my questions... GL on the tables.

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SOS – quite literally

Posted by galatian

So I bought a macbook air about a month ago. I heard from a very trustworthy nerd mate that he finds them tons better than pc, for reliability and after service care in particular. And for my purposes the macbook air seemed perfect. Was loving it until I woke up the other day to this weird beeping sound, naturally the first thought that ran through my mind was that I had been selected and subsequently abducted by a superior alien race (I'd watched an episode of Fringe the night before), once I'd dismissed that ridiculous notion, I moved onto the more rational search for the bomb. And much to my dismay, it seemed my macbook was attempting to communicate with me. Long story short, it was literally morse code for SOS, and I have as a result had to send my baby away for 10 working days to think about what she has done.

Anyway, thats the reason for the break in entries. I'm all setup on my desktop now.

Regarding my schedule for playing at the busiest times on the major networks. It seems I screwed the calculations up something proper. I have since corrected my gorilla maths.

Busiest period :

1100 - 1400 Pacific Time GMT - 7, so for chynn in Ireland (GMT +1), thats

1900 - 2200 , which is similar to what is for me here in RSA (GMT +2).

I've found this to be awesome , as the busiest times are really convenient for me , and my morning sessions fall into late night poker. I have actually found the best times to play to be the FTP happy hours. By best I mean just volume. I seem to get action quicker during those periods.

Really enjoying playing around with HEM at the moment. Slowly familiarizing myself with all the various figures. Going to be adding Table Scanner into the mix soon hopefully.

Still enjoying JT psychology stuff at the moment. Watching the vids again as well as Tommy Angelo's Eightfold path to poker enlightenment. Not loving the buddism references, but the poker content is great.

Run well,


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road to 100K hands – first bad day of 2011

Posted by peasantonpaper

there have been a few posts on bad starts to the year. i am lucky enough to be at the other extreme. not only were my results good everyday (until today), but i played well and kept to my plan of increasing volume in small increments as well as limiting session length--i failed on both accounts today. frankly, I played like hot garbage, over too many tbs, and for 30min longer than my allotted max (30 min in which i gave away a full stack in 3 pots that i should have been +25bb in had i played correctly and actually thought through the hands). def got mildly tilted and got rivered repeatedly--several times as a result of a missed turn barrel, which tilts me way more than the luck factor. i lost 3.3 stacks today and 3 were due to huge mistakes (and thats just in the marked hands i reviewed--did i mention i played like hot garbage).  the one excusable error was the number of tbls since they were all JP tbls and it is so high that u get 10K just if ur sitting at tbl when it goes off, 125k to win it.  it is due.

anyway, this is a nice opportunity bc this is the first bit of adversity i have faced in a while. i have been running quite well the last few weeks and really started getting complacent with my game. also i think i was putting too much focus on quantity over quality. It is easy to focus on the negative and sulk about how the inevitable downturn has arrived and bring that losing attitude to the tbls. refocusing on improving my game and staying disciplined with carrying out my process goals is not as easy, but is required. just an hour after my meltdown of a session, it is behind me...something to learn from and leave alone rather than carry around with me making me incapable of playing my A game. A-game tomorrow. book it lol.

as far as progress in my hands, im at 60k now and looking to be at 80 by end of january.


ps. it amazes me how cathartic a lil ramble blog can be.  i recommend it ;)

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Bad start to 2011……….. crowded boat this

Posted by galatian

So having a look at those goals. Tempted just to lie to you guys. But that won't be cool, and will pretty much make this blog pointless.

- I got HEM , so not a complete failure of a week

- I managed to go 3 days without looking at my balance, and I must say I recommend it. I then went the other 4 -5 days checking it less frequently. So I now know 3 days is not beyond me , so going to shift my goal to only checking it every 3 days for now. And next move it up to once a week.

- Training videos didn't go so well, I watched some from 50 NL, pretty much my level and didn't feel I learnt a great deal. Spent most of my time reading the archives of Jared's psychology posts. Which I have found incredibly helpful. I'm going to write a whole blog post and what it's sparked and hopefully get some input from you guys.

Other than than that , I've been disappointed with my volumes and quality of play.

I usually play between the hours of  1 pm - 3am GMT+2. Here in Sunny South Africa. I know we're 10 hours ahead of California as that where my girlfriend is at the moment. After checking out I figured the busiest times on party, tilt and stars is between 0500 and 1100 SA time. So I'm switching up from a late rising degen to a early bird. Probably help not spending most of my working day in the dark, and more of my shut eye time in it. Hoping it will also normalise my life a little as I do one day want to have poker at the point where I can have a healthy family. I read Nicole Schmidt's chapter in TYPLAB about poker in the context of a marriage. And was thoroughly blessed by it , I believe Nicole will be releasing some more detailed material for us poker degen's soon. Hopefully it will aid our already flourishing  loves lives. If you guys are anything like me, you're figthing off the birds! cause nothing makes Dad happier than having his princess date a online gambler (not!)

You guys love me, some psychology stuff and new goals next post. Till then , keep it real. Always keep it real


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Bad start to 2011…but it will still be the year that changes my life.

Posted by ChipsFool

So, this is my 2nd blog and a brief update of how things a going so far this year on my quest to turn pro.

2011 started of well, I had been playing well, running ok and making a nice profit. There's me thinking that this is definitely the start of something good and could be the year I achieve what I want to achieve in poker. But as you all know, poker has a way of bringing you back down to earth and then making you feel you are a million miles away from where you want to be.

I have just finished probably my worst session ever. I can't remember the last time I had a session as bad as the one I had today (partly due to running better and obv improving as a player).

Yes , I didnt play my best, and I tilted off a couple of buy ins, but my god did I run bad.

Race after race I lost. Whenever I sucked out it was against the shortstacks and when I was all in for 150bb preflop I would get sucked out on.

One hand towards the end summed my day up and I knew I should quit. I 3bet AcKs from SB after UTG raised and massive fish called. I made a larger 3bet as fish calling with anything. Flop T53 all clubs. I overshove with NFD, snap called by Q2 with the 2 of clubs. River DEUCE...FML!!!!

Oh well, I guess thats poker and I am going to have to deal with days like this if I want to make it pro. Think I will be studying Jared's videos on how to improve the mental aspect of the game.

Oh, and while I am having a moan. Another thing that tilted me over the last couple of days...a couple of my friends who don't even play poker that often, only go and take down a couple of decent tournies for £3K+ after I got them back into it only the other day. FML again.

Hopefully, my next blog will be more positive. :)


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First Blog Post

Posted by ll Gus ll

Hey guys

First of all i hope all of you are having a good 2011 so far!

From this blog i hope to write down my development as a player and no doubt end up rambling/moaning/bragging in it too

A little bit about me...

I'm 18, and got into poker at 15... i first played texas hold em on boxing day with family, and even since ive been hooked. My first year playing was spent playing on this play money site where i was one of the top players on it, the site had a great community too... as i thought i was one of the best players on there, i mistakingly thought i was really good at poker... how wrong was i.

After this first year, i started playing freerolls on full tilt as i had no other way of depositing at 16. It was slow at the beginning, but i managed to do well (but, with no bankroll management). On full tilt ive had multiple $1,000+ scores, my biggest being $2,400 when i was 16. I then thought i was on top of the world, and ended up busting my account through over-confidence and playing too high.

I then played on pokerstars when i was 17, my friend started me off with a $10 transfer, and over 9 months i managed to build that to a peak of $3,500. I made the majority of my profit through sng's and MTT's, $3,600 and $1,000 respectively. But in the end i donked off my money playing cash games underolled.  I played a lag-spew style as i love to raise/bluff/see flops and got bored far too easily.

Here i am now, turned 18 in november - deposited £200 on Paradise Poker, managed to run that up to £725 in the last month and a bit crushing donks at NL10, also just came 2nd in a tourney last night for 196 EURO. Moving up to NL25 now and going to purchase hold em manager this coming week.  I am extremely determined to succeed at poker, and i absolutely hate losing... my friends even laugh at my reaction to when i lose at such a simple thing such as noughts and crosses, i really hate losing.

I hope Drag the Bar can develop me as a player through watching the training videos and posting in the forums,

GL everyone and happy 2011

P.S sorry if this is too long - i told you earlier im going to use this blog to ramble on haha

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Posted by GiantBuddha

I began last year on a quest to reach Supernova Elite and have my best poker year ever. I failed at that. I made it more than halfway there and made a good living along the way, but I came up short. I could blame it on the fact that I wrote two books and recorded a hundred videos, but I won't. The fact is, I just didn't play enough poker to reach that one goal. But that doesn't mean the year was a failure.

The truth of the matter is that Supernova Elite just didn't matter enough to me. It didn't matter enough to prevent me from joining DragTheBar and building a Limit Holdem department. It didn't matter enough to forgo an awesome opportunity to write Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth with Dusty Schmidt, and learn No Limit Holdem in the process. It didn't matter enough to stop me from playing in the main event of the World Series of Poker for the first time. It certainly didn't matter enough to keep me from writing my first book, Way of the Poker Warrior, and getting it published.

In retrospect, going for Supernova Elite was not a great idea in the first place. It was an effective motivator early in the year. It got me to put in my two biggest months ever. But ultimately, I wound up focusing too heavily on volume. It got me to focus on quantity over quality. I think it's a great program and a great opportunity for those who want to grind out a million hands of break even poker. But that's not for me. I won some at the tables in 2010, but not half as much as I wanted to - probably not a tenth as much as I could if I focused on that, instead.

So 2011 will be different. I don't have any arbitrary goals. I have some lofty ambitions for sure, but more than anything, I'm looking for greater consistency out of myself. All that will have to wait, though, since I'm heading to the Bahamas today to play in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure! Fun in the sun (as much as a city boy like me can stand) and a free poker tournament.

Looking back, 2010 was pretty good to me. Like every year, it had its ups and downs, but I can't be unhappy with what I achieved and what luck brought to me. New friends, new opportunities, and a comfortable enough life. Here's to all of your 2011s. Let's live like 2012 really is the end of the world because, hey, who knows?

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Poker/Daughter/Deuce Plays/Supwitchugirl

Posted by Leatherass

The other night I had a fun little night on Poker Stars. My wife went to bed early so I decided to play some late night tourneys on Poker Stars (no I don’t have better things than work after I am supposed to be relaxing after work lol). After feeling like I was going to play tournaments for the next 100 years and just get relentlessly coolered in them, I was the one doing some coolering of my own for once! I entered 5 tournaments the other night and shipped 2 of them! Now they weren’t anything to get super excited about given one of them was $682 for 1st and the other one was $3,200, but it just felt great to get some momentum late in a tournament. So while I am certainly not retiring after wins this small, it actually has done a lot to reduce my pessimism in tournaments. It is in fact possible to run well in a tournament! I have proof now!

My daughter has been a blast to watch lately. She is finally walking around now and it is pretty cool to witness that. I try to be a cheerleader for her as much as possible and you can tell she likes to be cheered on when she walks because her face lights up so much. It definitely feels a little funky to transition from watching Elmo with her or acting like she won the Super Bowl because she took some steps, to then go to the tables and ruthlessly check raise some guy in a big pot, but I will say that it sure makes the bad times a lot easier to come home and just mess around with her. It also keeps me focused as a poker player because ultimately what college she goes to or what other opportunities I may be able to create for her in the future are dependent on how often these check raises work! It’s an unorthodox way to be paying for her college, but hey it works and like I said, having something to play for keeps me focused pretty well.

The 2nd part of my interview on Deuce Plays recently went up here

I hope you guys enjoy this interview. For anyone looking to improve their poker game, this interview may be for you. In part 1 last week we talked mostly about my story and poker legislation etc, but this entire show is dedicated to some of the more interesting chapters and hands from our latest book,Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth . If you are interested in the book, I would recommend listening to this podcast and it should give you a really good idea of what the book can do for your game. If you have no interest in the book, but are looking for what amounts to free poker instruction, I think you can find some pretty decent nuggets in this interview. Either way, as always, thanks for the support for everyone who listens or happens to pick up a copy of my book.

I may be putting up another blog post pretty soon with a video I made with the supwitchugirls today. For those who are wondering who the heck they are, they are a group of Oregon students who made songs about the Oregon Ducks football team that they put up on the internet. I think they put them up fairly innocently and were part of class projects they were doing. But these songs weren’t just listened to by their facebook friends, they captured the interest of the entire state of Oregon and beyond! The songs are really well done and now have millions and millions of views on youtube. The school has even played their youtube videos on the jumbo tron at Autzen Stadium and they are household names in Oregon. Here is a link to their latest video which I absolutely love:

I am going to play some poker for the next 2 days and then on Sunday I will head to Phoenix for the Oregon/Auburn title game. I am pretty nervous and excited at the same time. I can’t believe that the Ducks have a chance to win it all in just 4 days. Wow! Getting chills here at the computer just thinking about it. Crazy stuff. I was lucky enough to have priority as a season ticket holder to get some half decent seats at face value so that was pretty nice. I also gambled it up a bit and booked my flights from Oregon to Phoenix 3 weeks before the end of the season and that is paying off nicely because we have the exact itinerary we want and I only paid $175 a ticket roundtrip. For the Rose Bowl last year I waited until a few days after we clinched a spot in the game and the plane tickets were mostly sold out or there were random middle seats for $750, so I decided it was well worth the gamble this year to book early especially considering it seemed absurdly unlikely that anyone was going to beat us. I’m glad I did!

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Dusty’s latest.

Posted by galatian

I'm a little worried I'm blogging to often. Would like my blog to evolve into something that people enjoy reading. Not something that is just my latest rant, and not very beneficial. But I'm finding myself wanting to blog quite often, especially after watching a video. So I'm going to give into the urge. Just watched Dusty's latest vid at 100NL, and just a few thoughts I picked up from him that I think are valuable. Do you guy's think this is a an applicable thing to put in a blog post? is it something that would help anyone? Think it would help me catalog thoughts and find out if I have understood the logic correctly.

1- Dusty gets into a few spots throughout the video where he is IP and decides not to cbet the flop and a few where he then decides to cbet it on the turn. Really illustrated to me that not every flop has to be cbet. I agree with Dusty (would be a bit bold to disagree eh) that at these levels barreling every street is not the only way to win. Another thought I liked was when Dusty was obsing a hand, is with reference to c-betting oop - If you can rep it, you should. Good point, often I feel like just letting a flop go, but now I'm just going to ask myself a quick question "can I rep a hand on this flop?" before I give up and take it from there. Lot of good thoughts on c betting throughout the video.

2- Dusty may make what seems like an obviously logical point, but was nice hearing it verbalised. Spend more time thinking about what they have, you already have the information about what you have. Sorry if thats more dur than duurrrrrrrrrr.

3- A situation I found myself in often, and realising now has lots of value at these levels. On a paired board, Dusty raises first to act's lead, on a   7 7 5, logic is it's it so hard for him to have 55 or a 7, and this type of player will give up alot, and will not get to tricky.

4- Dusty gets into a tight spot with QQ in the big blind after a few raises before him. But two points seemed to be what swayed him to shove it in. First, the table is not going to have AA/KK that often, though the likelihood is increased by the action before him. And secondly, at these levels he really is not looking to make huge lay down's, and if someone has AA/KK , then meh. Obviously he is not advocating this as a general attitude. But seemed solid in this situation. QQ, is actually featured in probably the 3 most interesting pots, twice when Dusty hold's the ladies , and when where he takes down a monster pot, and applies some higher level thinking.

Let me know what you guys think,

This blog post took me only a few minutes, so I won't feel to bumbed if I get ripped a new one. Anyway, hope this encourage's people to watch Dusty's latest vid. If anything....


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How Do Your Opponants Play?

Posted by zerosum79

Recently a suggestion was made to me by DTB's own Qtip that I thought was intriguing enough to make a blog post about. We were looking at a cash hand together. The hand in question was against a guy with pretty taggish stats and we were talking about what range he would call a river bet with vs what range he would fold. the question was would he fold AT type hands? I was betting a bluff.

Owen mentioned that one great way to get feedback would be to edit the hand history so that I was now in villain's position with AT and that I hide my cards to see whether the community at large would call or fold to the river bet.

To me this was a very unique way to gain insight into the way that other people play poker. Since poker is a game where much of the play is never revealed due to nonshowdowns its really hard to figure out what your tough competition would do. Posting the hand unedited calls into question too many variables and guesses about what villain would do. However editing the hand so that it is us making the call decision gives people a concrete situation to digest and tell us what they would do. If a bunch of TAGs would all fold then we have actually gained valuable free insight into how other people play that they would never reveal to us if we just ask.

I hope that the new year is treating everyone well and wish everyone good luck at the tables in the new year.


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Training, HEM and “Balance watching”

Posted by galatian

Goals for Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th

- Complete Wiltontilt's series "Mathematics of NLHE`",  I have only watched 1/8, which was a very basic intro. If one of the more advanced ones fly over my head I might have to re-watch it. In that case 6 or 7 out of 8 episodes will be cool.

- Purchase HEM, I know I know. How have I been playing without it

- Blog at least once before a debrief on my goals, on Monday 10th.

- I am going to try slowly incorporate ideas and habits that I am learning about in Dusty's books. This week I am going to focus on not "balance watching". My hope is that as I do this I will begin to detach my emotions from my earnings graph, not riding up and down with it. And no longer taking pleasure at the end of my session by seeing my balance up x amount , or being bumbed out when I'm down. Now at the end of a session I will have to find my pleasure / satisfaction from the quality of the decisions that I made, not the results thereof. Focus on something I directly control as opposed to something I indirectly control.

Going to try slowly add these things. So the focus is on making these things habit. So that eventually I just do them. And can focus my energy on the next thing. Similar to the idea of procedural memory Jared Tendler speaks about in his videos (highly recommended).

Hope 2010 is getting off to a good start for everyone.


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Well, I made the $192 I was hoping to!

Posted by ChowMeinNoodh

Lol, so much for updates, but I made it!  And it wasn't playing DoNs, that's the funny thing.  It was playing HU Limit SnGs.

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All men seek + happiness EV, this is without exception……

Posted by galatian

"All men seek happiness. This is without exception. Whatever different means they employ, they all tend to this end. The cause of some going to war, and of others avoiding it, is the same desire in both, attended with different views. The will never takes the least step but to this object. This is the motive of every action of every man, even of those who hang themselves."
— Blaise Pascal

As I promised in my earlier post. Some goals for 2011. In order of ascending importance and perspective.

3- Set monthly poker goals. This should focus on , hours, training videos and books, and blogging etc. These should be specific and measurable.

2- Work hard consistently and sustainably, on the felt and and off it. This will hopefully including finding someone to hold me accountable, and to encourage me. Just need to find this unlucky someone.

1- Continue to thoroughly enjoy poker! This is my definite #1. If I spend the entire 2011 owning souls and beating every level like a drum and sit in this seat in 365 days time not a touch happier. Fail! EPIC FAIL.

Now this is not as easy as it sounds. I don't think many of us started playing poker with making a million in mind. We started poker because it is a sick game. I got started playing R5 (less than a $) sit and go's under my mates thatch boma. And man it grated me to lose that R5, and oh how sweet it was to win that R35 grand prize!

Poker really is a game so dynamic and multi-dimensional. A game someone can learn in 5 minutes, and spend a life-time trying to master. A game where a complete novice can win the biggest prize in the game, and #1 can lose to #100, 000, 0001. From there a passion for the game got us asking the questions, the passion got us trying to figure out ways to win more, more often. And then somewhere it wanes, then it dies. And then all of a sudden we're basically 9-5 joes. And at some point along that journey, I'm certain that it will stop being fun. But that is not to be our portion sports fans. For us, passion and profits!

I want to be playing poker for a long time, but not because I want to make money. But because I wake up every morning and say to myself. Damn self, what a great day (and by the way...looking good!), what shall we do today. I know self! let's play some cards !!! attaboy, great idea, shuffle up son!! I'm not a 100% sure how I am going to do this, but for now I have the goal. The rest....... well.........we shall see.

I began with a quote from a very wise and philosophical man. And now I shall end with one from .... welll...... a different source. Actually, in an effort to protect my manhood somewhat I shall withhold its source.

“You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?’”


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New Year, New Vision

Posted by Punky159

Anyone that knows me irl, also knows that I enjoy reading, and they further know I have an eclectic taste in books. If I'm not perusing a book on poker, I might also be reading about NLP, or management principles, or even a book on Wikka, so that I can understand the path that one of my children took in order to find themselves and God. So, basically I'm pretty open minded and I have an understanding of a wide variety of things in life.

This year, I've committed myself to becoming the best possible poker player that I can be and while I've started on this path before, I never really had a solid plan to follow, so have failed many times. However, during the past year, I've become a huge fan of John C. Maxwell and his books on management and leadership, and you could say that I have a new vision and approach to how I will accomplish my goals this year. I'm going to be using some of the rules, and guidelines that I've learned from Mr. Maxwell, add in a little bit of the 7-habits from Covey, take advice from Napoleon Hill, and keep in mind how the Talent Code works. So basically in my daily life, I plan to make good decisions with discipline in an organized manner, using things I've learned and time management along with goal setting is going to be a big part of my plan.

Goal setting is the easy part since I learned how to do that when I was in the military thanks to a multitude of management courses I was sent to. The time management is somewhat of an oxymoron, but it's doable if you remember that you can't change the past, but you can influence your future, by managing the things you do today. Another way to look at time management is this... If you compare time management to money management and were told you could only do one or the other, I think a lot of people would choose to manage their money, however, when you lose money, you can always get it back, but you can't get back lost time.

How does this effect poker? In Dusty's Treat Your Poker Like a Business, he talks about playing and training in a ratio where you train so many hours for each hour of play that you do. This is a great concept that many novice players, myself included, need to adhere to, yet most of us make the same mistake of grinding out hours of play without any thought to training and learning. For me, that's now in the past and I am working on my regimen to get better in a way like never before.

Today is a New Year, and with my "New Vision", I'm ready to take the first step forward. So instead of just getting right into playing Poker, I'm going to head downstairs, do some yoga exercises, finish off with Tai Chi, then meditate on my goals. Once that's done, the poker training begins anew and I hope you'll all help me on my Journey by telling me of your plans, so it gives me the strength to continue with mine.

Punky out

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