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First and Last entry of 2010

Posted by galatian

Just wanted to sneak in before the whistle blows on 2010 with my first blog entry.

Heard about dragthebar when I read through Dusty's first book. From the get go I have had such a sick experience, Scott and Dusty really hooked me up with a great deal and great service through there publishing company Imagination (think that's what it's called). And Dusty's books are just sick. I'd recommend them to anyone from novice, to seasoned pro, to interested spouse of a poker degenerate.

From there I read about DTB and signed up for a trial membership and forgot to cancel it, so I became a member for a month by my own forgetfulness and a great little bit of strategy by DTB. Needless to say after reading the chapter on psychology in TYPLAB I started watching Jared's videos and have been amazed by the quality of the content and his great attitude, logic and mindset. I have also enjoyed the forums here so far, I have found other forums to be way to overwhelming and far to aggressive in nature. I have found the forums on DTB to be friendly, constructive  and helpful, wp gents.

So I decided to stick around as a full member, and today I log on to find out that actually. A late lite Christmas gift is that as PP player I'll be getting it free. Thank you very much, I'll have that !

So , point of this entry. This is me. Name's Don. Decided a while ago that starting 2011, I will be playing full time poker as a profession. I am a pilot by qualification and currently reside in a small mountain town about 1.5hours outside of JHB, South Africa. Currently playing 50NL on PP, and 200NL on a local RSA site.

Living where I do I don't interact with poker players on any basis in real life. So I'm looking to meet and get to know some other poker players, hopefully find a few who are driven and motivated, and who have the same goals as me. Hoping to learn a lot, and perhaps chip in here and there with the little wisdom I can muster or steal.

That's about it for now. Tomorrow's entry will include some vision for 2011, and some more general rant.

On the random side of affairs. I googled top pic's of 2010 and found this page

Check it out, some awesome pics.

Wishing everyone a sick 2011, And remember, always keep it real.


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road to 100K hands – 1/2way + resolutions

Posted by peasantonpaper

i usually don't make new years resolutions but it sure will seem like i have.  it just so happens that a total flame-out on my part occurred in december and this recent trend needs fixing.  i played a whopping 11K hands this month.  that is equal to the amount i played in the last week of november alone.  a combination of burnout and lack of motivation contributed to my lack of play but tbh it's just plain old lack of discipline.  there was always something more pleasurable than poker available and i always chose that instead of playing.

i've watched jared's supernova elite videos which focus on playing more volume at higher quality and fixing some mental weaknesses.  for the first time i have  a plan for adding volume in increments like a jogger adds miles in increments.  i am not just expecting myself to be able to do it anymore and that is a good start.

a promotion on the site i play adds further incentive for me to get my act together because it requires me to play 1K hands for 20+ days in order to be eligible for the highest payout.  this will be a huge jump in frequency of play since i haven't played 20 days in a given month since returning to playing in september.

as for 100K hand progress, im at 50K.  i have ran bad in the 200nl games i've taken a shot at and am only up a stack over 3k hands (playing in super fishy games that play easier than the 100nl).  at my reg 100nl im still rocking a 11bb/100 winrate which is great, but im not too excited cuz this doesn't mean too much after just 50k hands.  lately i've been making some bonehead mistakes and costing myself a bunch of $$$.  if i weren't running so good over my last 10k hands, i'd be losing for sure cuz there is just no way i can leave that much money on the tbl and win.

looking forward to a quick start to 2011--one that doesn't end in burnout.


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2011 – The year that will change my life

Posted by ChipsFool

This is my first blog, not really sure what to write about so I am going to bore you all with my aspirations over the next year. Hopefully, I will try to keep regular blogs updating my progress in the year.

Rather than writing this, I should be working right now, but I just can't focus on anything but poker.

I am currently a trainee accountant but I cannot stand my job. (Boring work, exams and a pathetic salary = an unmotivated individual). I'm sure many of you have been in this situation.

My goal in life is to become a full time professional poker player and possibly look to go into coaching one day. Life is too short to work a 9-5 in something your heart is not in and if you can make money in something you love doing then why not go for it....well that's my attitude anyway.

I have been trying to convince my parents that poker will be my career one day. At first, the idea was met with the reaction that I was living in a dream world, but gradually they started coming around to the idea once the knew I was having success both online and live (unfortunately I have spent most of it rather than reinvesting in poker and working my way up). My mum is fully behind what decision I take in the future however my Dad wants me to play it safe and get my accountancy qualification before giving it a shot. Deep down I know he is right, but did anyone ever get what they wanted by playing it 100% safe? All great/successful people I am sure have taken a chance at some point in their life, not to mention the fact that I may have gone insane by the time I did qualify.

Poker is my passion. I work hard at my game...studying articles, posting hands, reviewing sessions, watching videos, a personal coach and most importantly putting in the hours at the table and I love doing each and everyone of these. I am a great believer that hard work gets rewarded and practice makes perfect (well, as close to it as possible).

Since I have dedicated more time to poker, my results have improved dramatically. I feel I am learning all the time and not standing still and getting left behind.

I play 6-8 tables at 50NL, and have beaten the game consistently at a good win rate since improving my game, soon I will be moving up to 100NL once I have 100 buy ins.

I have recently got a 50% rakeback deal and also get entered into rake races for extra bonuses each month. I truly believe if I were to play 100NL then I could earn around £5k+ a month (a comfortable living) just from rakeback and bonuses, and that is being prudent in assuming that I will breakeven on the tables and play roughly 40 hours a week (I believe I will play many more). Therefore my goal over the next 6 months is to keep grinding in my job and poker, saving money for living expenses while building my bankroll and then giving it a shot.

I would hate to get midway through my life, having settled for the 9-5 wondering if I could have made it professional doing something I love. It's better to have gone for your dreams and failed than to never have taken a shot at them at all.

2011 will be my year!!!

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Looking Forward to 2011

Posted by FatsDomino

I figured I would try to start blogging again here in the new year. Poker has been good to me the past few months and I'm looking to gear up for a busy year of playing/studying. First off, DTB has been a great help to my game and the people here are very knowledgeable and friendly. I can't say enough about the excellent content of the site as well as quality feedback from the members.

I have ordered Dusty's new book and that will be a source of study here in the first months of the new year. I ordered the hard copy as I just prefer that over reading it on the computer or printing it out, so I should have that here in the next couple of weeks. I intend to keep studying the videos, posting hands on the forums, and simply becoming more part of the DTB community as it helps me become an all around better player.

I have never been a very good multi-tabler mostly because I honestly just haven't put the time into it, but the past few months I've been playing four tables and have been very pleased with my decisions and results. In the new year I am planning on working my way up to six tables as I get more comfortable with it.

I'll be starting the year out playing my usual 25NL and plan to stay there for the first few months of the year, however I hope to be moving up by the springtime as I should have the bankroll for it after I put in a few months of hands. I know I've been reading how tough the cash games are at 1000NL and above, however at the small limits there are still lots of very bad players. I just hope that sometime in the next couple of years we do get poker legislation to go through so we can have an influx of new players online which will be another poker boom and a great thing for all of us who stuck with it during these UIGEA times.

I'm hoping to find a person or two to work with on a regular basis from DTB to do weekly/biweekly study sessions with. I think it will help my game. One thing I don't have is any friends that are serious about poker. I have several who play it casually but would never think about grinding every week, watching videos, or studying the game. So I would really like to get a friend or two that is just as serious about the game as I am.

Also in the new year I want to play several live sessions every month. I live ten minutes from a very nice casino with a nice poker room, so I want to work on my live play this year. The players at the live 1-2NL games are awful and there is a good bit of money to be won there, so I'm looking forward to that as well.

So I wish everyone a great 2011 and I hope that my blogging about my poker adventures will serve as a means of poker therapy for myself and slight entertainment for others. Best of luck and good health in the new year.

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Deuce Plays

Posted by Leatherass

The past week has been pretty cool. My daughter Lennon was unbelievably fun to watch at Christmas. Pretty much everyone in the family got her a gift and she was having so much fun playing with all of them. And we were having a ton of fun watching her play with them. There were so many priceless moments. For several years now my wife have been celebrating Christmas, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as it was this year.

It’s amazing what having a little one will do to you. I have always had a sense that my kids would be the thing that would mean the most to me once I had one, but man, after having a little one around, it is way more amazing than I ever could have imagined. You can’t really explain why just watching her eat a pear for breakfast or even watching her just sleep on the baby monitor is so awesome, but for everyone out there who is a parent themselves, I’m sure you know what I am talking about. Fun stuff.

The main purpose of this blog was actually to give out a link to an interview I did with Bart Hanson that came out today. I have done a number of interviews over the years and Bart is definitely up there with some of the best interviewers I know. To my knowledge, he plays poker pretty darn well and is on the up and up with pretty much all things poker so that makes for a pretty fun interview, especially when we have the entire length of the show.

We got to talking a lot about Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth , the state of the poker games, shortstacking, poker legislation, a little bit about my own story, treating poker like a business, and many other pretty interesting things. I felt pretty good about how the interview went considering so many of the questions were really right up my alley. I feel like I have about as much experience playing online poker as just about anyone, so to get to talk about all kinds of poker issues is something I feel pretty confident about. Hopefully you enjoy the interview. Here is a link to it:

I hope everyone has a great end to their year. I am going to do a ‘year in review" post here in the next week. I think the year has had a lot to reflect on and while it wasn’t an exceptional year in some regards, I learned a lot from it and I think I can apply a lot of what I learned to have a big 2011 or 2012. I hope your year treated you well and have a great new years.

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Poker Stars Tournaments

Posted by Leatherass

I am really looking forward to putting a heavy emphasis on tournaments for 2011. I have been gearing up for them by playing more of them and trying to understand ranges as well as various inflection points. It is important to have a solid understanding of ranges as well as how your play can be influenced based on payout structures and things like your “M” and "Q’ etc.

So far it has been pretty interesting. One thing that is sure fun as well as encouraging is to get the opportunity to play with so many weak players. It does get old bashing heads against so many tough players in the cash games I play in so it is quite a relief when you see people make such awful mistakes. Another thing that is very encouraging to me is that I do not feel that the tournament players that are among the winners appear particularly tough as well. I have seen many guys who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in tournaments make just awful decisions that can not be defended. So that was encouraging too. I feel like I can jump right in these things and expect to do pretty well in the long run. Tournaments are never going to be something that you can crush month after month or even year after year. So much depends on such a small sample size that there is no question that the guy/gal winning player of the year was most likely to simply be the luckiest amongst the top players.

Either way, I am looking to try and get some thrills out of poker again. It is hard to get the blood flowing playing 5/10nl when you have done it for millions of hands. Win rates are shrinking all the time at cash games. That is no secret. When I was winning 7 figures a year grinding 5/10 and 10/20, it could be a very large mistake to play tournaments and sacrifice so much opportunity cost from the cash tables. But at this point, I am not sure if there is more money in NL cash games or tournaments for me to be honest. There is certainly more upside to the tournaments, but there is also some downside as well as some inevitable brutal variance. So I have decided to focus on tournaments every Sunday on Poker Stars as well as all of the COOP events that run a few times a year. I will also be competing in the WSOP for the entire series next year. So I guess that will be a lot of tournaments. I still intend to play the bulk of my hands at the cash games tables however.

Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth has been continuing to get solid reviews. I have been very pleased so far with what everyone has told me and Paul about our book. One professional review that was done on the book said it was aimed to improve the games of anyone who either wasn’t a beginner or a high stakes player. So I thought that was pretty perfect because that is exactly who we intended it for. We feel the book is something you can build your game around since it focuses so heavily on play from each and every position against so many player types. And so far people seem to be liking it so Paul and I are pretty stoked. We have several more professional reviews by poker journalists so when we get those I will be sure to link them in here in case anyone is curios about it.

Good luck to everyone at the tables and I hope the new year treats you well!

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Posted by Punky159

Every year there is a hustle and bustle to buy that one special gift for those special someones in your life, or you may be the type that espouses the reason for the season mentality, but regardless of how we spend our holiday seasons, we all have blessings in our lives that we can be thankful for and can count on to bring true joy. My newest true joy was the birth of my second grandchild. Serenity was born on December 22 to one of my blessed children and is the greatest Christmas Gift I could ask for. So, as I celebrate, I wish even greater blessings to everyone out there, no matter what your reason for the season is. Happy "Insert your reason here" to you all.

Punky out

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Unplugging for a 3 Week Book Writing Grind

Posted by Jared Tendler

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanza, & New Years everyone! The holidays are a great time of year and taken with a grain of salt the stresses that are naturally part of it don't have to take away from the fun that can be had with the important people in your life.

I'm looking forward to spending a great weekend with some close friends, family and my girlfriends family for Jewish Christmas (chinese food and a movie - not sure which one yet, anyone see 'The fighter' or 'The King's Speech' ?). It's going to be a great chance for me to relax before I unplug for a 3 week grind to finish up the book. From Dec 26th - Jan 16th other than one day to talk with clients and another day I'm going to the dentist - getting the book read for final editing is my only focus.

The last few months I've happily been very busy with an influx of new clients. That's just left much less time and energy (sessions take a lot of it) to focus on the book. So for the next 3 weeks that's going to be my only focus, so I won't be posting any new blogs, and won't be on twitter, facebook, skype, and I'd prefer not to answer any questions in my forum on DTB, but if you have a pressing question it's just not in my nature to turn someone away.

Until then I wish you all well!

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Hellmuth/Tournaments/HEM Discussion

Posted by Leatherass

The past week or two has been a lot of fun. First off it has been pretty funny reading everyone’s take on my latest book, Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth There have been many articles out discussing the book’s title, but I’m hoping that we get some discussing the content of the book itself. So far the user reviews have been all positive so far. That is obviously great to hear. When you put a book out into the world which in turn leaves you pretty vulnerable since you know that if you make even one mistake or you explained even one concept improperly, you are going to get crucified.

The articles about the book I find most laughable are the ones that go something like this,“Who does this Schmidt kid think he is? How dare he question the champ. How many bracelets does this kid have anyway? ZERO. And he’s telling a guy with 11 that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?” Those ones always make me laugh. I think what many are forgetting is that this is a no limit holdem cash game book. This has nothing to do with tournaments whatsoever. Sure, the cash game advice will apply very well in the early stages of tournaments when stacks are deep, but the fact that Phil has won 11 bracelets and that somehow means he knows more than me about no limit holdem cash games, well, that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.

The bottom line is this. I play cash games and Phil plays tournaments, for the most part. We both sometimes play each others games, but we both definitely fall into two separate categories as players. Writers can speculate all they want. That is their job and they are good at it. I have no problem with that. But if Phil was really a great cash game player and thought I wasn’t any good, we’d be playing heads up. Because there is no way a poker player is going to pass up on playing big stakes against someone else who they thought was far inferior. I would never turn down an offer to play someone I was substantially better than in a high stakes HU match and neither would Phil. I haven’t gotten any messages as far as I can tell about any offers to play Phil and you can guarantee I won’t. And that’s pretty much all anyone needs to know to figure out this whole debate. Because I know that’s sure not a match I would run from.

I played most of the Sunday tournaments at Poker Stars a few days ago. In the interest of making poker more fun and mixing up the grind, I am going to play as many tournaments as I can enter on Poker Stars on Sundays indefinitely. I recently worked out a deal with a good friend where I am sponsoring him in tournaments. He is off to a great start after binking the $109r on Stars for $80,000 a couple of weeks ago. And while it has been a lot of fun to sweat him, I also decided to spend a good deal of time learning how to play tournaments in the later stages in an effort to both improve my own tournament game as well as develop some concepts for my friend.

I did countless hours of work on that in the past month and I am feeling very good about my tournament game. I have a little bit of a unique strategy in that I try to play as much after the flop as possible. I have just noticed that so many of even the so called “good” or even “great” tournament players have post flop games that I doubt would succeed at even low stakes cash games, so I try to take them out of their usual shove game as much as possible and make them think postflop. So far I am pleased with how I am playing these tournaments, but I’ve only played the past 2 Sundays and while I made one final table, not much has gone my way yet. Hopefully it will one day though.

The rest of my work time has been spent playing some cash game hands here and there and also working hard on my game away from the table. I have really tried to examine each and every thing I do at the tables. I am scouring my game for any inefficiencies and just eliminating every weak aspect I can find. What is pretty interesting for all of the Holdem Manager junkies out there is that I have forever played a game that got crushed at non showdown pots. In fact, I looked over the hands I played in 2007 and 2008, years in which I made well over a million dollars at mostly 5/10nl, and noticed that I lost around 50 cents a hand without showdown. I played a game that induced so many bluffs and I worked so hard at trying to maximize value against my opponent’s ranges, primarily through letting them keep the lead or take the lead in the pot, and it was very effective. I won nearly 5ptbb/100 those two years. Today, however, that strategy doesn’t really work in my opinion because guys are so much better at figuring out what is going on in a hand and making correct adjustments.

In fact, when I was struggling with my results, my non showdown got even worse, but I also wasn’t maximizing my value at showdown pots, so I was essentially experiencing the worst of all worlds. So now I am really focused on the non showdown number and getting that in a spot where it is relatively neutral. So far in the 12k or so hands I have played since I went to work specifically on this aspect of my game, I am up like $1,000 without showdown. So I am very pleased with the progress there. I am have much better game plans now on how to handle my opponent’s ranges. I am still a long, long way from where I want to be though. For now I will continue to limit my play at the tables and spend most of my time working on my game in an effort to take it about 47 levels higher than my game is right now. I’m shooting for the moon, I guess you could say. But I feel like now is the perfect time to do it. Bankroll is of no concern to me right now so that frees me up really well. Secondly, the games are so hard right now that there is much less value in trying to bang out tons of hands each day. So I figure I need to get my win rate much, much higher which in turn will help me down the line. Anytime the value in grinding goes down, the value in studying the game goes up. When I was making 5ptbb/100 at 5/10nl, there was little reason to take time away to work on my game. But if I feel my edge is only 1ptbb/100, let’s say, then that is a great time to work on my game because I am not losing nearly as much by not playing.

Thanks again to all of the people who are putting their trust in me as a poker coach. I really appreciate that so many people are ordering Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth despite there not being one single professional review yet. With my last book, Treat Your Poker Like A Business, the book was such a quick read that people would get it and read it in a day and put reviews up. My latest book is nearly 400 pages, so reviews are much more slow to come, but please continue to check in at my website as well will be putting reviews up as they come in. Thanks everyone. Have a great holiday season with your families and at the tables if you happen to play some cards.

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Getting in the zone techniques – breath

Posted by peasantonpaper

in his poker warrior book, paul hoppe has a chapter on getting in the zone. he uses a little pregame routine of brief vigorous activity (to get his energy up), cpl minutes of meditation to get himself centered, and a cpl minutes of key concept review that he'll be employing in his session. Key stuff, great book, check it out.

while working out, meditation, and concept review are key techniques, there are a couple i like to use on top of those that work great. i'll outline one here....

there is an ease about being in the zone. everything seems easy, breath not excluded. so how do u breathe easy--breathe efficiently with your diaphragm not ur ribcage. for this we need good posture. im sure you have noticed a guy on a rush is noticeably more erect than a guy in a cooler. But if u try to force good posture with ur muscles u will only get sore. the key is to get pumped up--literally.
vigorous exercise will generally pump u up and has similar effect on posture and breathing but this is a technique to get the benefits without breaking a sweat. it's simple: you just take as deep a breath as u can until u notice ur posture becoming more erect. relax and exhale. u'll notice that u don't droop as far back as where u started. inhale super deep again and keep going until u have to force short suck-in breaths at the end (u should notice a severe change in posture as ur body has to make as much room as possible for ur lungs to expand fully). upon exhaling i like to do what is called a 'lion's breath' in yoga. it is basically sticking ur tongue out and down and forcibly exhaling (u should hear a haaa sound). don't exhale to empty just get the exhale started with a push. almost everyone smiles after a lions breath. in yoga they will tell u that it is because of the way ur energy is now flowing, but a physiologist will simply say that u flexed the muscles of the face which u use to smile and have a kind of 'permasmile' effect because of increased resting tension in those muscles. whichever explanation u prefer--u are now sitting erect, alert, and smiling; a good primer for being in the zone.

overall, your breathing is something to keep track of as studies have shown that emotional states have their own corresponding breathing patterns.  the relationship between emotion and breath runs both ways meaning that if u consciously alter the breath, u alter the emotional state.  this is obv key if u just consider how differently u play when happy compared to when angry/sad.

if you checked out my blog 'what can i do to run better' you will see an added benefit to the pumping up and lion's breath technique... this technique makes u feel better and as i outlined in that blog (in a most unscientific way mind you) YOU RUN BETTER WHEN U FEEL BETTER.


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Taking the good with the bad

Posted by Punky159

Didn't think I'd blog again this quick, but then again it's therapy, right? Well, over the year my ROI has been about -4% which is pretty darn horrible, I know... hence doing something about it. Well anyways, I joined DTB at the end of April and it actually took me a long time to start getting it and understanding proper play. Over the last 90 days, I've had a positive ROI of +4%, and in the last 30 days, it's jumped up a little, but not much. My main problem, other than overvaluing "Just One Pair", even a big pair has been to go on tilt when getting bad beats, and then moving up to ridiculous levels and not stay within my bankroll. I mean, I have other leaks, but I'm working on them. Sure wish I could afford a few months of Coaching with JT, on the mental game, but if not today, then maybe some day.

Well, to continue... Since struggling with the ABC Sit and Go concepts, I know my game is turning around because of my results over the last 3 months. If I can keep away from tilt, and moving up when I shouldn't, then I'm sure 2011 is going to be a different kind of year for me.

I know this to be true because I started the day playing 4 sit and go's, won 2, took a 3rd in another, and got knocked out in 7th when I had a 12BB shove with TT and ran into AA. Not a big deal, it happens and I didn't get mad at myself. Then I decided that I was playing pretty good and since I was up a bit, I decided to try a 24 +2 90 Player KO tournament. Now this is in fact one of my tendencies that I'm working on and I should have waited for a lower buy in, but again I was feeling pretty good. I doubled up twice early in the tournament with good hands and by the time we got to 40 players left, I was the chip leader and had 3 knockouts. Then of course, card dead for a very very long time and with 12 players left, I finally had TT in middle position with 12 BB 19K stack, and I looked at my option with blinds approaching. I decided to shove since I was getting respect and had a tight image and I got called by AK, imagine my joy at a flop of TQA, a turn of 4, and to my horror, a river of J and I lost the hand. Normally, I'd be mad at myself and second guessing my play. However, I still had 5K chips left and with a little luck, I got into the final table. Overall I played well, and I made my biggest mistake against the big stack. Super loose, and he was calling everything except shoves. Well, I was in the BB with 44, of course the big stack raises and I shoved over him because I'd seen him fold often. Well, his 55 knocked me out, but I had 5 knockouts and took 8th, so my 26 dollar investment netted me 48 and I learned something. Overall, it was a pretty good day and I still had some play left in me, so I decided to play a few $12 Turbos, I recently started playing them and had some success along with playing regular tournaments, but this is where the bleeding began. I played 3 Turbos and in the first one my KK ran into AA pre-flop and I lost... not a big deal even though my spidey senses were tingling at the villains re-raise. Per Daniel Negreanu, I'm not folding KK. In my second one, with Blinds at 60/120, I gambled against a weak player who was playing any two and I shoved KQo from the button when I was down to 12BB, I got called by TJs and by the river my opponent nailed a backdoor flush draw. Normally, I'd go nuts, but I expected the call and expected to be ahead. In the 3rd Turbo, I had to fold QQ on a flop of 33A when a player I knew is infamous for calling from the button with Arag shoved. A few hands later I was down to 9BB, had KK in the BB and a weak player under the gun shoved 6BB, got called by another player who is also weak and I called with my KK. I was delighted to see them have A9 and A5 on a flop of 293, turn of 2, and OMG, an Ace hit the river. So I was knocked out again. 3 in a row. Undaunted, I decided to play 2 regular paced sit and go's and to be honest, I was not even on tilt, which is surprising for me. The first game, I was playing fine and with blinds at 40/80 I had QQ in the small blind and raised 2.5x BB. I got called and the flop was 74J, I made a mistake here I'm pretty sure when I made a 2x Pot bet with the goal of having weak Aces fold and to my surprise the BB shoved. Well, I was pot committed and called thinking maybe the BB had AJ and hoping he didn't have JJ. To my surprise, he had A2o, YIPEEE.... I think you know what's coming.... the turn was a 6, YIPEEEE.... yeah you know... an Ace hit the river and I was knocked out. I think this is probably where I tilted because for the most part I played each of my Sit and Go's properly with a few mistakes here an there. In my final Sit and Go, I played it like a moron. I mean at first I was doing fine, and then with 6 players left, the SB raised to 240 with Blinds at 40/80. Moron me, calls with QJo which is a hand I know I'm supposed to fold, especially against a NIT, but I was probably steaming, no I know I was steaming... I guess it built up to a slow boil before I realized it. Anyway, the flop was 24Q, and the SB made what looked like a continuation bet, so Moron me shoves and gets called by the perfect trap, AA. I told him well played and I sat in my chair and did some yoga breathing.

Normally, and in the old days, I'd get mad at myself and try to win it back moving up to 20's or even higher. Instead, I recognized that I went from playing well, to playing poorly and that's why I'm writing this blog so soon after my last one.

If there is any moral to this story, it might be that just maybe, just a teeny bit, I might be maturing as a player.

Punky out

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The Journey

Posted by Punky159

I don't blog all that much, but I'm finding that it's helping me on my journey and at least one of my goals of becoming a winning poker player. As I talk about different things, it seems that I understand them more clearly and I hope to use the blogs to impart some of what I'm learning and maybe it will help others to think about things in a different way.

I said in my last blog that I believe in myself and it's a major step in my journey. Also, as I study the writings in John C. Maxwells excellent book "Talent is Never Enough," I am starting to see a road map that will guide me towards my goals in everything I do.

I decided that this year, I'm not going to make a New Years resolution, but instead, I'm going to rework my game plan with my ultimate goal, and my (thanks to Zero) different "Definite Major Purpose" for my long term, mid term, and short term goals.

Health and fitness are just one part of transitioning into the player I want to be. I mean if I'm not healthy and fit, how can I sit down at the poker table for extended periods of time? I'm also working on my brain through taking the proper vitamins, and oh yah, there's Lumosity which is kind of a brain training website that's helping me. In fact, I'm noticing that I'm doing a lot of what I would term "Unconventional" training to help me along my way. Yoga, Tai chi, etcetera and even more.

What's strange is that I've started journey's before, but I never really believed in myself. So, as I move onward and I train, and get better, I think the blogging is going to be an added therapy for me. We'll see how it goes.

Punky out

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What Can You Compare This To?

Posted by Leatherass

I was hanging out with my wife tonight and we got to talking a bit about local politics and somehow we got to talking about the current laws regarding online poker in the state of Washington. Now obviously we all know that they are moronic (for those that aren't aware, it is a felony carrying a 6 month jail sentence if you are caught playing online poker), but I got to thinking just how moronic these laws really are.

Then I had a thought. There is a casino minutes north of Oregon in the state of Washington called La Centre. They spread poker there and it is perfectly legal to play. So I got to thinking, what if you brought your laptop into the casino and sat at a poker table and played online poker while you are playing live poker? People do this from time to time at live poker tournaments. You could in that situation simultaneously be doing the exact same thing and it be both perfectly legal and a felony at the same time. Play poker on a laptop = 6 months in jail but playing poker inside the casino and you are welcomed.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any law that exists where you can be performing the exact same activity in the exact same location and time, in addition, no particular licenses or prerequisites need to be obtained either way (which would preclude anyone saying for example, driving a car without a license). Anyone got anything? Is this not the most absurd law in the United States?

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About to get back to grinding…

Posted by Spankylank7

Over the last few months I have had some real good ups and some real bad downs through poker including 1 win and 2 seconds in mtts. After going on tilt and losing about 1/2 my roll I decided to take a break till after this semester of school. Well guess what as of the 23rd, I will be back to the tables trying to grind single table sngs and maybe trying out some new sites in the mean time. I am really looking forward to getting back into and trying to get the roll headed back in the right direction.......

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Retiring From Massive Grinding

Posted by Leatherass

It is getting pretty close to Christmas now and a couple of weeks ago I decided to shut it down poker wise,at least in terms of massive grinding. My intent was to grind super hard through year end and make Super Nova elite, but then some funny things happened. 1st off I began running very, very poorly. In fact, I got on my worse run ever and while I usually grind twice as hard when really bad runs happen, not this time. Secondly, this is my first year as a Dad around the holidays where my daughter is starting to get old enough where we can play together and have some fun and I just want to be around her as much as possible. Lastly, while I know I am on my worst run ever right now, I know that I have made a few incorrect adjustments in my game that have cost me at the tables. So while I am as unmotivated as I have ever been to grind hands, I am highly motivated to get better at poker. I am excited to take some time away from grinding and spend some quality time rebuilding my poker game.

I suppose right now I feel like a football coach who was taking his team to a BCS game every year. Life was good and people were really having a tough time figuring out how to exploit my plan. Now I feel like that same coach who just had his first 9-4 season. 9-4 still gets the coach’s team ranked in the top 25 at season end and still is highly respectable, but the coach gets the sense that some games he just got flat out out coached and he is realizing that he may need to go back to work on his game plan. Now it would be easy to chalk up that 9-4 year as maybe an off year or maybe he thought a lot of unfortunate turnovers is what lead to his 9-4 year, not just that his game plan was starting to get cracked a little. But that’s a chance I would rather not take.

This year I made around $425,000 from poker at the tables which includes bonuses and live winnings. Any money I got as a result of playing poker at the poker tables is included. $425,000 in 11 1/2 months of poker is nothing so sneeze at of course, but it feels like a 9-4 year compared to what I have been able to do in the past. And I figure that rather than let 9-4 potentially slip to 7-6, I better get cracking on my game to make sure next year is 12-1 and not 7-6. Because in today’s fast paced games it is easy to let that happen. In fact, most of the player pool I competed against from 2007 at 5/10 and 10/20nl is back at 1/2 and 2/4nl or completely out of poker now. Only the strongest have survived the games over time. In a way, I am still proud of myself that I can say I have survived these games, but on the other hand, I didn’t get into poker to just survive at my stakes. I have always wanted to be the best. And the only way for that to have a chance at happening is to work my tail off away from the tables.

In addition to working hard away from the tables, I have made the decision to quit massive multi tabling. I just don’t think it is as profitable for me as playing less tables. I think I gave up too much playing so many. In 2007 and 2008 when I had the best win rate online, I never played more than 8 tables and often times it was 6 tables. I started realizing this summer at the WSOP that I was playing much different (and much, much better) live than I was online. I just saw things live and when I had time to make tough decisions, I was nailing them every time. I also came up with several plays on the fly that were highly creative and highly successful the times I used them. But when I am playing 18 tables at a time online, I just can’t do that stuff.

Furthermore, after 9 million hands, I am just burnt out from grinding 18 tables. I realized this year that I am actually not enjoying what I do for a living. Sure, it doesn’t help when you run $150,000+ behind EV online and never have a single tournament score. Not many people are going to enjoy a poker year like that. But even though I ran poorly, the bottom line is that the shelf life for someone enjoying 18 table grinding is short. In fact, I am sure I have endured it longer than probably anyone. It just isn’t for me anymore.

For those who saw my results online and assumed that I must be joking when I said I still had a winning month in November to extend my consecutive month to month winning streak, it was no joke. I had tons of bonuses kick in for me in November and won a decent amount playing live poker and won $900 for the month lol. But I think that streak may come to an end this month. I am stuck a little on the month, and I am comfortable having the streak end if I don’t run well in the small amount of poker I will play the rest of the year. I have enjoyed that streak for a very long time now, and only plan on playing a small number of hands this month anyway, so if it ends it ends. I am not going to worry about that stuff. I just want to improve my poker game and actually enjoy poker again. And I believe that if I spend most of my poker time working on my game away from the tables for a few months and when I do decide to play a lot again, play 8 tables at most, I will be much better off for it in the long run.

Actually writing all of this reminds me of my latest book, Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth. One thing we have said about Phil is that he absolutely was one of the great players awhile back. But then Phil switched from being a poker player to a poker celebrity and thousands of players passed him as a player while he wasn’t paying attention to his game. Phil would obviously scoff at this, but it is an indisputable fact. And I sorta feel that I can learn lessons from my own writing about Phil. In the process of becoming a father (and trying to be a good one at that) and a writer, the attention I paid to my poker game slipped. Right now I feel like rather than Phil who let thousands pass him, I probably let 50-100 pass me. And I don’t want 50-100 to turn into 500-1,000. So I better work hard! But the good news is that while this industry is definitely firmly in the “what have you done for me lately” mode (and rightfully so because the game evolves so quickly and good instructors from 2008 can be bad in 2010 if they don’t evolve), things can turn around quick. The 50-100 that have passed me, I can pass right back up in a matter of weeks or months. You can really get a lot done away from the tables in a month and turn things around quickly, so I am not concerned too much right now. I have been here before. I know what I have to do.

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to everyone who ordered my latest book,Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth . While the book is doing very well sales wise so far, since it has only been out less than a week, we are short on reviews. If there is anyone out there who has read it and wouldn’t mind giving us some feedback, we’d greatly appreciate it. Any review you give anywhere on the internet is helpful, but if you want to put something on my FB wall, you can do so here: My Facebook page

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Talent is Never Enough

Posted by Punky159

The talent code breaks everything down into 3 elements which are practice, coaching, and motivation. But is it really that simple? How many talented people do you know who never reached their full potential, in fact how many talented people are even successful?

I think all of us are talented in varying degrees and on different levels, but it's important to do a self-analysis and take a closer look at what we view as our talent? When I was very young, starting out in baseball, I wanted to be a pitcher so bad it hurt, and when the coaches weren't around, I'd practice and practice and after sometime I was able to strike out several of the kids my age and I felt I was ready to talk to the coach about taking my shot at being a pitcher. My coach wasn't too supportive, but he said he'd give me a shot at the end of practice. I waited patiently and when it was time, my coach got up to the plate and said "If you can strike me out, you can pitch." I stood on the mound, moved the ball around in my right hand until I felt the stitching, wound up and fired away.... KBLAM!!! My coach hit pitch after pitch and then started telling me that I'd never amount to much If I couldn't strike out the coach even once. In my 11 year old mind, I was devastated and dejected and I probably cried that day. I didn't realize it then, but this "coach" and I'm using the term loosely, changed my mindset completely for most of the rest of my life.

Anyway, the next week seemed to go downhill at a rapid pace and I could no longer do anything right. I couldn't field the ball, kept misjudging fly balls, and when my family showed up to a game, I was ashamed to play. I didn't want them to see how bad I was. But the funny thing is, prior to that one life changing incident, I was considered one of the better players. I didn't know it then, but I had lost all belief in myself and my talent went to waste.

Over the next several years, I became good at art, photography, martial arts, but when it came time to step up to the plate and go to the next level, I flashed back to what my baseball coach said and everything fell apart. Too many failed relationships, marriages, friendships, all shot to shit and I can trace it back to being told I'd never amount to much. I was also from a broken family, so didn't get much support there either.

What I did become good at was becoming just good enough to get things done, but never good enough to truly excel. I'm much older now, and somewhat wiser, and I realize that while I have many different talents, I held myself back because of a perception that wasn't true. I didn't learn to stay away from the negative influences in my life and I instead just accepted mediocrity.

Well, over the past few years I've kind of had an epiphany. Failures don't retire after 22 years of military service. Failures don't fight for 19 years to finish a College Degree they started when they were young. Failures don't step to the plate as a single parent to their children for over 14 years getting no help from their ex's or the state. Failures don't inspire their children to go out and achieve their goals in life. It took a long, long time for me to realize that I was someone worth knowing and being.

So where does that put me now? Well, I am a big fan of reading, playing chess, obviously poker, and oh the occasional On-line Massive Multi-player (Yes, I've played Warcraft and other games), I also loved golf and played and practiced daily until I had a severe back injury. Oh, did I mention that failures would give up after six months of not being able to walk, but I didn't give up and not only do I walk, I protect and serve the public which was a dream I had as kid to do.

So, what are my plans... well, after reading Peak Performance Poker (it's a good book, but unlike any poker book you'll ever read), I started working on my diet and exercise plan, so that's a step towards some of my goals in life. I also just finished reading another book by my favorite motivational/Leadership author "John C. Maxwell" and the title really caught my eye.

"Talent is Never enough" is an outstanding book that puts forth 13 guidelines or choices that you need to make yourself a talent plus person. The first guideline is "Belief"!!! We all have talent, but if you don't believe in yourself, the mission, and most of all you don't believe in your potential, well then you'll never truly bring your talent to the level where you want to be.

My goal right now is to go through each chapter of that book with a fine tooth comb and work hard at accomplishing what I want. My friends believe me to be a good poker player and while I play a decent home game, I've not achieved the level of success that I wanted to in my on-line experience and to be honest, I have visions of someday being a winning tournament and cash game player.

I have 10 more years before I retire from my second career and on the day I retire, I want to take my Nikon D7000 camera (I don't have it yet, but will), my laptop and some gear and clothing, then put everything into my saddlebags and head out riding my bike from state to state, taking pictures along the way as I travel to different poker venues and crush the game.

Talent is Never Enough, but I believe in myself now and that's a start.

Punky out

One last thing while the Talent code explains a kind of road map to how talent comes about, the book Talent is Never Enough, gives you a personal road map to success.

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road to 100K hands – 1/3 december

Posted by peasantonpaper

well after pouring on the grinding in last week of november i had a great momentum built up into december. 11 days in i've played 3K hands. this is the type of undisciplined slacking that sometimes makes me want to slap myself in the face repeatedly (not true but a vivid portrayal of frustration nonetheless). on the other hand it was a real fun 11 days lol. the only momentum i have now, is marathoning 'the mentalist' and watching football.

i still hope to get over 20K hands this month but not doing so well with forcing myself to play, cuz when i do force it i play poorly. just like with school years back i guess i'll just fire up the engines closer to deadline and get just enough done to take the heat off. i think im gonna drop to weekly marks cuz having months as my arbitrary time periods for checking in on progress is just not working out.


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Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth

Posted by GiantBuddha

That’s the name of the book I just finished writing with Dusty “leatherass” Schmidt. I finished my final edits yesterday, and in a marvel of modern technology and book design, you can already purchase and download the e-book at The hard copy ships January 2nd. That’s fast.

Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth took over four months to write, rewrite and revise. It felt like a long time because I expected the book to take just two months, and the delay pushed back my Supernova Elite chase to the point of extinction. Looking at the process, though, four months is an extremely short time frame for a project like this. After all, Dusty had to teach me the finer points of No Limit Holdem, then I had to put them into writing, and then we had to refine and reinforce the material to the point where it can teach you the finer points of No Limit Holdem. Learning something to the point of being able to teach it is an intense process.

When Dusty asked me to work with him on this project, I said yes for three reasons. First of all, there’s the money. I’ve never been overly motivated by the greenbacks, but the prospect of making good money as a writer appeals to me. Dusty’s first book Treat Your Poker Like A Business has sold very well, so I figure this book is a good bet to sell at least as well, maybe better since it’s bigger and jam-packed with strategy advice.

The second thing that appealed to me about writing this book was the chance to develop a bigger name as a writer. Ten years from now, I think I’d rather be writing than playing poker, although I imagine I’ll still be doing both. Having the opportunity to hone my craft, put my name on a book that will end up in a lot of hands, and get paid for it, was not something I could pass up.

Finally, there was the chance to work with Dusty Schmidt. He’s a polarizing figure in the poker world and possibly the biggest online winner outside of the nosebleeds. I admired his work ethic and assumed he must be doing something right strategically to be making all that money. So I thought talking to him for a hundred hours or so might be fun and would certainly be educational.

Well, we’ll see how motivations #1 and #2 pan out, but I have to say the book’s already worth it for me on account of #3. Not only is Dusty a thoroughly good dude, he possesses a keen mind for poker strategy and an ability to articulate the logic behind all of his plays. He never says, “Well, I usually do this here because I feel like it’s the best play.” Or, “I like a bet here.” Or to borrow a line from the book, “I led out here to find out where I stood.” He always has a well-defined reason for each play, and I think you’ll see that in our book. The second part of the book, “25 Hands With Dusty,” showcases this particularly well.

We had a hell of a lot of fun writing this book, and we hope you have a lot of fun reading it.

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Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth

Posted by Leatherass

A couple of weeks ago I announced that our latest book titled, Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth, was available for pre orders. Today, it is now available for immediate download in e book version at . Additionally, we are still taking pre orders for the hard copy which will ship in early January or possibly sooner if everything moves along quicker than we anticipate.

Much has been made of the title of the book, but now it is the moment of truth for the content of the book. We feel confident that the content will be worth every dollar and minute (we never want to devalue or ignore the importance of time) you spend on the book, but it will be exciting to see what non biased people think. So please don't hesitate to send me a message on <a href=""> Facebook </a>  or write me personally at to share your thoughts on the book.

The book aims to accomplish several things. Here are a few of the main priorities:

1. To teach people how to think like a poker pro:
The thought is that there will never be a book that covers how to play every type of hand from every position on every type of board texture against every opponent type. A book such as that never has and never will exist. Because there will never be a book like that, it is critical that people learn to approach situations in poker correctly. Our aim is to essentially teach you the equations that go into solving problems in poker and then it is up to you to plug in the numbers and solve for the problem. Our feeling is that so few people know what the equations are (and the word equation may or may not be literal depending on the situation) and that is why most people struggle with poker.

2.To correct all of the bad advice out there:
Our belief is that there are a lot of well intentioned poker pros out there who developed names for themselves through various poker accomplishments, who are spreading very poor advice that is hurting your game. I don’t think it is their intent to do that necessarily, I just think that the game has passed them by and they are giving advice that used to work for them, but is mostly irrelevant for today’s games. The game of poker has evolved at a break neck pace over the past handful of years. And while pros like Paul Hoppe and I have been grinding millions of hands and have a feel for the game that can only come through grinding day in and day out, most of the advice in books are from folks such as Phil Hellmuth who are busy being ambassadors for poker while we are grinding away late into the night, immersed in games. For these reasons we believe that we are in tune with the games in a way that no other authors can lay claim and are in a much better position to give advice that will work today, not advice that was once effective, but is now mostly garbage.

3.To often teach by example:
This book is long on examples. We feel that putting the reader in our shoes as often as possible is an effective way to teach the game. Lots of books use examples, so we realize this does not make the book unique, but we do feel that it is an effective tool and one which we use often in the book. The book is essentially 3 parts. Part 1 is 50 chapters long, with each chapter dedicated to a piece of bad or often misused advice that we frequently hear. Within these 50 chapters, we use loads of hand examples, charts and equations in addition to the text. Part 2 is entirely hand examples followed by text explaining why we made every play we made and how you can use these strategies at the tables. Part 3 is a quiz that is a legitimate quiz, but does inject a fair amount of humor in it as well. I wasn’t a big fan of school back in the day, and as a result aim in this book to keep it as fun as possible. I don’t want anyone feeling like they are bored reading anything I put out. So Paul and I aimed to keep this book as lighthearted as possible, while at the same time maintaining strong educational qualities.

Paul Hoppe and I hope you enjoy Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth. If you already ordered the book, you will get an email containing the e book today. If you come to order it on our website today, you will be given instructions on how to download the book once you purchase your copy. I hope you enjoy!

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New Years Resolutions Now

Posted by Jared Tendler

I decided earlier this week that in January I’m going to do a series of blog/articles on how to keep new years resolutions. I’d never personally been into making resolutions because I didn’t make sense to wait for the new year to improve something, but I’ve begun to appreciate the idea more.

This morning at the gym, I saw a sign that said – “Start Your New Years Resolutions Now.” There are a 100 different ways to take this advice – the gym of course was advocating getting training sessions so you wouldn’t “Look like Santa when the ball drops.” Here’s what I thought about and here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m not going to start my new years resolutions/goals for 2011 right now, but I am going to start thinking and writing about what I want to accomplish next year. Part of that is thinking about where I was this time last year, what I wanted this year, what I did/did not accomplish, the flawed beliefs/perceptions that I had at that time, what I’ve learned about myself, my career, specifics within my job, things that happened I didn’t expect (could I have), etc.

The reasoning is simply that to know what I want in 2011, I need to know better what actually happened in 2010. The biggest lesson for me was around the book. I completely underestimated what this process would require, what my actual writing skills were at the time, the degree of mastered knowledge at the time, and I’m sure a few other reasons. Very simply, I didn’t know what was required to accomplish a project of this size. I do now. In doing so I’ve gained a lot of experience/knowledge about how to achieve future goals. It’s that knowledge combined with what I learn from writing out the first paragraph stuff, that will tell me what’s realistic to accomplish in 2011, and how.

As I mentioned, there will be much more come January, but since I’m getting off to a start on this earlier than expected, I thought you might like to as well.

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I used to be that guy

Posted by Punky159

A few days ago I was playing in a tournament freeroll at Pokerstars and an interesting (to me) dialogue started taking place between Player A, who was at my table, and Player B who was being totally rude to player A from the rail.

Player A - Yes I know I stacked off on you with 79o from the SB, but you limped in and with other callers I was priced in... heck it was only 15 more chips.

Player B - you just need to know you can't rely on luck, my play was totally acceptable and you know I'm a much better player than you. You had no right to even be in that pot and it should have been mine. Just admit I'm better.

The conversation went back and forth and Player B was just not giving up, so since I was bored... I chimed in.

Me - so you limped in from what position with AQ?

Player B - I had AQo and was on the button with just two limpers.

Me - Why didn't you raise? I mean wouldn't that have gotten 97o out of the pot?

Player B - I always limp with AQo like that, it gives me more value when I flop my monster.

Me - okay, what was the flop?

Player A - It was 97Q all suited and made a weak bet, so I called.

Player B - It was a good bet, 3x BB like standard and you should have folded because I might have had the flush.

Me - let me get this straight, 2 limpers, you just limp in and the SB and BB are both in too. So, there's 6 players in the pot. Then the flop is all suited, you hit your queen and you 3x bb bet when it gets to you? I'm assuming everyone else checked.

Player B - ya, then the only one that called was him.

Me - what happened on the turn?

Player A - I hit my boat with another 9 and he shoved after I checked, so I called and won it.

Me - Hmmm, well sounds to me like Player B played it perfectly for his style of play, uhm... do you happen to play a lot of sit and go's to?

Player B - See I told you!!!! I can beat the Phils if I was bankrolled, I played it perfect.!!!!

Me - /smiles and says, see you later dood.

Player B then finally leaves and after several more hands play out, Player A says... do you really think, he played that hand perfectly?

Me - Don't tap the fish tank dood, he played it just fine for him.

Punky out

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disappointing day

Posted by thebigdawg

Hey everybody, im new to dragthebar and figure I would blog a little bit. Well today has been disappointing to say the least. I was going to play in the biggest tourney I had played in yet tonight but I got snowed in. All I have ever played in was home games that was 20 or 25 dollar buy in, and only about 7 or 8 people usually played (usually pretty successful in those.) Tonight I was going to play in a another home game but bigger than anything I had ever played. The buy in was going to be either 50 or 100 dollars and usually around 15 or 20 played (just now turning 18 so thats why I have not been in nothing bigger than home games.) The say the pot is usually anywhere from 700 to a 1500 dollars. I was really excited about playing but the snow came today and its about a 30 minute drive over there going across a mountain so I guess I will have to pass on tonight. I don't feel like playing online much because I have been trying to win some money to play with off a freeroll or funsteps on Sportsbook but no luck. Public freerolls are too much of a crap-shoot and about the same for funsteps (not as bad.) I have finished 2nd on funstep 3 twice on Sportsbook. I post alot on and I just met the requirements today to enroll in there freeroll club so that should help my chances but it will take about a week for me to get added to the list. Its also depressing not watching Florida play in the SEC championship and how bad of a year they have had. I have my brothers copy of Gus Hansen: Every Hand Revealed, I think I will read some of it tonight.

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Hiatus + a change in direction

Posted by realtalk108

So I haven't blogged in a week or two, but I haven't stopped playing.

However, I did have a change of heart about something. I found that I find SnG's neither to be interesting nor fun. I began to get the feeling that they were actually rather tedious, and I could much better spend my time doing something else. This causes me to stop playing for a few days, while I thought over my different options. I ended up downloading Rush Poker on my Droid, and found that I enjoyed it alot more. This led me to cash games, both of the Full Ring and the 6-Max variety. In this past week, I have sat through four or five 2-hour sessions, and have found it alot more enjoyable and interesting. So I am going to put my time and effort into learning the nuances of Cash games rather than SnG's.

I have been playing the 2NL tables with some success and many setbacks, but I am learning. I've looked up some well written guides on some other forums, as well as QTip's videos. I'm beginning to review my hand histories, although I am not entirely sure where to start or what to look for when doing so. At the moment, when I look over past sessions, I look at the biggest pots that I have lost and try and see if they should have been played differently, and how. I'll soon start posting in the forums for feedback.

Overall, I am happy that I made the switch. Maybe someday in the future I will revisit SnG's, as at one time they did interest me, but until that day...

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what can i do to run good

Posted by peasantonpaper

Poker players should generally detach themselves from any notions of affecting luck so they can keep a level head and just play on, understanding that the luck breaks even in the long run.  BUT what if u can sense or even influence ur luck in the shortterm?  i've been a fascinated student of luck for a long time and there is one conclusion i have come to:

you can make a living betting coinflips with a weeping man.

there are a lot of scientific articles suggesting a correlation between (remember studies don't prove hypotheses, they can at best support them) intent and outcome. some are studies of quantum physics, others of str8up consciousness (basically the same thing, as consciousness is at the centre of quantum physics). all of these studies suggest a paradigm shift to consciousness-first is needed and likely coming in the scientific community (something mystics and eastern philosophies have been saying for ages). either way google is ur friend if u want to check any of them out. also youtube has great vids available on quantum physics, consciousness, etc. i'll be a bit more anecdotal than the papers...
my fascination with luck started almost 10yrs ago (i've always been extremely lucky but that didn't do it). i was working a summer at a day camp and every time a kid was bummed out i would flip pennies with them. if they won 2/3 they get the penny (it's shocking how quickly this could cheer a child up). i immediately noticed that kids who were just crying NEVER WON (seemed like less than 10% but was closer to 1/4 in the last 6weeks which i documented). they lost 3-0 at an alarming rate. i checked out how the over-the-moon-happy kids would do and there were a ton of 3-0 wins in their favor. i know that my sample size was ridiculously small and statistically invalid but even over a 2month period of daily flipping the trends persisted (we're talking 1000s of flips but for this type of data this is insignificant amount). my basic finding was that when people feel shitty, they run shitty. when they feel great, they run great.
so i did some research on luck and found that ppl can affect random number generators with their intent for more ones or more zeros to pop up. the results of one study i can remember were 53-47% in favor of the chosen digit. this seems insignificant, but over millions of trials a 53-47 split on a str8up 50/50 is statistically significant. the effect is even stronger in meditators and those with practice (and added belief) in intending outcomes. to spell it out this suggests that 'luck building', can be a skill.

did u ever notice how the variance in poker tends to come in streaks? u are on a rush and nothing can go wrong or u are on a slide and it just never seems to end. paying attention to what ur thoughts focus upon is key here. this is basically how the random number generators are affected--ppl focus on more ones coming up and they do. when u are running hot u focus on how hot u've been, u replay the crazy lucky hands that scooped huge pots for u in ur mind, there is an easy about u. all this thinking and the feeling of ease attract more of the same into ur experience. on the flip side, when u are running terrible u can't get the beats out of ur mind and u can't shake the feeling of frustration and they just keep coming bc the focus of ur thoughts and ur emotional state attract more of the

last thing to note is that it isn't just ur thinking that influences results but more so ur feeling. just compare how u feel both emotionally and energetically during a rush compared to a cooler. if u can become aware of these energies/emotional states, the obv solution to runbad is don't play when u feel the energy/feeling of runbad and always sit at a tbl when u feel the energy of a heater (this is basically what i did for a summer and ran so ridiculously hot i turned pro...check out 'poker fairy tales do come true it could happen to u' for that story). and like with the number generators, away from the tbl, FOCUS ON POSITIVE RESULTS and just maybe, u will attract them into ur experience more than ur fair share of the time.

this can get pretty in depth, but having given u a taste, I'll stop right there.

GL (is ur choice?)

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HEM $ (EV Adjusted)

Posted by Leatherass

Maybe this is a super ignorant blog post, I don't know. I'm kind of phrasing this as a question to some folks out there. I have not been able to find an answer to this on the internet, but is Holdem Manager $ (EV adjusted) stat flawed? My reasons for being curious about this is:

  • I have about a dozen poker buddies I communicate with frequently and ALL of them are behind EV for 2010.
  • I compiled all of my poker hands since 2007 and imported them into my brand new copy of HEM and I am appr. $345,000 behind EV. I actually ran $80,000 above EV in 2007 which isn't too surprising because I had the best WR on the internet for my stakes, but am $425,000 behind EV starting in 2008. 3 straight years of being 6 figures behind EV either makes me incredibly unlucky (which feeling wise, that seems to make sense because the last 3 years have left me scratching my head a lot wondering what I have to do to run well) or the stat is flawed.

Anyway, I am super frustrated right now and trying to search for answers for things. Poker has just gone miserably for me this month. I squeaked by to barely keep my monthly winning streak alive, but only because of the help of bonuses. I ran another $30k+ behind EV again this month and while I know I have some work to do in some spots in my game that are not up to snuff in these extraordinarily tough mid-high stakes online game on Poker Stars, I can take some peace of mind in knowing that I am running awful. Unless I am not haha!! That's why I'm curious to know about the legitimacy of this Holdem Manager statistic.

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