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Road to 100K hands – what type of mistake?

As mentioned previously i noticed a flaw in my 3b strategy and quickly turned that around by going to the video library and putting in some thought. Over the past 2days (3K hands) I've noticed a new chink in the armor...
I made about 3BI-worth of obvious and gross mistakes that make u want to pull ur hair out when u watch them back (lucky im bald). What type were they tho? well...
illadvised 5bet, bad riv raise sizing vs blockbet on paired board with nut flush, ch-shove rather than bet-fold turn line, flop float vs super tight 3bettor (hit turn but was going off for that bet anyway when he ch to me), 5min of TILT for 1 stack over 4 hands with light 4b, light 3b v fish (again), 2 bad cbets.

i wasn't making these overplays before but have enjoyed a rather hot run of late. Cockyness may be to blame. While i have been running the games over a bit, some spots are just clear losers. One good thing about my mistake-type is it is an easy fix and it shows that at least im the one with the initiative so may actually win with these poor plays once in a while (tho not enough). Still hot btw, up 6BI over these 3K hands despite the 3BI i bled in obv mistakes.

To fix this is a bit different than the 3b-strategy situation. that was str8 up game. this is trying to stop making mistakes you know are mistakes. I guess the best remedy is FOCUS. if tired, quit (i tend to make these past the hour mark and esp past 90min mark of sessions more frequently). Keeping the longterm in mind at the tbls is also a good way to not get too lost in meta (which is often used as an excuse for a longterm losing play).

hope to not make these gaffs with such alarming regularity. GL plugging up ur leaks.

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