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** I am going to move my blog over here, so this is my last blog post @ leggo**

Ill give some quick general background info: started playing in 04. Played baseball in college, had two knee surgeries while in college. Played as high as 400nl in 08. Got signed by the LA Dodgers, got cut, got another knee surgery. Since then I have been playing 100 and 200nl and have coached for about a year but havent coached in a few months. Also was a video producer @ grinderschool for a short period of time and decided it wasnt for me to work with them. HU is my bread and butter but also play some 6max and rush as well when waiting for action. Oh yea and im currently living in Long Beach, NY. I like this site so far and look foward to talking strat with you guys.

I guess I will start with poker first. Since Oct1(somehow HEM got wiped out and started from 0 again) i have put in 86,221 hands. I know this isnt a lot for most people but I extremely happy with this. Work/training/traveling takes up a lot of time.Currently winning @ 6.85 ptbbs i think over the sample so im pretty happy with that so far only running like 6 or 7 buy ins under ev. I guess thats it for that, pics below.

edit:stats+graph are FTP and AP

ediy: pics arent working, help on this would be great thanks.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Started training MMA. Im pretty competitive and obv my baseball career is over so I jumped into this to stay active.Ive been training with my friend Gian who is a heavyweight 6'3 230ish and hes been in the fight scene for about two years. He has had several fights in AC @ the trop He played football and wrestled @ Hofstra Univeristy in NY and was an all-american in football and was on the practice squad for the TB Bucs for a season. Obligatory links to his fights n interviews: (fight) (interview)

We were working out last week and one of Matt Seras boys Pete Snell came in with some other guy whos a reg at our gym ( I think he was on TUFF4).Anyways long story short he told us to start training jiu jitsu @ there place so we obviously obliged and went in this morning. Sera was there but he didnt roll with us which i was happy about cuz i woulda got murdered. We trained for about an hour and ive never been so sore in my life, ive been glued to this chair for over 3 hours. Anyways were gonna start going there on the regular and its only bout 15-20 min from long beach so its a pretty easy commute. Im weighing @ 191 right now so I could easily fight @ 185 but might experiment with dieting to get to like 180-182 and then cut to 170 but thats a while away and havent even decided if i am actually going to pursue fighting. Right now I am just enjoying training and I guess ill just see how that goes for now.In stand up I am doing very well, apparently cuz I pitched and threw hard I have the quick twitch muscles I am excelling and pitching mechanics are fairly similar to stepping into punches(this is what the head honcho claims). I am currently working on my left hook at the moment cuz its a little too loopy and slow compared to my straight or overhand right. Also been working hard on takedown defense and ive been getting better but Gian just butchers the shit out of me when we mess around but he does have 35-40lbs on me so fuck him.

Im just gonna stop there cuz i could talk about this shit all day.later gators.

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  1. Great to see you blogging over here now!

    I fixed your pictures, instead of using the [img] tags, click the “img” button on the toolbar where you write the blog, then enter the url when it asks, as well as the description, and it will code it for you.

  2. thx hunter appreciate it

  3. I don’t know who’s ass I’m going to kick @ HU first. You or Hunters…I’ll flip a coin.

    -lol, j/k, MMA, nice…

  4. Dude, I played baseball at hofstra. Have been playing cards since 04. Lived in long beach, ny. I also weigh 200lbs. wtf My names brendan smar and i play on the names paulallan and briard on cereus. Hit me up. Youre ripping my life ha

  5. thats creepy. i am originally from levittown not LB :)

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