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Road to 100K hands — to this point

Gonna take you with me for my first 100K hands since joining DTB.  I expect to be done sometime in January as I don't exactly rack them up super fast.  My goal for November is 30K hands.

At this point I've played 18K hands of 100NL FR since joining DTB. I was B/E at first, then took a nice dive when i incorporated a 3b strategy i saw a coach employ without fully understanding it and not having the right postflop game to back it up. this cost me 5BI over 3K hands. I realized my mistake and quickly adjusted. My graph was moving north again. After incorporating a few more concepts into my game, like Achilles' barreling philosophy, and getting into as many 'bread and butter' situations (Tony Angelo) as I could, I began to dominate the games. Shaking 2yrs worth of table rust didn't hurt either.  Unfortunately I was still running bad and -6BI AIEV for the first 10K hands (carried over from 10K hands before joining the site and a rough run at STTs).
I took a break to reprogram my thinking and expectations with respect to luck/winning and came back fresh a few days later expecting to run good and win at a big rate rather than for more of the same. Now at 18K hands I'm still riding the spike on my graph that started at that point. I know the idea of affecting 'luck' sounds crazy, and this can be shrugged off as coincidental variance, but the things i do are really simple and backed up by many scientific studies being conducted on consiousness and 'chance' events. I don't want to get into it here, but i will write an article on 'luck building' soon. U can refer to my blog 'poker fairy tales do come true, it could happen to you', for a story about luck building in action.
till next time GL.

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