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"PokerCurious Interview" By Hunter Bick

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So I did my first interview for Drag The Bar this week, its currently on ( Also, if you scroll to the bottom, there’s a link to the interview our coach David with them as well. Zimba asked me some good questions about poker and coaching and I think it came out well. So check that out if you get a chance.

Poker has been going pretty well, I’m still getting a decent amount of hands in and have been trying to play heads up, but I’m not getting much action above $2/$4 which is kind of frustrating but the competition is so soft that its ok I guess. I’m having a good time playing 6max and working on PLO that there’s plenty of action to be had overall. One thing that I think is key for guys learning heads up is to not abandon 6max. While mid-stakes heads up has plenty of fish who have no idea who Beachjustice is, the high stakes can be a lot more sparse. But with 6max, no one has choice but to play with you, so its important to stay sharp with it.

Speaking of heads up I’ve been following Isildur1’s matches along with everybody else, I don’t think anyone is denying his abilities so I’m not going to rehash it, but I do love how smooth his overbet range is in pretty much all situations. I’ve worked a lot of overbetting into my game since early this summer, and my video on overbet bluffing is one example, but being able to make thin 2x overbets for value is does a lot of great things for your gameplan and your ranges, and that’s not something that’s seen a whole lot right now. So definitely some cool things to think about re: his overbetting ranges.

The other thing I noticed is who will quit Isildur and who won’t. Quick disclaimer, I’m not saying anyone should or should not have quit him, just commenting on what I’ve noticed because quitting someone heads up has its place at all levels, its usually a function of how things are going in the match and your judgment of how good you will play in the immediate future. So anyway, Durrrr obviously will not quit him, CTS dropped about $1M to him last night at 3/6 PLO, and I’m not sure about Antonius, but he’s done well against isil with that $2.5m night at plo so I doubt he’s been faced with a decision yet. I saw Phil Ivey quit him after losing a couple buyins last week which didn’t surprise me, Ivey has mentioned his 2 buyin stop loss in heads up matches in the past, and I think he’s better than just about anyone at assessing his edge after taking some tough beats or coolers. So last night Isildur1 and Durrrr are going at it at 4 HU NL tables, and then Ivey sits with Isidur on 2 other HU NL tables. That cracked me up, Ivey quits him, but shows back up when Isildur is already wrapped in a 4 table match with Durrrr, and proceeds to take about $800k off him in the process. Dude picks his spots well.

That’s it for now.

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"It (is) was a good day" By Brent Sheirbon

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If i was patient, I might figure out how to imbed the classic Ice Cube song in here.

It is a good day, because its my birthday:-) and DragTheBar is officially launching! Official advertising is out there now and we should really start increasing traffic and growing.

Over the weekend I did a little celebrating, watching the MMA fights at Hooters on Sat. night. Entertaining fight between Fedor and Rogers. Fedor is great for his fans, as he definitely doesnt play it safe.

Tomorrow Im flying up to Costa Rica. First Ill be going to Jaco to play in some tournaments at the World Poker Showdown (, and then Ill spend a few days hanging out in my old stomping grounds of Escazu, and then back to the beach at Playa Conchal for the Latin American Poker Tour event ( Last November, I got 3rd in both of these events, so hopefully my run good returns. November has always been a good month for me:-)

I listened to a lot of the WSOP final table commentary.. pretty crazy, should make an interesting telecast. Hopefully, it reinforces to the fishies that anyone can win! I see Cada is getting better than 3/1 in the HU match. Ive got to think hes a bigger favorite than that with his experience advantage. Speaking of HU, i caught a little bit of the sicko match between Durr and Isildur last night on Full Tilt where it looks like Isildur came out ahead over $1.2m. There were a couple moments when both players seemed to be on crazy tilt, momentarily. They should each hire a bankroll guard. It would be like a body guard, but his job would be to sit next to them at the computer and physically tackle them when they start 5-bet shoving 63s w/ no fold equity for multiple buy-ins:-) That would have to be a great $10/hour spent??

Alright, got lots to do before I leave tomorrow, so Ill have to continue my Bolivia trip report next time. Hopefully, Ill have some exciting, and profitable, things to post from Tico-land.

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