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The hidden cost of tilt

I was playing tonight and made a ridiculous brain-fart of a play. This sent me reeling. Usually what I do when I feel myself on the verge of tilt or tilting is quit the session for however long it takes for me to get my head str8. i un-autoposted all my tables and thought 'man, these wkend drunks are so juicy, how can I leave games as good and rare as these?'. a few psych-up thoughts later, my posture changed, my breathing changed, and most importantly my mindset changed.
Now to the hidden cost of tilt part (and there are many I am sure but I'll just cover the one that I experienced tonight). As soon as i started posting BB that I'd miss I went on a rush and won 4BI in the next 100 hands played. Had I resorted to my standard quit-to-untilt course of action, I'd be gone at least 10min and maybe the rest of the night. standard is about 30min esp for this severity of emotional uproar. Playing 6tbls of FR i get 300h/hr. That means I would miss my rush entirely.
This is obviously an extreme example, but at the very least, we lose our expected wage for the time missed when we employ 'solutions' to tilt like quitting. Quitting a game like i almost did tonight would cost me probably 3x my wage if not more due to the clown party at the tbls.
So work on spotting tilt early, and stopping it altogether, it's the biggest winrate killer there is--at the tbls and away from the tbls(when u should be at them).

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