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30 years ago, we’re all world champion

Recently read 'Running Bad for Life', a nice lil piece on how long it took to get to 100K hands back in the day and if top pros today can run bad and lose over 100K hands, u could run bad for 10 years back then!

This got me thinking tho. The top pros today are playing against other pros and everyone involved has a rock solid game. Edges are very thin so if u ran bad, u definitely lose. But in the days before training sites, when only a few books were available--mostly poor ones suggesting patience was the #1 virtue of a winning player--edges weren't nearly as thin. the gap between top players and the vast majority of players was gigantic. With everyone playing weak off suit aces and getting stacked with top pair J kicker on A36, there was a ton of fat value out there. add in the one's who bought into the patience wins camp, and there's so much value that u could run bad and win, unlike in today's highly competitive games.

Just consider 3betting, where even at 100NL players have light 3b ranges, polarized vs this type of player, no light 3b but wide v3bet range vs another type. Back in the 80s if u 3b, ppl run was like microstakes games (or so i hear from top pros reminiscing). Doyle and Jonny Chan openly laugh at the simplistic games they were crushing their opposition with back in the day.


if u consider Backgammon, Bill Robertie in one of his books reveals that the game has been cracked by programs like Snowie to the point that an average slight winning club player today, plays better than the 1983 World Champion. I think training sites and the slew of books available on Hold-em in particular have revolutionized the game to a similar degree. I honestly think that nearly any winning small to mid stakes player would be crowned world champion 30 years ago (if not 15 or 10 years ago as well).


so keep ur head up champ, you play this game better than many past champions did.  GL at the tbls (or in finding a time machine, cuz u won't need luck there, you'll just crush the clueless masses).

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  1. Nice post !!!
    Work harder
    Work smarter
    and learn when To DragTheBar.

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